La Canada Flintridge

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The idea of a dinosaur was submitted by a float volunteer who entered our annual Float Concept Contest. This young ambitious, creative brontosaurus is eager to see the world, but foot-travel is so last era. He could get to more places, more quickly if he could fly. This DINO can SOAR!

Our DINO knows he can learn to go faster. He hopes to travel the world quickly and in high style. He wants to get to “those places”. Oh, the Places We’ll Go.

Our all-volunteer group is dedicated to building a float that is whimsical, highly animated, has emphasis on humor and sophisticated design plus superb flower arrangements. This group of community volunteers of all ages is always “going places”.

La Canada Flintridge Tournament of Roses Association

Height: 19 feet
Width: 18 feet
Length: 54 feet

The main figure is the big green dinosaur with roller skates and strapped-on wings. He is encouraged by two pterodactyl birds, along with a saber-tooth tiger watching the activity. A mama dinosaur with her nest of eggs is on the off-camera side. Towering trees are front and back, with a large volcano at the rear.

Our lumbering, slow-moving DINO-SOAR knows if he could get enough downhill speed with his Paleozoic roller skates, his woven-reed wings should lift him off the ground. His skates and wings will help him move into a forward direction to get to “those places”.

Carnations: purple, orange, yellow, pink Chrysanthemums: yellow, bronze Blue Iris. Banana leaves. Variety of dry materials: spanish moss, dried parsley, tapioca, onion seed, red and yellow millett, pampas grass, orange and yellow lentils, crushed walnuts, malaleuca bark, corn husks.

Dino is covered in dried green parsley highlighted with purple carn stripes, and yellow carn spots. His underside is spanish moss. Pterodactyls are yellow and gold millet see, with tapioca and onion. The volacano is covered with orange lentils. The lava flow is orange carnations. Plateau surface is a dry seed mix.

There will be more than 8,000 roses of various shades.

Using tried and true mums, carns, and a variety of seed mixes.

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