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O.C. Councilman Wants Teachers to Be Armed

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif. (KTLA) — In the wake of the Connecticut school shooting, at least one local official is calling for teachers in his school district to be armed.

In a letter obtained by The Capistrano Dispatch, Councilman Derek Reeve says that, in light of the tragedy, “efforts must be taken to empower teachers, staff and parents to protect our children.”

The letter, dated Thursday, suggests training teachers and staff for “active-shooter scenarios” and allowing them, as well as parents, to carry guns on school grounds to protect children in such situations.

“No teacher or staff member should be required to carry firearms, however many already own and are trained with their own firearms,” he said.

“The firearms can be easily and safely secured in the classrooms…. Volunteer parents are also a viable option.”

Reeve said hiring armed security would be an alternative option, but it would require additional funding.

“They by themselves do not prevent an attack, but they will deter a potential attack and delay an active attack until law enforcement arrives,” he wrote.

Reeve, a father of two, also recommended that schools lock down their campuses. He suggested building fences along the perimeter and allowing only one entry point for guests.

District spokesman Marcus Walton told the Dispatch the district had received the letter and “will not entertain any proposal to have staff persons carry firearms.”