L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa Dating Eva Longoria?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — Star Magazine is reporting that Eva Longoria is secretly dating Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

The magazine reports that the pair was recently spotted holding hands and sneaking into a late night showing of the movie “Lincoln.”

Representatives for Longoria are denying the rumors.

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  • Renato Pacifico

    Now KTLA got my attention after screwing their page format with videos only instead of something that I can read without the hassle of advertisement start-up.

  • mark

    This creep is the worst mayor in the history of any city in america!….Lets get this punk to do a news story on illegal immigration,and talk about how much illegal undocumented mexican crime that these 3rd world animals are commiting all over socal !!!!…..wonder why the biased anti-american media ever has him on tv or radio to talk about the most important subject in LA ?……….Wonder how many murders,robberies,and rapes he's responsible for?……..These mexicans are completely out of control in LA ,socal…….its the stupidest thing that has ever occured in this city!!!…….these mongrols are destroying LA……and this creepy freak never even will discuss it…..i wonder why the CA & LA govt doesnt enforce the laws of america?……these latinos are the worst immigrants that have ever came to this country!…and most are not even supposed to be here to begin with……..wonder why none of them came in the 1930's,40's,or 50's?………THEY WOULDA SLAUGHTERED THESE WORMS!

    • Tu papi

      STFU, you big pussee. Talking shyt behind a computer. Why don't you have the ballz and say that to one of there faces. Nah, cuz you can't you big sissy. Now, go bob a knob.

    • Anonymous

      My advice for you is not to say those words in here. If you really hate this person this much then you must go to his office and face him with all the angers that you wrote in here. Yes, he is a bastard but to put the word "All Mexicans" is not the right word to say that. Not all Mexicans are like that, every ethnicity has their flaws, even White men, Asian men, Black men or Mongolian men have the same attitude like him. So, you can just say that "All Mexicans" are not like that. I do have friends from Mexico and they are not like him. Having said that I don't like the ways he handle politics nor the attitude that he presented the city is a very heart broken. Yes, you are correct that he is a very corrupt person and very cold to his people itself does not mean that Mexicans like him too. They despise and do not acknowledge of what he did to his people. There are other things that he has done for the city but in other things, he had failed his duties and promises to other point. Indeed, your anger must be express but to the extent of controlling of the words you want to say in here.
      The truth must be said and you had said it. He did destroyed the city partially by putting the employees of the City of Los Angeles in jeopardy (laying off employees) but what can we do to fix this, unless you confront him with the reasons of your anger and hatred of what you had mentioned here in this forum. If you can improve him the best ways to improve the City of Los Angeles, then go ahead and maybe he will listen to you but confronting him with vengeance will not work for him or to his people that are standing next to him.

  • mark

    don't you love the way mexicans spell words on the computer…..LMFAO!…….nobodys scared of short drunks!…….thats why you all travel in packs,,,,by the way,,,,,rats do also…..wonder why you dont find any mexicans in other countries throughout the world?…..why just in mexico and a place they walked into called america?……..everybody knows you all are anti-american…..and we all know that you all have no loyalty to your own country you fled called mexico…….everybody knows your not american……must be some SH***Y country called mexico,,,to abandon it and run away from your homeland to come to a country that doesnt even want you here!…..thats what i call a true coward!……aye ESAY!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Do you hear yourself in hear? Everyone in this country are all immigrants and you are one of them. The only people who own this country are the Natives.

      Who are you to say things to these people, if you are one of the immigrants who came here in this country? Your family came here to change and put future to their children but to talk inappropriately about ethnicity and who needs to be here or not is none of your concern who comes here or not.

      As a reminder, you are one of the immigrants in here even white people are immigrants too. They really don’t own this country. They just invaded the Natives land because of the resources that this country has given Native is very important to them.



  • Zimmerman

    Yes, you are a coward Mark. Write all you want behind a computer, complain you want, because Latinos are here to stay. This was our country before your ancestors invaded this country in the first place. So if you really look at it, the illegal one here is you. So funny, complain all you want, we are here to stay and we are also taking places in government offices. Bad people, bad politicians exists in all races and nationalities. So you can complain all you want, insult all you want but again. We are here to stay. Don't be bitter. By the way, I'm sure you would think twice before insulting an African American. Why don't you take a vacation in Mexico so your picture can come out in a milk carton. lol…