Man Shot by Santa Ana Police After Domestic Dispute

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

santanaoisSANTA ANA, Calif. (KTLA) — A 28-year-old man was hospitalized in serious condition after he was shot by Santa Ana police on Sunday morning.

The shooting happened around 12 a.m. at a home in the 500 block of E. Washington Avenue.

The incident began after a scuffle between a man and a woman in the area, Santa Ana Police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said.

Family members say the man, identified as Ignacio Leon Jr., had been arguing with his wife earlier in the evening.

“He had an argument with his wife and I didn’t let him in the house,” Leon’s mother Donna Santana said.

Santana said Leon, a parolee, began slamming on a window outside the front of the home and that neighbors, hearing all the ruckus, called police.

According to Bertagna, Leon refused to comply with officers at the scene and reportedly reached for his waistband before running behind the home.

Leon reportedly reached again for his waistband and officers — fearing he had a gun — opened fire, shooting several rounds at him.

He then jumped over a fence into a neighboring yard before he was apprehended.

Leon was struck in the upper torso and was taken to Western Medical Center in Santa Ana, where he was listed in serious condition.

Investigators believe he was armed with a gun, but have not yet found one at the scene.

While police are still looking for a possible weapon, Leon’s mother says her son — a father of two — doesn’t own a gun, and never has.

“They shouldn’t just pull out a gun,” Donna Santana said. “He didn’t have even a gun and they shoot. They shouldn’t be shooting people.”

No officers were injured. Leon was undergoing surgery and is expected to face several charges.

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    Yeah rite SANTA ANA PD knows dam well he didnt have a gun!!And it went from a domestic dispute between a man and a woman to ” Possibly” 2 more suspects who disappeared into the night with a gun!!! Come on Santa Ana PD!

  • robert3881

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  • Dan matthews

    Have more respect for a police officer with a gun telling you to stop! He can kill you, you know, duh. Hello Rodney King, do what they say don’t run! Duh

  • Anonymous

    All of you guys are fucking retarded. Only cause you have a gun and a badge doesn’t mean u have the right to open fire. Maybe he was a criminal that got the tittle for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. How many SAPD officers haven’t shot or killed an innocent person.

  • patrick soung

    Suspect should have obey police command not reach for his waist. Police did right think that’s why get pull over by police do not reach for anything until police tells you or been question by police same thing do not reach anything.. suspect got out prision clear prision did not change him .

  • melina

    The 28 yr old man is my cousin.. and i.dont appreciate any of your dumb comments. keep things to yourself.. stop being selfish.. and respect that is a dad, good brother, and wonderful son, cousin, and Man of God. Have nothing nice to say, dont say it all.

    • Santa PD

      If he was a GOD fearing man, He wouldn’t have a criminal record or be involve in beating down the window and acting like a crazy man! Hopefully getting shot he’ll change is outloook and be more like JESUS!

    • Santa PD

      I’m glad we have trigger happy PD’s! We gotta thin out the crowd thin out all the boarder hopppers! Thin out the 47% entitled that I’m tired of paying! Hopefully they’ll pack up their bags and head back to Mexico? WISHUL THINKING (I could dream!)

      • brattzz

        listen you idiot. Stop talking your shit about Mexicans. Not only Mexicans are criminals. what about all these fu—- psycho people that are shooting innocent kids and people at schools and movie theaters. Cops should be going after these psycho people.

  • Anonymous

    As a neighbor that heard the shots and saw the back up and helicopters come within seconds I am shaken and relieved that PD responded immediately. I know the
    Man is said to be a good man, however he violated all laws that caused him to get shot. Do not disturb the peace, do not run from police, do not reach for waist….or you lose.

    • melina

      Cops say a bunch of stuff to cover themselves.. thats why they said “reached for his waistband”.. And yet no gun was found.. Really dumb.. pd had no right to shoot him 3 to 4 times.. in critical places.. why not his leg one time.. or a tazer.. stupid pd gets trigger happy!the Pd need to rethink what they do to innocent people everywhere.

