Beverly Hills Pet Care Foundation

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Follow The Stars – Adopt A Pet!

Our theme, FOLLOW THE STARS – ADOPT A PET, was chosen to raise worldwide awareness and focus to the importance of pet adoption. 5,000,000 pets are euthanized each year in the United States alone simply because of lack of homes. Remember to adopt a pet when looking for your furry family members and to always spay / neuter your pets.

“Oh, the places you’ll go!” The love and loyalty that comes from adopting a rescue pet is like going to heaven. Oh, the places the two of you’ll go together!

All of the participants on this float: the producers, riders and out walkers have adopted pets and have dedicated their lives to improving the homeless pet problem. They are excited to help spread the message that adopted pets make the best companions in the world.

Fiesta Parade Floats c/o Beverly Stansbury

Height: 24 Feet
Width: 18 Feet
Length: 55 Feet

In this sun-drenched floral park scene, framed by lush floral trees, finding unconditional love and abounding happiness is just a pet adoption away. Lovable and cuddly puppies and playful kittens await just the right animal lover to take them to their “forever home” and a lifetime filled with happiness for all. The Beverly Hills Pet Foundation holds pet adoption events four times a year in Beverly Hills City Parks: Roxbury, La Cienega and Beverly Gardens. Occurring in the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall the time is always right to give a well-deserving rescue pet a secure home, ecstatic happiness and a heart filled of love. Oversized wicker baskets and plush pillows award the comforts these adorable creatures deserve. A photo display of celebrity animal activist Debbie Reyolds is featured at the front of the float. There is a loving rescue pet out there for everyone – now please go find and adopt one!

Adorable oversized puppies and kittens await adoption and their “forever homes” at the Beverly Hills Pet Foundation adoption events held four times a year in the Beverly Hills City Parks.

An array of floral materials, including golden and brown flax seed, curly white coconut chips, dark brown nyjer seed, gold strawflower petals, orange-red safflower spice, orange marigold petals, silky grass, uva grass and pampas grass, are artistically applied to create the color and texture of fuzzy animal fur. Adoring eyes are decorated in black seaweed, green split peas, brown flax seed and sweet rice powder. A black and white floral-graph, depicting Debbie Reynolds (who is riding on the float), is artistically crafted in onion seed, poppy seed and crushed sweet rice. Nine color mixes have been created to make up the various shades of gray using just these 3 different materials. Thousands of lavender cattleya and purple dendrobium orchids cascade from trees with trucks of malaleuca bark. Stars of white sweet rice with accents of dendrobium florets float over a lawn of freshly grown soil-less grass. Colorful floral displays of alstroemeria, lisianthus, lilies, waxflower, iris, roses, gerbera, solidago, renunculars, heather, monte casino, liatris, bouvardia and tulips encompass the float.

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