Woman Set on Fire While Sleeping on Bus Bench

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

VAN NUYS, Calif. (KTLA) — A woman was hospitalized in critical condition and a suspect was arrested after she was set on fire while sleeping on a bus bench in Van Nuys.

It happened around 1 a.m. near the corner of Van Nuys Boulevard and Sherman Way.

The victim, a 67-year-old homeless woman who frequented the area, was sleeping on a bus bench outside a Walgreens store.

Police have not released her name, but locals identified her as Violent Parker.

According to witnesses, Dennis Petillo, 24, went into the Walgreens and bought some rubbing alcohol, then walked out and doused the woman.

van-nuys-suspect“He went inside to the Walgreens store, bought alcohol and then he just poured it all over the old lady,” said witness Erickson Ipina.

“Then he threw the match on her and started running,” he recalled.

Ipina chased after the suspect and called 911 from his cell phone.

Petillo was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. He is no stranger to the law, court records show.

Since 2008, he has pleaded guilty twice to charges related to vehicle theft. The second time, he was sentenced to two years in prison.

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  • uhhhh...

    Get your facts right, you ni33er-loving bitch. Chimps like this commit MINIMUM of 50% of crime in this country, but only account for 20% of the population. DOn't ever forget that the WHITE MAN put a man on the moon, cured major diseases, built the car, the airplane and the space station; NI33ERS? They put in some subs in a Caprice with donk rims, filled it full of fried chicken and went out and had 9 kids from 7 different mothers.

    • yol

      your stupid….we live in 2012 get over your racism…besides people like you came from another country your not even a native of my land….stupid

    • Kevin Williams

      Look you cave man looking, dog smelling, coward, get away from your computer and say that to a Black Man's face? Cell Soldier!!!

      • David

        Kevin, I love people like you. I really do. You see, if we lived next door to one another I'd get up from my computer right now and walk outside and call you a ni33er right to your face. I have no problem with it. Of course you'll say I'm hiding behind my keyboard because there's no way to prove it but you best believe it.

    • Amp

      Technically, we're all African. That's where human life started, and that's where all of our ancestors came from. Europeans owe their existence to 1 black woman who left Africa and her descendants adapted to their surroundings. Therefore; racism is stupid.

    • One man one voice

      He does not need a job, he needs a hanging tree for burning the poor woman. I don't know why race is brought into this? It's irresponsible and annoying?

  • Lee Saasung

    60% of all violent crime in America is now being committed by blacks……those injustices you speak of in the past Lady Jack-A-Wad are the past…what? it's now pay back time or something? YOU A KOOK RACIST!!….AGAIN, 60% of all violent crime in America is now committed by blacks.

  • Lee Saasung

    SORRY…but 60% of ALL violent crime in America is now committed by blacks….irregardless of what the racist vermin liberal media reporting implies.

    • Jeff

      irregardless is a double negative. Stupid people use it to make themselves sound smart. Look it up and stop using that word ya imbecile.

  • Josh

    Wow, it's now official in my book…. California is by far the most racist state in the Union. California is the new South… Break out your white hoods and burning crosses people cause the South can't even begin to compare to the stuff I hear out here. I grew up in the south and I can tell you I have never heard such ignorance in my life. I thought that California was an intelligent and progressive state, boy was I wrong.

    • buzzkill

      I agree and thanks for putting it out there! But it's not just the racism that bothers me. The classism is horrific and the general ignorance is stunning. Equal rights? The majority voted against it when bribed with Mormon money on Prop 8. I was ready to deal with the fruits & nuts but the reality takes one's breath away.. I also have lived in the south as a yankee and concur Josh, California deserves to fall into the drink on the next big one~

    • Ban it bandwagon

      No single racial or ethnic group forms a majority of California's population, making the state a minority-majority state… But I don't know why you would assume the race comments are from California residents; this is being posted on the WWW (World Wide Web).

