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Pasadena to NFL: Rose Bowl a No-Go

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PASADENA (KTLA) – It’s a case of the People of Pasadena vs. the NFL.

A coalition of neighborhood associations and residents on the west end of Pasadena has announced that the group has filed a lawsuit to halt any plans to temporarily place an NFL team in the city-owned Rose Bowl.

The lawsuit seeks to challenge the recently-approved environmental impact report on a pending NFL team placement in the historic Pasadena sports facility.

The NFL has recently shown interest in returning to the Los Angeles market, which would mean that any potential team would need a temporary home while a stadium is built.

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  • James Lyman

    Jackasses!!!! It would only be temporary and boost the local economy by millions!!! I am so tired of all the N.I.M.B.Y. folks these days. Think of your towns financial health and not your self absorbed reasons for this issue. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!

    • otherhand

      Maybe, but they're not idiots. It's not as if it's free money and they know that.

      For example, what good is all that money when you'll get increased crime (perhaps some on a permanent basis)?

  • Bob

    The Rose Bowl can hold 94,118. That's the most to ever attend a Rose Bowl game.

    Dallas, the largest NFL stadium holds 88K people. How the hell can you say with a straight face that the Rose Bowl CAN'T hold, at most, 88K people for at most 10 Sundays a year. (regular season 8 plus 2 possible playoff games)

  • daavid

    Reasearch: The Stranglehold on New Orleans by the NFL after the city approved NFL contracts,etc. Local Merchants are breaking the law and risking fines and jail time by being open and selling their regular merchandise while the NFL is in town. THEN tell me that the NFL in Pasadena is a good thing.

  • Reality Check

    If UCLA can play there, and the Rose Bowl game can be played there…. And the local businesses can benefit from attendees both pre and post game…… And the Rose Bowl can charge for parking and thus, not rely on city funds for its support….. Who is it that is complaining……oh that's right… People who knowingly bought heir home near a football stadium.

  • johan

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  • Sarah

    It’s ridiculous that a SMALL group of residents living around the Rose Bowl is attempting to decide the fate of the ENTIRE city. The Rose Bowl was there before the majority of these complainers moved in. It’s like complaining about the noise of the airplanes when you move near an airport. The plan is TEMPORARY and will bring in a substantial amount of revenue. Furthermore, it could also heighten the market value of the complainers homes by having the novelty of living near the ONLY NFL stadium in such a metropolis as LA.

  • mark


  • themupp

    EVERYONE here has missed the point! the BIG BUK developers are still pushing to build a football stadium in downtown L.A. which has total gridlock almost 24 hours a day NOW!! Been on the 110 frwy lately? It's absolute lunacy driven by a select few opportunists planning to make millions at the expense of the local citizenry who live and work in the downtown area, not to mention the bonds they'll float that will suck more millions out of everyone's pocket to pay for the thing. AND, gosh, they're going to need a place for some loser team (that L.A. doesn't want or need anyway), to play in until the new stadium is built. THAT'S THE PLAN!! Big money will run roughshod over anything and anyone and tell them what they want to hear, to take what they want. the only people that win are the developers.

  • Strike Force

    I don't blame Pasadena. Do you want wetb@cks, white trsh and pavements roaming your neightborhood after a game all drunk acting like Raider/Trojan fans? Hell no you don't.