Community Groups Call for Action Against LAX Expansion Plan

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WESTCHESTER, Calif.  (KTLA) — A public meeting was held Tuesday to address a plan to expand the Los Angeles International airport.

Airport officials want to build a “people mover” system like those found at many competing international airports around the nation.

They would also like to relocate access roads and build an entire new terminal to accommodate the ever increasing number of travelers.

Runways would also be expanded out further, a move that is strongly urged by the FAA that would allow a taxiway to be added between the two northern runways.

One downfall would be that the new runway would encroach on the already too-close homes in the neighborhoods around the airport.

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  • Robert

    The correct day for the LAX public hearing is TUESDAY, January 8, 2013.

    Here is the link to the official notice (click on link for 12/18 news story):

    Can you please check the original source used for the story? Did somebody make an error of writing Thursday instead of Tuesday? The other news stations in LA are also incorrectly reporting Thursday. LAX expansion is a very hot issue and many people are interested in it.

  • Mark Shoemaker

    The Public Hearing was very lively with a strong Westchester turnout! There were basically two options being promoted by LAWA – both share the same ground transportation and central terminal area upgrade plan called alternative 9. The major difference between the two options was the North runway and taxiway plan. Alternative 1&9 was favored by about half a dozen Union representatives; it moves the runway 260 feet north and requires Lincoln to be routed into a tunnel to connect to Sepulveda. Alternative 2&9 does not require moving the north runway or a Lincoln tunnel. Alternatives 1 & 2 are being considered mainly to accommodate a small number of "Group 6" aircraft – which currently means the A380 – this aircraft already operates at LAX. Alternative 1 costs about $750 million, and 2 about $250 million. It was felt that the $500 million cost difference could be used to greatly improve the central terminal area and ground transportation. Alternative 1 claims "safety" improvements, however, a NASA study refutes that claim. Maxine Waters was very supportive of Alternative 2, as were the Westchester and Playa del Rey speakers. It appears there is not an agreed to "Regional Plan for LAX" that involves LAWA and Metrolink. Opponents of Alternative 2 that moves the North runway flight path and noise footprint north by 260' need to become as vocal as possible to prevent LAWA from moving ahead with Alternative 1.