Crowds Drawn to Ontario Gun Show

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ONTARIO, Calif. (KTLA) — Business is expected to be brisk at a gun show in Ontario this weekend.

Crossroads of the West Gun Shows is being held on Saturday and Sunday.

Attendance at recent shows has increased, possibly because some people are worried that gun rights will soon be restricted in the wake of the Newtown school shootings.

California has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, including a ban on assault rifles and high capacity magazines.

Also, gun shows in California must follow the same background check procedures as gun stores, including 10-day waiting periods.

Jim Nash reports.

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  • ScottyBoy

    Wow, what where did this imbecile get his information. You can buy an assault rifle today in California. Any gun store has a full supply.

    • Rogue1

      Most reporters wouldn't know an "assault rifle" from a machine gun or a bucket of rocks. Most gun stores are sold out these days and can't keep them in stock.

    • Johnny John

      They are semi automatic rifles, not assault rifles. An assault rifle has to have the capability to fire full automatic, and machine guns are illegal.

    • Gun owner

      Scotty boy you are the imbecile you can not buy an assault rifle in California. And no gun stores in California sell full auto assault guns. If you were talking ar15 type guns that are single shot rifles most stores are out of stock or the guns are in low supply and the price has gone up in the last few weeks. Guns that were $850 are now $1590.

  • richard chavez

    This is the most Idiotic event too happen, all the 2nd ammendment Loopers are out stocking up! Tell me they had Police Presence because that was an awful lot of ammo, and guns to have just running rampant with Idiotic Mentality and who was supervising the area for Felons around the Perimeter. Were they near children or anything like that. Probably not but they say their Rights are being invaded. Well what about those of us that dont want weekend Barney Fifes. wondering around.. Where is the sanity, certainly not in Ontario. NRA wins again..

    • al

      2nd amendment loopers? So you are calling bona fied americans who believe in their constitution and bill of rights loopy? I think the loopy one here is you. I believe in the constitution and the bill of rights and if our founding fathers said we have the right to bear arms then they said it and that’s that. They died for their belief in that. So that we have the right to not be weak and defenseless. I would rather be back in the hospital on life support then have the right to bear arms infringed!

    • Steve

      chavez keep sucking up what the media is serving up for you. I hope you can do your own research and find out why a constitutional republic was created to protect the rights of the individual not a democratic 51% percent mob rule. This is not a democracy, its a republic, and gun ownership is a right, not a privilege.

  • Michael Tran

    Does anyone see the glaring loophole with the 16 year old owning a gun, as stated in this news report?? In California, you have to be at least 18 years old to own a rifle or shotgun…21 years old to own a handgun. That is just ridiculous! It’s irresponsibility like this that gives gun owners a bad rep!

  • Responsible Gunnner

    Michael Tran…..with gun owners like you , who needs anti-gunners.
    Stop taking every word so litteral… children shoot their 22 cal.guns/rifle under my supervision and are always secured in my safe. These people seem like responsible parents, I doubt they allow their child to have free access….THAT IS AGAINST THE LAW!

    BTW…..I speak figuratively when I say my kids have guns. They will not take onwership when ……and only when they come of age.

    Richard Chavez…..grow a sack.

      • Responsible Gunnner

        Great another ASSumer…….news flash, I do know them, not intimatley, but I have seen them at the range. They show care in firearm handleing and how they secure them (weapons in locked cases). Based on that observation they seem like responsible parents, there you have it, confirmation.

        Now sit down Little Johnny…… are talking here.

  • publicnme

    The country won't survive another 4 years under this administration at the rate they are spending.We will be Bankrupt soon . But knowing this won't stop them . Bet they raise the Debt ceiling again.