Nursing Home Worker Accused of Sexually Assaulting Patient

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FULLERTON, Calif. (KTLA) — A man is accused of sexually assaulting a disabled woman at the nursing home where he worked, and authorities believe there may be more victims.

David Moreno, 28, Riverside, is charged with one felony count each of sexual battery on an institutionalized victim and sexual penetration by foreign object of an incompetent victim.

Prosecutors say Moreno was a maintenance worker at Emeritus Senior Living in Yorba Linda last summer when he entered the room of a 69-year-old resident suffering from dementia and sexually assaulted her.

He is out on $100,000 bail and is scheduled for a pre-trial hearing on Jan. 10.

If convicted, Moreno faces a maximum sentence of eight years in state prison and lifetime sex offender registration.

Anyone with additional information is asked to contact Detective Dave Wearp at (714) 671-4438 or Supervising District Attorney Investigator Anthony Sosnowski at (714) 347-8794.

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  • ronaldo60

    Mr. Moreno had joined the "date-an-older-white-woman" panga-boat tour to California and this was his disappointing result. Lots of his fellow "tourists" have been in the news lately having similar romantic encounters while doing hospital work.

  • C. A. Cocco

    Emeritus Yorba Linda is a very poor facility. Their care is abysmal. I removed my mother from this facility just this summer for poor patient care; she was in such a deteriorated state of health. The director of Nursing stated, "If you do not like the care that your mother is getting, move her" after I brought up the many deficiencies in her care. She had pressure sores. Check out the fact that Emeritus Newport Beach and Emeritus Yorba Linda each had patient deaths at their facilities; class "AA" citations.

    • A.S.

      Why is your mom their, I would take care of MY MOM AT HOME LIKE ALL THE MEXICANS DO- It seems like this place is not cheap so I would say u have money to keep her home. Hit like if u think the same way- IF you had the MONEY to keep your MOM at home, Newport Beach and Yarba Linda sounds like money to me why is your my at a facilitie should be at home

      • Cat

        There is nothing wrong with putting your parent in a home.

        My husband is a doctor and we are both mexican and have my mother living with us. I count it a blessings to have her in my live. She took care of me for 22yrs of my life and Thank God I can do the same for her now.

      • C. A. Cocco

        Alfred and A.S. -you posted twice. Basta-that means enough/stop in Italian, I am not Mexican. The word is 'there" NOT " their". And you have no clue why my mother was in a skilled nursing facility, so, your 'so called' comments are not respectful . So do not judge me or my decision. When you really love someone and want what is best for that person you do whatever it takes, regardless of the money involved that is what nice, concerned children do for their mothers.

        • A.S.

          she is THERE, my grandparnts are at home at age 89 and 79 and we take care of them and I'am not judging, just saying so that is on you if you fill judge like cat said there is nothing wrong with putting your parent in a home, but I fill like you are judging the home and the comments are more rude but they may be ture so that is way you are judging me.

          • C. A. Cocco

            Yes, I am judging this Nursing Home. It came highly recommended by her doctors. And I researched it online also. Went for an unannounced visit, too. It was a beautiful facility and had a good reputation. Well, I found out after a few days that this was all very deceptive. I met with the Director of Nursing to talk to her about the lack of care my mother was receiving. I made sure that either myself or my sister was with my mother 24/7 to stay on top of her healthcare treatments. And as soon as she was able to be moved, I transferred her to another facility in Orange.

  • pamelam123

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  • mark

    Another Beaner!…..wonder why the govt of CA doesnt abide by the LAW'S of the USA?…..wonder why that is?……we already had negro criminals,why would our own govt import NEW CRIMINALS into our F***ING COUNTRY?……is our govt nolonger our friend?……..YA THINK!!!!!!!!!!!….WTF

    • A.S.

      family been in santa ana circa 1910 Beaner and yes govt nolonger our friend gays can be married but weed is not legal WTF is this world coming 2 and now taking are guns away what is next are freedom

  • Hahausuckdavid

    I met this jerk once at church….I never liked him to begin with and warned girls about him but noooo they had to find out who he really was like this. Oh well….some are gonna regret not listening to me from the beginning. Sick a hole! To think he was a minister at church and fooling people doing such horrible things. I'm glad it finally caught up to him. I feel so bad for the poor people he messed with :/

    • Lordforgivethemfor

      haha suck david???
      wow and you Still go to church??
      I don't go to church but unlike you I am not a hypocrite with no love of Christ or compassion.
      I don't need to go to a building to serve God it is in my heart and actions and would Christ have said the words you just blasted?
      He had compassion for the sinners. To all I do not agree, it hurts and breaks my heart but God will judge Yet instead of gossiping get on our knees for the family and whomever.