    • meg

      funny thing how the racist aare the 'ignorants' when research actually shows that people with the most positive opinions of ni33ers are the ones with the LEAST expirience with them. . .

  • Lee Saasung

    SORRY…but fact are that 60% of ALL violent crime in America is now committed by blacks….irregardless of what the recent racist vermin liberal media reporting implies….OR, what use to happen in the very distant PAST.

    • Rob

      anyone who use the non-word: "Irregardless" can't possibly have any opinon that matters. Bet you are also one of those English First types.

    • Mike Tice

      It's statistically impossible for 12-15% of the overall population to commit the majority of any crimes. Most violent crimes in America have been and still are committed by Whites, period, according to the FBI. Do your research ass.

  • Lee Saasung

    Facts are, 60% of ALL violent crime in America is now committed by blacks….they comprise only 14% of the population….SORRY that it's not working out so well.

  • Jim5108

    Oh boy, I can see California law makers wanting to ban rubbing alcohol. Or now, you'll have to pay the state a $50 annual fee and submit to a background check in order to buy rubbing alcohol.

  • Anonymous

    Wow I’m really ashamed to be part of a world that is so curl, you all need to remember that we all live here together color doesn’t matter. The guy did something horrible and because of that an innocent person is fighting for her life. So please stop being racist and if you prey then prey for her if you don’t then keep her in your thoughts or go take her flowers. Being hateful towards one in other doesn’t do well for anyone all it does is bringing more hate to this world.

    • JusticeServ

      May you be blessed for being real. This sad situation has nothing to do with race but you know some people are. They have to use the race card to justify his actions and the actions being taken against the criminal for what he did to this lady who is fighting for her life. He needs to be locked up for life preferably without parole. If the Miss looses her life as result of his savage act then he needs to be given a capital punishment. He needs to face Justice regardless of his color or race.

      To hell with racism.

    • actor

      God Bless you and your correct everybody should be judged by their character! those racist's have a soul sickness that only a spiritual experience can solve! don't hate them! pray for them and they also dislike themselves in a disturbing way.

  • jay

    i come from the south. and racisim is alive. ignorance is also alive. what is happening on this blog is ignorance. the last post is the most true statement in all of this. a woman was injured by an insensitive act from a cruel person, read that again, a cruel person. color does not matter in this instance. throwing stones at people you cannot see nor speak to in a blog does nothing but perpetuate the hatred and overlook the real fact; another human being is hurt. we aid the helpless and hold the wrong accountable in this country. that is justice, in which is case, is still blind. no color or racial undertones are needed to see right and wrong. lets focus on the issue and not the opinion

    • Janus

      It may not matter to you, or to many other PC'd white people, but it matters to
      the blacks, and hispanics and arabs and asians. The only thing keeping racism
      alive are the races other than white.

    • serviceguy

      Yeah Jay, We are all quite familiar with the rules. It's never a racial issue if the perp is black and the victim is white. The press gives it a minor paragraph on a back page. However, if the perp is white and the victim is black it's front page news, all the national figures come out, and they KNOW it's a hate crime. If there were more than one black victim, I wouldn't be suprised if Obama himself was leading the prayer vigil. There's nothing wrong with that of course. It's just disappointing how the drive for racial equality ends up leaving no equal treatment to be found anywhere.

    • brian

      Hello Jay…welcome to the 21st century. What color is the sky in your world? "Color does not matter…"? In what corner of this earth can you go where color is not an issue. Come on man…get real. You want to make believe that color doesn't matter then I strongly suggest you lock the doors of your ivory tower, and double bolt them too. Sooner or later 'they' will be coming for you…and odds say 'they' will be of color.


  • BorisMorris

    Yes, this is just a small microcosm of the nigroid culture. The jungle mentality is deeply inbred into these people. It's solid proof that sometime way back when, someone had sex with a monkey.

