Fountain Valley Christmas Display Sparks Controversy

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FOUNTAIN VALLEY (KTLA) — An enormously bright Christmas display at a house in Fountain Valley is attracting crowds from far and wide, as well as controversy among neighbors.

Jan Stewart covered her home with 65,558 Christmas lights and synced them all to music.

“Amazing,” said one child who came to see the display.

“It’s so cool,” said another.

The display, which is in its second year, is in memory of Stewart’s late husband.

But the display doesn’t inspire Christmas spirit in everyone, as some neighbors have complained to the police.

“It’s more appropriate for the Las Vegas Strip than a residential area,” one neighbor said.

“Most of the houses do have Christmas decorations, we’re not opposed to that, but it’s just very bright, very intrusive,” he added.

But Stewart encourages her neighbors to enjoy the holiday cheer.

“If they don’t like it I’m sorry, you know,” she said. “It isn’t gonna last forever. It’s Christmas, have a good time! Merry Christmas!”

Stewart has been ticketed for noise and now keeps it down, but the crowds keep coming to enjoy the show.

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  • Tahoechick

    No harm if it gives some smiles…unless its at 2am! There was a lady in New Orleans that fashioned her Xmas lights in the shape of a hand giving the bird on the roof of her house. Maybe Jan should do that next year just for her neighbors…LOL

  • snobuny

    I can't believe people. Why can't they just enjoy the moment with Mrs. Stewart? I think its fantastic that someone wants to express their joy.

  • lovethelights

    18323 Stanislaus St
    Fountain Valley, CA 92708

    It's an amazing display. Can't beleive anyone is complaining especially after hearing her story. Don't worry, even if the music is turned down, you can tune into 91.3 and hear it in your car.

  • Jeff

    The lady asking about having "a timer on that" is interesting.
    A retro mindset is refreshing in today's techno world.
    Bring back color wheels shining on aluminum trees.

  • Mike

    The neighbors aren’t upset over the decorations or lights its the loud music she plays. They are upset about people coming to see the lights. People are throwing trash in their yards, blocking their driveways walking across their lawns…people are renting Party Buses to bring 50-60 people at a time.

  • Karen

    Maybe instead of complaining about it some of those people can take a time out and go keep her company, bring her some hot cocoa, etc. Since she lost her husband – let's be compassionate!

  • Chad

    OMG! What a disgrace. Oh the humanity. We need to immediately get a task force to study this. Why does he have so many lights? Are video games to blame? Should we require that lights only be sold in strands of 10? Maybe tax the heck out of light purchases? We should screen these people. Probably a good idea to keep records on who these individuals are. No good can come from excessive usage of colored lights and music.

    All I know is protect your children by demanding LIGHT CONTROL NOW!!!

  • Merry Christmas Mel

    She has created a great opportunity for this community/street to RAISE money for charity or for other expenses….like cleaning up messes from the visitors. They could easily regulate this display and gain from it rather than SCROOGE it out and ask for a "POO-POO I HAVE A BAD ATTITUDE" ordinance. People are so ridiculous these days! SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY AND RAISE MONEY FOR CHARITY AND FOR THE DAILY CLEANUP OF YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD-SHOW PEOPLE THAT YOU ARE GOOD- NOT WHINING A-HOLES THAT YOU ARE LEADING EVERYONE TO BELIEVE YOU ARE.

  • jessica

    Just saw this house tonight and it was amazing.i came across a news video about this house searching for christmas lights displays in the area where I live. The video was of a neighbor of hers complaining about the lights. How ridiculous its christmas. I want to say thank you to her for putting a smile on peoples faces.

  • Mrs. Santa

    This Christmas light show was put on as a memorial to her late husband who loved Christmas. Shame on the neighbors that can't seem to understand losing a loved one is extremely hard at the Hoildays. If this is how she deals with her loss, bringing smiles to thousands then we need to commend her efforts. Keep your loved ones close and the world can do without more Grinchs!