L.A. Gun Buyback Event Yields 2 Rocket Launchers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

rocket-launcherLOS ANGELES (KTLA) — Authorities collected 2,037 firearms, including 75 assault weapons, and two anti-tank rocket launchers during L.A.’s annual gun buyback event.

“Those are weapons of war, weapons of death,” LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said of the rockets and assault weapons.

“These are made to put high-velocity, extremely deadly, long-range rounds downrange as quickly as possible, and they have no place in our great city,” he added.

The buyback, which was held on Wednesday in South L.A. and Van Nuys, was pushed up several months in the wake of the school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut.

People were invited to surrender firearms anonymously — with no questions asked — in exchange for Ralph’s gift cards.

At a news conference on Thursday, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa praised the success of the program, which collected 400 more weapons than last year.

He said the response to the drive was so great that the city ran out of the gift cards and had to rely on a private donation through the city controller to bolster the pot.

Villaraigosa said the LAPD collected 901 handguns, 698 rifles and 363 shotguns. The weapons will be melted down.

“Perhaps the most honest testament to the success of yesterday’s program can be seen in the 166 weapons that were surrendered for nothing,” Villaraigosa said.

He added that nearly three-quarters of those turning in the weapons said in an informal survey that they felt safer with the weapons off the street.

City officials also used Thursday’s news conference to warn New Year’s Eve revelers against firing weapons into the air.

Authorities said that anyone who fires a gun into the air on New Year’s Eve faces jail time and a fine of up to $10,000, even if no one is hurt.

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  • Jeff

    Rocket launchers? LOL! You mean inert tubes that have been rendered useless? No way in HELL to get the rounds for those. Geez, morons… Grasping at straws here.

  • xxfireboy

    People put their money where it's safe, in banks. Where
    their money is behind safe walls and armed guards with guns.
    Why, why would we put our children in any less safe a place?

    The Mayor, Obama, and the Satanic Dem's want you to believe that the
    Shooters guns shot his mother, then drove themselves to the
    school and shot the teachers and the children. Because of
    those dangerous guns they plan to take yours away from you.

    Who love their children more, Obama are you?

  • cottereaux


    Los Angeles Annual Crimes
    VIOLENT – 20,318
    PROPERTY – 88,443
    TOTAL – 108,761

    Violent & Property Crimes against citizens lawsfully owning firearms… next to zero

    The crime rate in Los Angeles is considerably higher than the national average across all communities in America from the largest to the smallest, although at 28 crimes per one thousand residents, it is not among the communities with the very highest crime rate. The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Los Angeles is 1 in 35. Based on FBI crime data, Los Angeles is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to California, Los Angeles has a crime rate that is higher than 66% of the state's cities and towns of all size

  • comment guy

    LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said, “These are made to put high-velocity, extremely deadly, long-range rounds downrange as quickly as possible, and they have no place in our great city.”—-Would he stand true to his words and remove them from the hands of his officer's? I doubt it. Like the lying, manipulative,political animal he seems to be, I think he'd change his position and argue that they need assault rifles to protect the public.

  • dizzled

    Wow listen to this LAPD Chief really lay it on thick. What a schmaltzy doofus. I can just see his big puffed up chest while all the cameras click

    • Mark Matis

      JAP. As in "just another pig". And that is PIG, as in Puerile Idiot Goon, afore some o' dem pigs try that pride integrity guts bullshit.

  • lcky9

    wonder how many of these guns were from the FAST and FURIOUS operation that HOLDER gave to Mexican Cartels who funneled them BACK in the country via their gang banger headmen on this side the border..??? Don't care how much PROPAGANDA they throw out there they WON'T be getting the guns.,, as for the rocket launchers that is a bunch of BS.. they would have gotten more money selling them right out rather than turning them in,, EVEN in CA they aren't THAT stupid..

  • Juan Holmes

    The 'rocket launchers' are inert tubes. One even says "trainer" on it. They can be purchased at many Army-Navy surplus stores, for about $50.

    And the city paid $200 for it. You should be so proud.

  • You Wish

    Beta test completed now to go one to the nation-wide (Cash For Guns).
    I agree that when the dollar falls many people will give up guns for food/water.
    It's not a conspiracy it is the future of this nation to lose it's sovereignty.

    • Mark Matis

      Well, the smart ones will wait for their neighbors to turn in their guns for food, and then use THEIR guns to get what they want from those neighbors.

  • kogk

    That is a EMPTY (NO rocket) smoothbore launching tube for a AT-4. It can only be used ONCE. In other words it's just a plastic tube. That Chief proved to the world how stupid he is. What a tool.

  • agendaMuch?

    “These are made to put high-velocity, extremely deadly, long-range rounds downrange as quickly as possible, and they have no place in our great city,”

    Jesus relax… yes, we all know what rifles are for you hysterical ninny. To give us a chance against YOUR swat teams, tanks and drones. Duhhh

  • DinBinFoo

    Another phony media circus stunt. So used/deactivated AT4 rocket launchers are a danger? Give me a break. LAPD is not checking to see if any of the weapons they are "buying" are stolen? That saves them a lot of time and work. What's good for the goose is apparently not good for the gander. It's OK for police to have "deadly, long range" weapons but the people are forbidden from doing so? Smells a little like hypocracy to me. The dictatorship approaches….