  • Disgusted

    David Moreno also worked at Poly High School before working at this facility, they may need to check for victims there, afterall he is a perverted predator. He got married before earlier in 2012 and was also active at Connecting Church in Corona, they may need to check for victims there to. He was not an illegal immigrant, he was a U.S Born citizen. Perversion knows no boundries.

    • Disgusted

      It is incredible but he was always a pervert, a flake and a hipocrite, a talaented hipocrite. He did so much crap but everyone always turned a blind eye to it. Sicko, and he just got married in April. His wife should have listened to everyone around her not to marry him.

      • forgivetheyknownot

        Just pray for his wife and family. And let God be his judge I do not agree with this but right now the devil is on attack for those in ministry to discourage and prevent God from doing what he needs. Where is the compassion of Christ if you can't hurt for the sinner? if you can't even extend mercy and let god judge.

  • wow

    I’m not too surprised. Didn’t like him at all. I warned his wife about him before they got married but it failed. I feel bad for her. At least now she knows not to trust someone just cuz they are in church and “love God.” She is a beautiful and sweet person….We all live and learn.

    • castingcurses

      wow do you like you just backbite and gossip about everyone. watch your words cuz before this year ends they will fall back on you and you will eat them. Cursed

      • Hmm

        Oh and you're doing so good that u need to "curse" me ??? No ur the probably the cursed one. At least I don't go around saying dumb stuff like you.

  • cali2013

    You, then, why do you judge your brother? Or why do you look down on your brother? For we will all stand before God's judgment seat. Romans 14:10

  • cali2013

    How can you say to your brother, 'Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,' when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye. Luke 6:42

  • Wendy S

    I am appalled! Apparently this pervert was a church going guy! And from the looks of it so are the last few people who have posted on here. Forgiveness, mercy and scriptures, incredible!. All this for someone who didn't give a damn about a helpless person, is that Godly? How about compassion and mercy and prayers on behalf of the VICTIM, who is the one who truly suffered. None of you christians have mentioned that. It doesn't matter if she was an old lady and had dimentia, she didn't deserve this and he had no right to do what he did. But obviously SHE doesn't matter to you because she was not your relative. The thing is, if you do the crime, you do the time NO MATTER who you are. No one is above the law. He is a MONSTER!!!

    • UntilProvenGuilty

      What happened to innocent until proven guilty??

      Also, if there was sufficient "physical evidence" why was he just arrested January 1, 2013? It doesn't take 6 months to identify biologicals and even then, it could be contaminated…THINK for yourselves…Don't just blindly jump on a bandwagon to crucify someone BEFORE you really know what is going on…

    • ChristLike

      You should Just pray forevryone.Are you God Wendy?
      so you can NOT determine who God will and will not forgive.
      He May forgive him, and may not forgive your sins. Are you sure God is gonna forgive you? Than why not him? It is for God to decide is what we are saying and compassion drove Christ to die for all sin not just yours to anyone who judges BY THAT EXACT MEASURE YOU WILL BE JUDGE. So JUDGE not and have compassion that it may be shown to you.
      You shouldn't be name calling. but Praying for the world and your personal walk and yourself
      I would love to give you a bible studies.

      • UntilProvenGuilty2

        Love it, Love it, Love it! Praying for him and his family. Praying he is not guilty and they just tagged the wrong person. It happends all of the time. People go to jail for 25 years and then something shows that they were not guilty.

