Woman Tasered for Buying Too Many iPhones?

NASHUA, N.H. (KTLA) — A woman was tasered after trying to buy one too many iPhones at an Apple store at a mall in New Hampshire.

Xiaojie Li, 44, a mother of two from Newton, Mass., spoke to reporters with her 12-year-old daughter translating from Chinese.

“So my mom says she don’t know why they called police becasue she doesn’t understand what they are talking about,” the girl said.

Video posted on YouTube doesn’t show how the incident at the Pheasant Lane Mall started.

It shows Xiaojie already on the floor, with two police officers on top of her. You can hear the electric crackle of the taser gun and Xiaojie screams.

Xiaojie says that, last Friday, she bought two iPhones and was told that was the limit.

When she took video of others she claimed were buying more than two phones, the store manager asked her to leave.

She then ordered two more iPhones online and went back to the store. Police say the store had issued a stay-away order.

“So then the police took my mom’s phone and tried to take my mom’s bag,” her daughter said. “My mom tried to ask them why, and they just throw her on the ground.”

After being tasered and handcuffed, Xiaojie was charged with trespassing and resisting arrest. She is due in court in January.

“So my mom is really upset about what they did and so it’s a free country and she just took a picture of what she think they did wrong,” her daughter said.

Apple previously had a purchase limit of two phones per customer, but it was lifted earlier this month.