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A Child’s Magic Carpet Ride!

Kiwanians are justifiably proud of the enhancement of children’s lives, which we provide with our altruistic service for the improvement of our communities. Not only are we saving lives as we have done through our Worldwide Service Project, but making lives better each day, one community at a time, one child at a time.

“A Child’s Magic Carpet Ride!” relates to a child’s imagination. To which we believe can take you anywhere you would like to go.

The theme to the 2013 Tournament of Roses Parade is indicative on our oversized magic carpet. We believe that the children on our float are on to bigger and better things and their ride on New Year’s day is just a start! “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” will be a theme they live by the rest of their days.

Phoenix Decorating Company

Height: 16.6
Width: 18
Length: 35

“A Child’s Magic Carpet Ride!” has a very Arabic theme to it. Complete with large hand fans, the front of the float features a magic lamp. The carriage of the magic carpet is covered with a jeweled rooftop. The end of the magic carpet is about to take off towards the back of the float. The carpet stands 16 feet in the air.

Roses approximately 1,000 (White, Dark Lavender) Carnations approximately 850 (Hot Pink, Orange, Peach, Light Lavender) Gerberas approximately 900 (Orange, Dark Lavender, White)

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