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LA Voters to Decide Which Pot Shops Stay

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) – Los Angeles voters will get the chance to choose whether or not to keep pot shops open in the city.

A second marijuana initiative that qualified for the L.A. ballot will be voted on in the election scheduled for May 21.

It would allow any marijuana dispensary that meets certain requirements to remain in business.

Those requirements include restricted hours, background checks for staff members, and the dispensary location placed at a specified distance away from schools and parks.

The proposed initiative would also seek to raise taxes on medical marijuana sales by 20%, to help pay for city regulation of the marijuana industry.

The backers of the second initiative represent a group of dispensaries that opened after a 2007 citywide pot shop moratorium.

A different initiative, calling for allowing only the dispensaries that opened before the 2007 moratorium to remain in business, also qualified for the May ballot.