Trader Joe’s

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Recipe for Adventure!

We believe food and adventure are synonymous.

As such, our theme “Recipe for Adventure” was chosen to illustrate, oh, the places foods can take you.

Simply put, we think of our business as a “Recipe for Adventure.” Trader Joe’s is a national chain of neighborhood grocery stores and our buyers search the world over for great products, which leads to the creation of a shopping adventure in our stores. This discovery of great foods is just the beginning of the journey. Once our customers start eating and cooking with them, oh, the places they’ll go!

Phoenix Decorating Company

Height: 28.6
Width: 18
Length: 63

Roses approximately 7,700 (Bright Yellow, Peach, Hot Pink, Dark Lavender, Red, White, Orange, Lavender) Carnations approximately 2,900 (Bright Yellow, Dark Lavender, Peach)

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