Two Firefighter Hurt in Shooting at Long Beach Retirement Home

Teens Arrested for Allegedly Stealing Gifts in San Marino

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SAN MARINO (KTLA) — A homeowner in San Marino almost missed out on Christmas this year after a pile of gifts were stolen by a group of young holiday Grinches.

Julio Ahumada, 19, Christian Flores, 19, Jose Vargas, 18, and two juveniles were arrested late Saturday night and are facing a number of burglary charges.

Officers had pulled the men over around 11:15 p.m. in the area of Sherwood and Palmas after noticing their car matched the description of a suspicious vehicle in the area.

At the same time, the officers received a report of a nearby home burglary in the 1600 block of West Drive.  The resident told dispatchers that many of the stolen items were Christmas gifts.

While talking to the driver, the officers noticed a large number of wrapped presents strewn about the inside of the car.

The men inside the car were unable to account for the stolen gifts and were arrested and taken to a local jail.   The two juveniles have been released to their parents.

The gifts were returned to the homeowner, who was able to positively identify them.

Other stolen goods were also found inside the car, including a cell phone, digital camera, jewelry, clothing and a large amount of loose change, all of which have not been claimed.

Burglary tools were also found inside the vehicle.

Any potential victims or witnesses are asked to call police at (626) 300-0726.

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  • uhhhh...

    Filthy-ass Mexican'ts. I like how they went to a nice neighborhood to do their theiving- They wouldn't want to steal from their own poor-ass pregnant and illegal familes!

  • uh,huh

    Agreed. I'm sick and tired of filthy Mexicans coming into our country with no morals and human decency, robbing people, and running people over with their cars. Go back to to your own filthy country!!!

  • Daniel

    We shouldn't immediately jump the gun and say "Mexican's this and Mexican's that" (I'm not hispanic) just because the individuals had Spanish last names does not make them Mexican's immediately, they could have been born/heritage from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, etc. All I have to say is EVERY RACE has their bad apples.

  • Anonymois

    I pinched a brown pride this morning and flushed when I was through. Good kids this bunch, making their parents proud. Nothing says I love you at Christmas better than a stolen gift. Good people.

  • SoCalTechie

    Oh yeah and you white people are inocent victims that dont commit crime like in the school shooting in Sandy Hook or the Movie Theather in Colorado.

    • James

      The percentage of bad people in the Hispanic and Black population is much higher than in the White and Asian population. A fact of life, that is generally ignored by the liberal media, including KTLA.


        I guess you can contact the parents of the 20 innocent children murdered in Newtown and inform them of your statistics. I am sure they will feel better about their children being murdered by a white guy.

  • Jorge

    You guys assuming they are mexicans right away! Dont be ignorant not because they were latinos they were mexicans. So if a Latino guy commit a crime in New York I'm gonna assume he was a Puerto Rican? or in Miami was a Cuban.

  • Dan matthews

    52 percent Hispanic in Riverside County now, most of which speak no English and have anchored themselves with babies so we can pay. You wonder why people don’t take a crime story like this so lightly. Thanks to the political party that represents minorities, thanks again for that.

  • honey558

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    • dan matthews

      Ya my neighbors uncles neighbor friend that lives next door to that guys sisters aunt, is making 65.00 an hour on her computer, just doing searches. The jump15 one is completly worthless, you know why? My dads client, has a friend that lives next door to a guy that calls them daily, yes daily to report a story where his brothers best friend has a roommate that said he tried all the stuff that his upstairs neighbor said his mom did.

  • mark

    who in the world woulda thunk it,,,it was frikin beaners!!!!!!!!!!….these are the worst immigrants to come to a country in the history of immigrants!…..wonder how much longer it will take our govt to figure this out?….these chaloopa eaters are out of control!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mark

    There should be a TV news cast show just for beaner crime,,it would last for 24 hrs a day with nonstop mexican illegal alien crime!!….there wouldnt even be any spare time for commercials!….even on holidays it would be nonstop beaner crime…..LMFAO @ these 3rd world freaks of nature!……wonder how many beheadings there will be in mexico on christmas day?…wonder how many dead bodies will line the roadways?…..wonder how many people will be murdered or robbed by mexicans here in socal on christmas day?……29?…69?…109?……..

    • Tu Papi

      All you fckn dirty rednecks talking smack from behind a computer. Bunch of pussees. You’d never have the ballz to say it to a Mexican or a black person face to face. This site must make you feel brave! Keep hating!

      • dan matthews

        We would never have the ballz, is true. Who could argue that. Thats about as dumb as Obama showing up at your house to tell an unemployed, or someone on food stamps welfare etc. to "get your a…….es out of that chair and start looking for a job, your a looser and your looking for people to take care of you. What would you do if somebody said that to you? would you hit em, since thats a crime and thats what were talking about man.