      • Joe Doe

        Melina the cousinz of the dirtbag, how many times have you been in prison being someone's bitch? Your idiot cousin is obviously a wife beater,, gang member, piece of garbage. I bet you and he dropped the soap together in the pen. And shoot him in his leg? That's what they should have done, and hit the femoral artery and let him bleed out. How about you approach a hostile person who keeps reaching for his waistband and you get close enough to tazer him. Gun or no gun, SAPD was well within their rights. Obviously he had enough strength to jump another fence after being shot 3-4 times.

        • brattzz

          listen you idiot, if you know all this about prison its because you've been there and was someones bitch. You don't know this man that got shot to be talking your shit. of course cops are going to say all these lies to cover their butts. First he had no gun and second he didn't run after he got shot. So you pc of garbage don't open your fu— mouth if you don't know what happened.

  • King White Cock

    Goof job, Santa Ana PD – No go blast the rest of the border-hopping, filthy little illegal brown bastards. You nasty little people are short, stupid and good for nothing but making more of yourselves, working at carwashes and making barely passable food. Go back to Shitxico.

    • Brattzz

      listen you white cock, at least Mexicans work and don't stand on corners asking for money. Like it or not this is our country and were taking over. Cause you guys cant do shit, and go ahead and talk your shit cause when haters talk that means were doing something right. And what can you guys do blonde hair blue eyes cant even take care of their own country. The white house looks so much better with Obama there.

    • Allen

      Ur a stupid hate full little peace of shit for a man!!!!! Ur comments r retarded like u!!!!! U live in a trailer with your mom. With comments like that who raced u a bunch of animals!!!!!

  • Bonnie

    All u Mexican hatters must be bunch of ignorant stupid bunch of idiots!!! What pack of animals raced you? Your comments are stupid and hatefull. This land was Mexico before it was taken by ploblably people like the idiots who made those ignorant comments. U must be a bunch of lonely I have 20 cats in my house and I eat out of can trailer trash shit eating ass holes who have nothing better to do than blame the Mexican race, get a life low life's.

    • concern

      This land was the Indians before it was Mexico's. Know your History. to all who think just because he was Mexicans commit crimes. Your all foolish. People commit crimes of all races. Get a life. If you commit a crime and your stop by the Police. Do what your told and don' t reach for your waistband. Cops don't know if you have a gun or not. They are going to protect themselves and other before you pull out a gun.

  • jf

    least we mexicans dont go around and doing dumb stuff like you anglos killing innocent angels (conn.)cant go watch a movie( colorado) oh yeah cant even study without you ignorant anglo morans shooting up the place( columbine)no comment huh you morans like bonnie said get a life

  • ScottyBoy

    I don't suppose this incident could possibly generate a deportation hearing for this parollee and the rest of his family, could it? Just sayin.

  • mexican american

    Fuck this guy if he’s mexican thanks for making us look bad and whoever posted that us mexicans are taking over shut the fuck up calm the fuck down this is america you idiot be proud of your country and that unemployment check they be giving you.


    to even let the racial comments about MEXICANS is ignorant and as stupid as the person who made the comment upset you only makes you just as ignorant as him. a person should never stoop to any one low life level just just please him.
    and about the comment that "deportation" should be the next question or movement…… thats just stupid you can not deport a U.S. citizen…..hello if he was cleared from the prison and released here in the U.S. means hes A FREAKEN U.S. CITIZEN. and yes i agree he made the stupid move to run knowingly hes a felon. sometimes people just think …..Hummmm ? if i run and reach to my waist the police will shoot me thinking im reaching for a gun when dont ….. I'm gonna be on the news and hire an attorney ………
    and who the hell witnessed 2 other suspects? and why werent they arrested. maybe because there really werent any other suspects. OH BUT THE POLICE SAW THEM BUT DIDNT GO AFTER THEM. SO THEY CAN SAY THE 2 OTHER SUSPECTS RAN OFF WITH THE GUN SO THEY SAVE THEIR ASSES FROM BEING TRIGGER HAPPY IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!