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All Paths Lead Home

In year’s past we have concentrated on one particular home or aspect of HGTV and our programming (the Dream Home), and created a float based on that item. HGTV is about more than just the Dream Home however. HGTV is about all things “Home” – All types, styles, shapes, sizes, of Home. This year we want to incorporate several styles of home into the float. We want the float to comprise several different homes and styles to show that HGTV is about everything “home”. After all, all the homes someone has occupied over their life hopefully leads them to their own Dream Home. And more importantly all the paths someone takes over their life time leads them to the most important part of their life – HOME. Hence the theme of our float and the title: All Paths Lead Home! This theme and float will also enable judges for the first time to experience a float like never before as they walk the path that, perhaps, leads them to their HGTV Dream Home!

The HGTV float this year is titled: All Paths Lead Home. HGTV is about all things associated with HOME. All paths of a person’s life leads them HOME – no matter what the structure… Homes are in a variety of locations, climates, styles, and construction techniques. Over the year’s countless people have created homes in the most unusual, most inspiring, and the most unconventional locations. Oh, imagine the places where you can build a home! And then imagine the places your Home can go! Where will our homes take us to next!

“Oh, The Places You’ll Go” is a great theme for this year’s parade. It conveys whimsy, adventure, and growth! Countless people dream of owning that perfect home! A place where their imaginations take them… a place that represents them as a unique individual or as a specific cultural group! Just imagine all the places homes have gone to over the centuries and the changes they have made as they have “moved” from continent to continent! And then, imagine where they will go next and where we as a civilization will go with them!

Phoenix Decorating Company

Height: 25
Width: 18
Length: 55

HGTV’s third offering to the Tournament of Roses Parade features six home designs, which culminate in the 2013 HGTV Dream Home in Kiawah Island, South Carolina. The float, which is split by a fully functional walkway, showcases (beginning from the bottom); an adobe house, a bird house, an igloo, a wooden log home, a medieval castle, a futuristic house and finally perched 25 feet above the floor the 2013 HGTV Dream Home, Kiawah Island, South Carolina. Practically anywhere you call home, “All Paths Lead Home” has done its best to feature your habitat. To go along with their “natural habitats” the float will feature live animals. The birdhouse will feature an exotic species, a macaw. The igloo will be represented by two penguins. Finally, the doghouse will feature a beagle.

Roses approximately 10,000 (Bright Yellow, Dark Lavender, Hot Pink, Light Lavender, Light Yellow, Light Pink, White, Light Orange, Peach, Orange, Red) Gerberas approximately 4,400 (Dark Lavender, Lavender, Hot Pink, Red, White, Yellow, Light Yellow, Red, Dark Orange, Light Orange) Carnations approximately 1,750 (White, Dark Lavender, Light Pink, Hot Pink) Tulips approximately 50 (Yellow, Orange, Hot Pink)

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