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Jenni Rivera’s Remains Flown Home to Long Beach

rivera-fans-picLONG BEACH, Calif. (KTLA) — The remains of singer Jenni Rivera, who died in a plane crash in Mexico on Sunday, arrived in her native Long Beach on Thursday night.

A small group of fans waited outside Long Beach Airport, and greeted members of Rivera’s family with applause and condolences as they exited the airport.

A hearse ferried Rivera’s body through dark streets, escorted by at least three police cruisers, to All Souls Mortuary on Cherry Avenue.

Hundreds of fans lined up there, chanting her name and singing her songs. They said Rivera touched them with her music and her big heart.

“We’re here to honor Jenny because we’re all her fans. We miss her, we’re gonna love her forever, no matter what,” fan Leticia Garcia told KTLA.

Another group of fans gathered at an impromptu altar in front of Rivera’s mother’s home in Lakewood.

Rivera, 43, was killed on Sunday when the private plane she was abroad plummeted from 28,000 feet, Mexico’s transportation secretary said.

The private jet, which was thought to be carrying six others, crashed in a mountainous area 9,000 feet above sea level.

The remains of Rivera’s publicist and the plan’s co-pilot have also been identified, said Jorge Domene, a spokesman for Mexico’s Nuevo Leon state.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation. The accident report will not be ready for nine months to a year, the secretary of communications and transportation said.

Two lawsuits against the company that owns the jet accuse the firm of lying about its links to a businessman convicted of falsifying maintenance records.

Rivera had left a letter for her loved ones and gave instructions to her sister Rosie about the circumstances under which it should be read, her brother, Pedro Jr., told CNN.

He said the letter stipulated that she did not want to be cremated, as the family had originally planned to do, and that authorities should hand over her remains to her siblings.

“Jenni always had advisers who helped her to work and to make things right,” he said. “She prepared a letter about a month, month and a half ago.”

He added that funeral plans had not been finalized, but that a memorial would probably be held in Mexico.