  • Lee

    I wonder if the pompous Mayor and some of his cronies didn't cherry-pick the bins. P/U a nice 'lil AR for home protection on the cheap……………………

  • Larry

    Rocket launchers? Were they still functional? Or had they been disabled for collectors items long ago? And what exactly defines an "assault weapon" anyways? Cheap political stunt shall not go wasted. I'm so glad all those firearms were able to be turned in without any questions asked. Police work 101 states the single most important piece of evidence in a homicide investigation is the murder weapon. Oooops!!!

  • Yeah Right

    First off I think that rocket tube is propaganda.
    2nd yeah they only show the "scary guns" but Im thinking if some of these people actually knew what they had they woulda got more than one or two hundred dollar gift card. Hopefully the police sift through and find all the keepers because melting them all down would be too bad.
    Third, Wheres the drunk driver buy back program? Drunk drivers kill more people than guns do but you dont see them offering gift cards for turning in your friends and reletives that you know drive drunk.

    • Mark Matis

      That was only a pig prop, put in there by Chief Beck from his personal stock to make it look good. As soon as the Media were out of sight, it went back into his cruiser.

  • e_in_Denver

    I think everyone should know that is indeed an AT-4 Sweedish made anti-tank rocket launcher, that is COMPLETELY USELESS after it is fired once. The rocket and tube are manufactured together and shipped together. Once it is fired, there is no way to reload. You thow it out. What he really has is the equivelent of a plastic tube with a trigger that makes a clicking sound. I know, I had a used one at my desk in the Army. No one cared or kept track becuase it is as dangerous as a whiffel ball bat.

    • Mark Matis

      Ah, but that information does not suit the propaganda purposes for the pigs. Therefor ABCNNBCBS and their dead-tree fellow travelers will NOT pass that along to Mere Citizens.

  • Drangd1

    What pure Propaganda, that is an empty tube. Use once throw away. You can make the same "Device" by going to Home depot. The one that is not being shown is nothing more than a show piece WHERE's THE ROCKET….

  • Jim5108

    The launcher that Chief Beck is holding is the M136 AT4. The AT4 is disposable, meaning after it is fired once, it is trash. As far as I can tell, the AT4 in the photo has been used and has been designated as a training device.

  • Kicker

    If folks want to turn over their guns in exchange for gift cards, I have no problem with it. After all, it is their property and they have a right to do with it as they please.

    That said, I am also glad the Indians sold Manhattan to the settlers for a handful of beads. Of the two, I suspect history will show the Indians got the better deal, with the beads lasting longer than the gift cards, and the consequences of being disarmed more dire than simply trading away some land they weren't using.

  • TheTruth

    If I was an individual of lesser morals, I'd go around stealing these firearms and stashing them in a warehouse, doing my dirty work with them, and then turn then in for some dough. Hey, isn't entrepreneurship great?

  • Sierra Moose

    Is someone going to call LAPD and Villaraigossa on their bullshit?

    Those are expended AT-4 tubes. They are as useful as a rock.

    Once an AT-4 has been fired, the tube is rendered useless.

    Gosh, when will people get their heads out of their asses?


  • r. jones

    An anti-tank rocket, and most modern shoulder-fired rocket launchers are a use-once-throw-away type item. The old shell mechanism's were probably movie props. This is Hollywierd after all. If someone had walked into the area with a live anti-tank round there would have been evacuations, and the bomb squad, etc.,etc. They suckered the horrified liberals into giving them $200 for basically a piece of plastic. Gotta love it. BTW, You could fit what Tony Villar knows about guns on the tip of an angel's eyelash. What an Idiot progressive chatty-cathy mouthpiece, completely worthless.

  • eatshit

    You stupid fucking retards in the media, you can buy the tubes all day long.
    Now try buying the actual projectile you fucking shitstains.

  • Neil

    A fired AT4 is just an olive drab fiberglass tube; you can buy them on the internet, paintball players use them. Man, why is everybody terrified of weapons?

  • whitefalconone

    Don't believe for a minute any of those semi rifles were "turned in", more likely police stock used for props…and two TOW's? Seriously? TOW's? Not for a second…..

  • whitefalconone

    Besides, these programs are illegal, its the criminals new and improved, government sanctioned "destroy evidence of crimes" drive and that's all it is! The city of LA doesn't have a federal firearms permit so how are they allowed to buy semi's? So many crime going unsolved because the idiots in charge are going to smelt the evidence….more bad guys on the streets!

    • Anonymous

      Where exactly in the 2nd amendment does it say guns or firearms? It says the right of the people to ‘bear arms’. That’s all arms. The founders wanted the populace to have the same weapons as the military to stop a tyrannical govt. They’re also not illegal. I can go buy one and pay my $200 NFA tax for each one on top of the cost. Please know what you’re talking about.