        • Hahausuckdavid

          Wow are u praying that he isn't guilty just cuz he went to church or is a "christian" ??? Trust me they got the right person. He's a pervert….I've seen texts he sent straight from his phone to other women when he was MARRIED…and I know lots of other things he did so…yeah he's not getting out of this one. God forgives, yes, but he also believes in consequences for your actions. Plus look at his face….all u see is embarassment in it cuz he got caught. Thank God you don't know the lady he did this horribe thing to….he took advantage of an elderly person. Shame on him. And u judge others as well so don't act all holy.

          • ChristLogic

            I act holy?
            WOW so now you know me?
            You knew his personal life you must have been involved in it enough to NOW be accountable for his soul,
            Yes we our accountable to our brothers and sisters in Christ and if you did nothing to HELP or Reach out to make sure he got on the right path blood is on your hands until you ask for your SINCERE personal forgiveness.
            I am not holy, but I am doing my best to die daily and be righteous through MY obedience.
            But you do not know me.

          • Keep It Real

            I use to go to Riverside Apostolic Church but I found the world more pleasant and not so fake. David Moreno was and is a product of the teachings of RAC the Pastor there sweeps everything under the rug, I have my own experience and I hate that church and all the hypocrites that go there.

          • Anonymous

            If he's a sweeper then he probably swept a crapload of your shit under the rug too. It's been my experience that RAC has been better off since there was a mass exodus to CP, starting with you and your family. The CP pastor there still had him playing and directing the choir even AFTER he got arrested. There's a sweeper for you.

          • Blogger101

            Why is everyone talking about women's RAC's and CP? what does this pertain to a women being assaulted and whether he is guilty or not??
            And sweepers the personal crap needs to stay out and stay to things pertaining this article!!!!!!

  • Mario

    Look at the FAT fuck he just looks like a creep hope he gets good time in jail so they can kick his ass and string him by his balls!!

    • UntilProvenGuilty2

      You should not judge some one how they look. fat or skinny, How would you look after spending time in jail and having to have your picture taken? Carma! He has not been proven guilty.

  • an

    Yeah he IS guilty. He has done a lot of other things because there is proof even though not everyone knew…he is a sick guy. And hedid look like a perv for u defending him. He was a cheater long before as well. I don’tgo to church but I know about him. I wonder if u would be so compassionate if it was your mother he did that to. Whatever sentence he gets it is because he deserves it.

    • AnalyzeIT

      He "is" guilty?
      You seem to know A LOT about him.
      You must have been his friend.
      Also whatever happens God deals with it. so if found not guilty you should consider your thoughts and character.

      • EES

        Apparently I know more than you. And I don't need to be his friend to know what kind of guy he is. I would say exactly what I knew and why I stand on my opinion but it would be too much for you because you probably know he is and went to church with him? And umm hello why do you think this happened? Because it was a mistake? When I found out all the messed up things he was doing I told my husband "just watch, something bad is gonna happen to him if he doesn't change." And voila! A few months passed by and this happens… it's called karma, you reap what you sow. And he WILL be found guilty. When he is, YOU should consider your thoughts :)

  • Don't worry

    Yeah I know this sick pervert on a personal level I know his whole damn family he has been a pervert ever since I can remember thank god he finally got caught and I hope if there is more victims that they come Forward Connecting Point Community Church should really be disgusted and ashamed for letting a pervert be a minister at there church his whole family should be ashamed of him I feel so bad for his wife god bless her….
    Does anyone know what happened his hearing was on Thursday and they were going to sentence him does anyone know if they found him guilty or to?

    • ChristLogic

      You know Him on a personal level which means you must have been hid friend.
      And now you turn your back on this guy?
      So friendship is just for good times and laugh?
      Hmm I thought it was also for encouragement and uplifting.
      So you USED him for your convenience as you most likely do.
      You clearly seem to know him, yet you down talk him…
      I have to say IF God (cause only God can decide) to forgive him… he is as of yesterday, today and One day in heaven your brother in Christ.
      Now that is no way to treat your brother.
      What will Daddy say?

      • Hmm

        Please….is that how you would treat him if he did this to someone you knew? NO. He stood up on the pulpit and pretended all these years, even criticized ME for not worshipping right once hahaha. Was I supposed to like him and be nice to him for being fake? HE is the one who turned his back on everyone. The only way I ever see him changing is when he is out of being locked up. MAYBE he'll let God deal with him there. That's why he got caught. GOD allowed this to happen to try and teach him a lesson!

