Live: Stolen Vehicle Suspect Leads Authorities on Erratic, High-Speed Pursuit Through Several SoCal Highways

Cold Noses Help Mend Hearts in Newtown

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Animal lovers will attest to the power of a four-legged friend when there are no words to ease the pain. A group of golden retrievers traveled from Illinois to Newtown, Connecticut, the day after a gunman killed 27 people in the tight-knit community.

The town is mourning 20 children and six adults who were victims of the mass shooting in Sandy Hook Elementary School, and the shooter’s mother who was killed in her home.

The organization Lutheran Church Charities brought the dogs to give comfort to anyone there in need. Chewy, Ruthie, Abbi, Prince, Luther, Maggie, Hanna, Barney, and Shanni are the therapeutic canines offering a calm, loving presence. They give children and adults a reason to smile after disasters and crisis.

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