  • Guest

    Wow BorisMorris – You are really ignorant; just to enlighten you, ALL PEOPLE ALL RACES were created – not evolved – but the Garden of Eden where God created the 1st Man Adam, is in Eqypt – where is Egypt? Africa – how about that?? This is a terrible thing that this person did, & thank God
    he was caught, just las week there was another incident where a homeless person was set on fire – he could possibly be the suspect in that case as well.
    BorisMorris – I didn't want to go here, but because of your ignorance I must – So what are your thoughts on the man, white man, who shot/killed the 2 – firefighters? What is your opinion on Adam Lanza? How about Charles Manson?

  • FastFreddie

    Just watch the show "Hardcore Pawn" on Tru TV. They show about 5 or 6 different people that come in to either sell or pawn stuff, and everyone that comes in to argue, fight, call the employee's Bitch's and every other curse word (by the way, is the only words they know) are well you know BLACK! Think about it, just look down deep now and into the past, bottom line, IT'S IN THE BLOOD, it's all Genetics…..

  • actor

    I have a beach home in Montecito N.York and a home in Encino! I spend 1 or 2 days in LA,why?I hate to say this and I will !! I'm a well known film actor and director who happens to be wealthy and a Democrat!! LA,Valley is a stink hole, it does not matter if you live in BEL AIR because the attitudes are of selfishness and none stop movement to do anything there!! LA's a soul sickness and I've never meet people here that are compassionate! you can have this dump!! I'll keep my $300 million and live where their are truly descent people because violent psycho's like him can't even affiord to walk into town or drive into town, it has nothing to do with him being african american because my step dad is african american!! its the soul sickness and to all you people who refer to this sick man as a n*gger you should crawl under a rock and hide because remember they were enslaved by white people! society is still racist, so sad! my wife is mexican american,but looks white!!! I give millions each year to the midnight mission,charities and hospitals and I'm going to check into this and donate a nice sun for this lady!!!! and if this man is guilty he should prosecuted to the full extent of the law and get psychological help. I carry a gun with a carry permit when I'm in LA. Were destroying ourselves and its sad but all of LA is a dump!! I'm blessed to have been lucky with my talent and people will hate me for being honest!!! denial runs deep when you have no alternative. Good luck.

  • fast Freddie

    Wait! Maybe I should take back all that I just said above. Maybe he tried to rob her, realized she was a homeless person and she woke up and saw him and he decided he did not want to back to jail again for probably the third or fourth time with free meals, a bed, clothes, weight lifting to become stronger when he gets out to rob, rape and kill more people because she could identify him. That's why! I should have thought about that….

  • stranded_Angel77

    It's so sad when you see a story like this and then see people play the race card…. White people, black people, asian people, mexican people and all other nationalities commit crimes… Why do ignorant people even have to comment on sh**?? smh

  • Guest

    Fast Freddie – where'd you get that name or rather WHO gave you that name all of ex's- well go get a prescription for some little blue pills – you jerk – LOL – you're pathetic

  • Kenneth

    BorisMorris you are despicable and there arent even words to describe what you are. Josef Mengele the so-called angel of death and the Aryan belief in racial superiority, Its all so clear, there will be a race war even though i hope that there isnt because tolerance doesnt seem to be in our capacity to hold. Maybe kindness and humane treatment, love and compassion is just an abherration and we are really just seeing our true nature. Ive seen it before during and after President Obamas election and subsequent re-election; intolerance and racism. We as African -Americans did not start this, it is what we had to deal with and face on a daily basis. Why were we kidnapped from our mother continent in the first place? So an apparently lazy race could build a nation on the often lethal labor of others. Native Americans, almost wiped out, lied to killed off due to disease. Christopher Columbus, what a savage. So you tell me where it started and look at the blood on your hands.

  • Guest

    Besides – no intelligent person sits and watches "Hardcore Pawn" or Television period for that matter – let's everyone know that you're nothing but a couch potatoe – probably a beer drinker too – lol