No Charges for Man in School Facebook Threats Case

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

local-threatsPOMONA, Calif. (KTLA) — Prosecutors have declined to file charges against a Pomona man arrested for allegedly threatening local schools on his Facebook page.

24-year-old Kyle Bangayan was taken into custody around 11:15 a.m. Sunday at his parents’ home in the 1200 block of New Hampshire Avenue.

The threats, which did not target specific schools but did reference the Connecticut school shooting from last Friday, were posted on Facebook, police said.

Authorities found nine firearms, including rifles, a shotgun and handguns, as well as ammunition, at Bangayan’s parents’ home.

But a search of Bangayan’s residence in Pomona didn’t turn up any weapons or related evidence.

Bangayan was arrested for criminal threats and booked at LAPD’s downtown jail.

But on Monday the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office declined to charge him, citing insufficient evidence.

Anyone with information is asked to contact LAPD Northeast Area detectives at (323) 344-5731. During off-hours, calls can be directed to 1-877-LAPD-24-7 (527-3247).

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  • D B

    this guy just ruined his life, bet he is jobless for the rest of his it . also he will need to change his name and appearance.people will not stand for this nor should they.

  • ANA


    • Anon

      1. There is no guns found in his apartment in Pomona.
      2. Do you know the contents of the "threat"? (Most likely not)
      3. If there is no evidence that would cause said tragedy, why would somebody be be charged just for some comments?
      4. You all are very ignorant to just jump to conclusions about somebody using so little information.

  • Frank

    Ah yes !! Our Judicial System at it's best !! No charges against someone who made threats against children, in this case. Brilliant.

    • ymous

      Comprehension is quite amiss lately. Since when was a comment that references the recent event in Connecticut considered a threat? Also, where does it state on the contents of the comment indicating it's against children.

  • Laura

    Excuse me???? After all that happened on Friday, and no arrest? What the heck!? I don't get it…you found weapons, he made threats on facebook. Is that not enough or do we need to wait until he actually acts on his threats?!

    • Logic

      Correction: Found weapons in the parents' house. That "threat" is just an inappropriate comment that is easily taken the wrong way. Where is your evidence that actually supports your claims? Learn all of the details before judging somebody.

  • michelle

    i live in the apartment building where this man lives i am now afraid for my life and my child's life now that this ugly person is being released!! what kind of district attorys would not charge and hold this man longer!!!!

    • Facts

      Do you really think they would let him go without monitoring him after all of this? First of all, there are no weapons in that apartment. Under what proof does he appear to be capable of the actions you all seem to assume would happen? It is only an inappropriate comment on Facebook that he did.

  • Jennifer ortega

    really???? r u freaking kidding me?!? this man did a serious threat and he was released how r u not gonna charge him of anything when this Guy has illegal weapons in his possession…. this is ridiculous nd I think we should do something about this… especially this person that lives right by him…. this system is so ef-up yet my dad gets pulled over for a DUI nd gets 25 days of house arrest… a 3 year probation almos 3000.00 in fines nd 9 months of a DUI program but this psycho gets a slap on the wrist… ridiculous…. I guess they want California to experience the traggedy Newtown did…. this worries me Cus I have family that lives and attends elementary schools in Pomona :(

    • Argument

      Where does it state the seized guns are illegal and are in his possession when it is located in his parents' house instead of his own apartment? A DUI is much more serious than a facebook comment. so your dad deserves that. Get your facts and logic straight since you are one of the millions who would easily place labels on people without the full facts.