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Destination Cars Land

It refers to our newest destination at Disney California Adventure park, Cars Land – an animated world from the Disney-Pixar “Cars” films brought to life in a theme park environment.

The theme, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go,” hints at fabulous destinations – and what could be more fabulous than an animated world come to life?

Walt Disney Parks & Resorts specializes in transporting our Guests to magical worlds of wonder, worlds of the imagination, and Cars Land is no exception – in fact, it’s the latest in a long line of imaginative realms begun by Walt Disney himself when he originally opened Disneyland back in 1955.

Artistic Entertainment Services

Height: 36′
Width: 18′
Length: 125′

Leading the way, at the front of the float, is a “Welcome to Cars Land” postcard-style sign, above which can be seen the animated likenesses of Sally and McQueen, rolling back and forth as if re-living their fun-spirited road race from the first Cars film. Below, flanking the postcard sign, are a trio of “baby tractors,” who emit smoke puffs and whose eyes move in a playful manner.

The next section of the float is populated with a series of animated Radiator Springs icons – landmarks of the world’s most beloved roadside town. These bring even more movement and vibrancy to the float and include:

  • A towering Cozy Cone Motel sign, which spins around;
  • The colorful Flo’s V-8 Café sign, which also spins;
  • The iconic and weathered Tow Mater’s sign, which rocks from left to right;
  • One of Luigi’s Flying Tires is surrounded by Italian-colored florals; it “rocks and rolls” and bounces in all directions (and can accommodate seated Guests);
  • A Junkyard Jamboree Tractor, which whirls from side to side and accommodates actual Guests!

The next section of the float, themed to Ornament Valley, offers up some stunning rockwork, below which is a group of live dancers (8 Performers, dressed in a variety of colorful Cars Land costumes), whose moves keep things exciting and engaging to an upbeat, pre-recorded version of “Route 66.”

The “finale” of the float is a recreation of the exciting new “E-Ticket” attraction, Radiator Springs Racers – complete with small-scale vehicles that move, zooming around the beautiful natural wonders of Ornament Valley, complete with playful revving engine sounds … magically passing beneath a finish line to repeat the route all over again!

Perched high on the rockwork itself are Guido and Luigi, cheering down to the Racers! Guido bounces up and down while Luigi sways from side to side.

Live waterfalls further enhance the iconic rock formations … and, to top it all off, there’s an animated version of Barney Stormin the airplane, tucked away in the rockwork high above Ornament Valley and towing a banner that reads, “The Happiest Place on Earth Just Got Happier!”

The back portion of the float is finished in rockwork that matches the look of the Ornament Valley Cadillac Range, complete with a themed Cars Land license plate.

Our float will celebrate all things Cars Land in a unique and colorful way, with plenty of fun, kinetic energy.

McQueen will be covered in red carnation petals, strawflower and seaweed.
Sally will be covered in cut statice, lunaria and clover seed. The tractors will be covered in a variety of seeds, mums, seaweed and black beans. The animated signs will be decorated in a variety of seeds, strawflowers, mums and marigolds. The mountains and rocks throughout the float will be covered in lentils, clover seed, mums and strawflowers. Throughout the deck of the float will be live pinon trees, cactus, succulents and a variety of grasses. There will be thousands of roses, carnations and gerberas spread throughout the float.

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