Digitally “Artkive” Kids’ Art

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It starts out as art, then it becomes clutter. Your kids bring artwork home from school and you hate to throw it out, but holding on to all of it is almost impossible.

Jedd Gold ran into that problem with his daughters.

“Our girls create a ton of artwork,” Gold said. “And every day, they’d come home with all of this stuff that would inevitably end up in a box in the garage.”

And as much as he wanted to hold on to all of the memories, it got to be too much. That’s when Gold thought of the idea for the app.

Artkive is free for iPhone (coming soon to Android) that digitally archives artwork in the cloud for safe keeping.

“Artkive is the fastest and easiest way to chronologically store, share and print your kid’s artwork,” said Gold.

The app is simple: Just take a picture; Fill in the details; And, a copy is uploaded online for safekeeping and sharing.

“They can share it with grandma who lives 2,000 miles away,” said Marissa Gold, wife, mother and Artkive partner. “Which, for a child to be able to share something they created that day in real time is really special.”

There’s no limit to the number of pictures you can upload and if you ever want the semi-real thing again. What you do with the originals is up to you.

What’s more, prints are just a click away.

“At the end of the year or whenever I want, I can simply hit “print” and a hardcover book will be made with all of these images,” said Jeff. “For parents who are looking to find ways to organize and de-clutter their lives, Artkive is a great tool for that.”

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