Fourth Suspect Arrested in Pursuit, Cal State Fullerton Lockdown

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FULLERTON, Calif. (KTLA) — A fourth suspect was arrested on Wednesday in a jewelry store robbery that led to a high speed pursuit and a lockdown at Cal State Fullerton.

The suspect has been identified as Roosevelt Andrew Fernandez, age 26, of Compton.

Fernandez was booked on charges including attempted murder, robbery, conspiracy, gang association, parole violation and using a firearm during the commission of a robbery.

Three other men — Damine Lavonte Banks, Jerome Renard Allen and Traevon Cortez Vidaud — are also facing charges in the case, including attempted murder and robbery.

The chain of events began around 3 p.m. on Dec. 12 with an armed robbery involving four masked men at Empire Jewelry and Pawn Shop in Moreno Valley.

One of the employees was shot during the robbery. The suspects then fled in a dark-colored Lexus driven by a fifth person.

California Highway Patrol officers spotted a vehicle matching the description and tried to stop it in the Riverside area.

A pursuit ensued that spanned four counties and came to an end when the suspects crashed near Cal State Fullerton. All five suspects ran from the vehicle.

Officers gave chase and apprehended Banks, a 30-year-old from Los Angeles, Allen, 23, also from Los Angeles, as they ran from the vehicle.

Vidaud, 24, of Compton, was arrested after allegedly carjacking another vehicle and leading police on a chase that ended with a brief foot pursuit in Watts.

All three suspects were turned over to the Moreno Valley Police Department.

The victim remains hospitalized in critical but stable condition. His name is not being released for his safety.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact Investigator Rose with the Moreno Valley Police Department’s Robbery Suppression Team at 951-486-6710.

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  • Strike Force

    These are just misunderstood youths who voted for Obama and failed to get the amount of welfare they were expecting. They feared of actually having to get jobs, so they cut to the chase.

  • Keith

    Its sad what you all feel and share with full anonymity. I'm sure if all of you had careers and spoke with your name and physical address showing, Your comments would cease. Just my thoughts.

  • mark

    Classic N names!….LMFAO!……..i'm quite sure all deez thangz were raised on EBT and welfare…….what we need to do is cut all these animals off all this welfare!…..what this country needs is SECRET PRISONS……..and GAS the ones we currently have………or start shipping these animals back!…..theres simply no use for them in america anymore!…..and you know i'm right!!!!!!!!

    • Nightmare....

      YOu racist idiot.. most people on EBT are White! do the research. it doesnt matter what color, they are all idiots, just like you Mark…

    • RexRegis

      The hate in your heart can be resolved. I would onsider this if I where you because when the time comes and your spirit is freed (death), a blind, confused closed soul like yours will be guided to where ever your spirit guides what you to go. So at this point, with your negative nature and energy, you are surrounded by that same energy, demons are within you. You will have no control, kind of like the feelings that you have based on a human being because of their color. In fact you should be the one shipped back to Africa, thats where it all started. Peanut sized brains (head shaking) you are as bad as all the assholes that rob, murder, rape. Look within, and ask yourself, am I happy? How can I become a better person? Meditate on that one for starters.

  • Marlin

    A Compton ghetto rat, (surprise, surprise) they just love to rip off jewelry stores. Good for the cops who got the low life. Hopefully, they will catch the last one and put all of them away for the rest of their life,

  • Lowrider69

    Hey Junie, you are correct about that Psycho who killed all those kids and his mother, I am not defending that psycho in any way, but he was sick and everyone knew that. He could not get the help he needed because the system would not pay for it, that's because of all the welfare checks and food stamp cards we give out to all the Blacks and Wetbacks. So basically you are comparing that tragedy of (20) people to the (1) N&^%$ for what he did. But remember, THE (BLACKS) DO THIS EVERYDAY AND AT LEAST 20 OR MORE A DAY!

  • BorisMorris

    I'm sure his mama is extremely proud of this gentleman. All of his friends/relatives will tell you what a fine upstanding citizen this person is with an extremely bright future. I believe he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and should be let go with a stern talking to and I'm sure he would never do this again. I think maybe he would do well in something like the public relations field……………(rolling on floor laughing).

  • thefallen



    I find it amusing that everyone likes to talk trash on blacks and drop n bombs for a race that only makes up 14% of the US population. Considering that a few of the last names are "Cortez Vidaud," and "Fernandez," common hispanic or latino last names, so not all of them were black.
    @Mark: no not everyone hates "N's," you're probably sitting at home with a Lakers jersey on saying how much you like Kobe Bryant and watching BET.
    @"Lowrider69" seriously with the screen name Lowrider69 I'm just surprised you weren't in the car with them. I'm sure you're a stand up citizen.
    Ohh wait, was I just guilty of sterotyping based on your screen name?

    • ryanbal

      Just because they have an Hispanic last name doesn't mean they aren't Negros. Ever heard of Belize, Cuba and the Dominican Republic? They are stock full of nigs with Hispanic last names.

    • Strike Force

      It might be 14% but wetb@cks and pavement apes make up the highest population in State and Federal prison.

      Stas fromthe Department of Corrections

  • Lowrider69

    Hey "thefallen" Where did you come up with that number of 14%? Was that from the last Census form everyone was to fill out? That's only the ones that have a mailing address you jack Ass! The others, let's say 35% don't even know what the form is for! They don't know how to read or they use the paper to smoke the Crack they are on. Also, why would you think I would be in the car with a bunch of Blacks? You know we don't get along. Look at the jails. it's ALWAYS Blacks and Whites killing each other in there. Whites just do the time. You double Jack Ass!!!!

  • ten

    I took my Biology exam last Friday.

    I was asked to name one thing commonly found in cells.

    Apparently Blacks was not the correct answer.

  • Lowrider69

    Good one "ten" Did you notice the car those thugs were driving in? It was a Pontiac! You know what that stands for don't you? "Poor Old N@#$s Think It's A Cadillac"……LOL

  • Keith

    I just wonder how many of the people posting comments besides myself have actual careers. Maybe that would stimulate more love than hate and blame.