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Follow Your Dreams
Honda’s 2013 Rose Parade float entry, “Follow Your Dreams,” will lead the 124th Rose Parade, Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2013, and introduce “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” as this year’s Parade theme. Honda’s float celebrates childlike imagination and Honda’s belief in The Power of Dreams. This year marks Honda’s 52nd year of collaboration with the Tournament of Roses®, 37th year as a float participant and third year as presenting sponsor.

Honda believes in the power of dreams, and their ability to empower us to help make society a better place. “Follow Your Dreams” embodies this spirit. It depicts a childlike imagination to go as far as your dreams take you. A world of endless possibilities awaits. Oh, the places your dreams will take you.

Phoenix Decorating Company

Height: 24
Width: 18
Length: 100

“Follow Your Dreams” is an awe-inspiring festival of dreams, imagination and youth. The front end of the 100-foot long float features a Seuss-ian mobile, complete with periscope, moving legs and rear rotator. A HondaJet is featured flying above very enigmatic and colorful trees. The center portion of the float features a double propeller flight apparatus complete with landing gear already extended. The chopper is flying over a gateway that leads to a 16-foot high slide, the first working slide to have been featured in the Tournament of Roses Parade®. The slide, is symbolic of the journey, road or story where dreams take you . Complete with an eclectic form of architecture for each roof, wall and staircase, each rider of the slide will find this as their starting point. The rear portion of the float is topped with an airship complete with circular nose, exposed engine and an intertwined exhaust system. A bridge extends itself from the center of the float, with an American flag serving as a banner. Under the bridge a sailboat travels underneath. On the island, a creative structure that emulates a castle. To the rear of the castle ASIMO, the world’s most advanced humanoid robot, is being lifted by colorful balloons. A hot air balloon can also be found lifting its way to the stars.

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