  • You tell me

    Wooow, what a sick creep! But kind of always assumed something was a bit off since I've known him (which was since a young age to know right from wrong) it wouldn't be mature of me to slander him and all but I mean evidence is pointing yes. Well I guess this is what is being taught wherever he preaches, hypocrisy and all, well who knows, God is the final judge, but he WILL spit out the lukewarm

  • Keep it Real

    I knew David Moreno in the past and he hurt alot of girls, his Pastor at RAC never rebuked him or sat him down from playing the piano, that Pastor allows all kinds of shit to go on and does it himself

  • Anonymous

    To Keep it Real: a Pastor can never sit anyone down unless someone else comes and places a formal complaint against a person. If you knew so much about David Moreno why didn't you ever place a formal complaint against him? And if you did and the Pastor never did anything, why didn't you go to the Bishop? Unless you were one of the ones who was riding on David's popularity coattail just because he was a musician and had all the idiot girls after him. Who by the way, none would have given him the time of day had he not been a musician. He was cross-eyes, fat and ugly.

    • ChristLogic

      Really, don't judge his appearance FIRST that is how God created him so you judge God's creation and work.
      Second: You serve The HOLY God with that mindset? wow? When you are in Christ he transforms the mind and thoughts to think like him… very disappointed that you could have approached this better.
      Third: Just Pray for that backslider No need fight TOO remember God's teaching you do not win evil with evil but with GOOD
      And (Keep It Real) sounds hurt so YOU show love NOT More anger to help what is lost come back to what it is really about. MEN will be MEN in church or outside the church ALL SIN and need to repent.
      SO pray for YOU THE VICTIM(s), ALL who need God's LOVE GRACE AND MERCY
      Which David too needs right now .
      So yes Keep it Real and God Forbid Other Souls who are reading this will POINT AT ALL Christians for their character. So before you decide to state things make sure its UPLIFTING NO MATTER WHAT!

  • Lorena Quintana

    To Keep it Real: I am the RAC's pastor's daughter. Do not hide behind the cowardice of your anonymity if you are going to throw stones at my father or any other person. This is not the Apostolic Blogs. This is not about my father so don't bring him into this.

    • Keep It Real

      I left about 20 years ago, when the pastor was misusing church money for his personal use. RAC pastor like to get money from naive hardworking people RAC sucks. As for me as long as I have my beer i happy don't want to go no church

      • ChristLogic

        To Lorena Quintana and Keep It Real,
        This could have been approached a lot better.
        One As a Pastor's daughter for the credibility of Your father and YOUR testimony. You could have kept silent to not fight. Will you gain anything by losing your character and dignity?
        Have ye no respect for who you represent?

        As for Keep It Real
        I hope you just seek God and HIS peace because NO matter what sins a Pastor or the people around you do, it's not about what they do that will save you but that you seek him

  • Guest

    To Keep It Real;you sure don't like RAC because all your comments are about them and the pastor there. Trying to start trouble? I think you are bitter and I think you need help. Seek it while you can or you can become the next sad story.

  • Olga

    Hmm, Keep it Real. I wonder whoooooo you are. :) You obviouy have a persoal vendetta againt RAC and the pastor. But you know what,God Bless You and I hope that wherever you are at you keep your focus on God and no one else. "So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall!" 1st Corinthians 10:12.

  • anonymous

    Hey Real. Just let you know that just because you hate RAC and the pastor doesn’t mean they are responsible for David’s actions any more than they are responsible for your idiot comments. And be reminded this happened under the pastorship of your pastor at CP, who even AFTER his first arrest, still had him playing and directing.

    • ChristLike

      It doesn't matter who is the sinners Pastor each individual will make there own choices. It is not about churches or pastors or anything it comes down to he sinned and now this is between him and God who can only judge him. If anyone dwells with any hate, whether it be towards people or a church God will judge you too for his commandments say love your enemies. SO this is about Davids circumstances. And not to gossip but just to prayer harder for the times we are living in.