Dozens of Parents Get into Brawl at Youth Football Game in Chino

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHINO (KTLA) — Police in riot gear were called in to break up a fight between dozens — possibly hundreds — of parents at a youth football game in Chino on Saturday.

The fight broke out around 3 p.m. at a Junior All American game at Ayala Park.

Chino police officials say hundreds of people were attending the playoff game from all over the Southland.

Officers quickly arrived in riot gear and were able to break-up the fight without much incident.

Officials said most people fled when police arrive and that nobody at the park was seriously injured. No arrests were made.

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  • Anonymous

    Hispanics are hilarious. Only at a kids game would they do something like that. In packs nonetheless. And they flee when the cops get there. Ha!!! I’m surprised there are not more of them in track or cycling. They can usually be found running or riding away from something.

  • Anonymous

    Even more comical is the males consider themselves real men. Real men don’t run. Real men stay and face the consequences, whatever they may be. I wonder how many of them left their kids there. At least most of us can shake our heads and laugh at this. I never seem to see these people in daily life, but the news seems to be inundated with them. When something goes wrong and they feel the police weren’t there for support they cry foul, but they run from the police and cry and moan when they feel they have been treated unfairly. Breed, free stuff and swingsets on the dead lawn. Heck….look at the Marine who was in a Mexican jail for months. Only Mexican cops would call the family in the United States and try and extort money for his release. Pathetic. How is the Mexican Space program coming along. LOL

  • Marlin

    Probably a bunch of Mexicans and others from South America who bring with them the third world mentality of violence. They don't know what sportsmanship is, over breed, and don't teach that to their children. These very same low life's are the reason, it's unsafe to go to a Dodger baseball game and root for an apposing team, and when the Lakers win a championship there are street riots in many places.

  • chuck

    These idiot parents obviously will not hold their kids accountable as they get older. The other thing is they need to remember its not about them, it's about the kids! What a bunch of low life savages.

  • EdWARD

    Hello this was Jr All Americian game according to article, but says Pop Warner in the title!!!!—Please re=post this article correctly…

  • Country rocker

    It’s the violent tendencies that are attributed to the Hispanic population. Riots after Laker championships 2009 2010, fights at dodger stadium. A lot of Mexicans and blacks are just angry people who think something is owed to them.

  • Nightfury

    While Pop Warner has had a few issues in the past, this one is apparantly tied to a different program. If it was Jr. All American you should correct the headline.

  • clyde

    No where does it state anything about race in the article. People from around souther Cal. gather in Chino, ergo, they must be Mexicans. White folk would NEVER do something like this, they would grab their guns and fight to the death like real men.

  • honey558

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  • mark

    The police should have checked green cards,and searched all their homes with drug dogs!……the modern day illegal immigrant is nothing more than a common criminal !

  • some one

    thank god it was not whites cause they pull out guns and shoot innocent kids i guess we were all lucky it was hispanics using there fists

    • guest

      True, true, you are right the whites are nothing but bipolar psychos that go into schools and hair salons shooting at innocent children and adults. With no regret and then shoot themselves like cowards. You racists need to look in your backyard.

  • Linda Sanchez

    all the negative comments are so dumb. My son played in this tournament and we won the championship game and were not involved in anyway, it is a shame that people got to put race and naturalization status into this picture. I am an american citizen with grand parents born in Mexico. So does that mean I am a criminal? People stop sitting on your heads and think before you speak. La Canada Gladiators Best of the Best Champs (midget division).