Dennis Hopper’s Son Accused of Raping 15-year-old Girl

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (KTLA) — Henry Hopper, the son of the late movie star, Dennis Hopper, is facing allegations of rape.

The alleged victim and her mom came forward with their side of the story at a news conference in Beverly Hills on Monday.

Standing behind a white screen, the now 17 year old alleged victim of rape — known as Jane Doe — shared details of what happened to her two years ago when she says Henry Hopper raped her.

According to Jane Doe’s attorney, Jeffrey Herman, his client met Hopper on Facebook through mutual friends.

At that time, Hopper was 20 years old and Jane Doe was 15.

After several months of sending messages to Jane Doe, Herman says Hopper invited the girl to his house in Venice in April of 2011, and that’s when the alleged rape took place.

According to Herman, Hopper plied the teenager with alcohol and drugs before the assault.

Jane Doe’s attorney says multiple incidents of sexual assault occurred in the months that followed.

Eventually, the girl told her mother, who is now suing the up-and-coming actor — who last appeared in the film “Restless” — for unspecified damages.

Jane Doe’s attorney says she came forward because she’s concerned that what allegedly happened to her has happened to others.

“She was in the entertainment industry and she is concerned that this is not something isolated, but it happened all the time and hopefully, by bringing awareness to the issue, it will not happen to other kids,” Herman said.

KTLA contacted Henry Hopper’s agent to get his side of the story, but they refused to comment.

Henry’s father, Dennis Hopper, died at the age of 74 back in 2010, following a battle with prostate cancer.

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    Why are girls meeting guys online and going to their home? This is a dangerous world and people need to learn to be more careful and selective.

      • Russ

        and if i walk into a gang-infested neighborhood at night in a $5000 suit and a Rolex, I'm not asking to get mugged. But it's still stupid.


        No one is implying that she was asking to be raped; she should not put herself in a position to be raped. Not going to the home of a man she met online would be a good beginning. Being care is something that we all must do because of the times we live in.

    • Janet Ruiz

      Good point. Matter of fact here is that Mr. Hopper didn't hold a gun to her head asking the teenager to come to the house. I also don't think he was shoving the alcohol and drugs down her throat.

      Though the real question here is, where do the girls parents come in line when it comes to enforcing curfew and guidelines for a minor?

      The state should take the minor into custody, since its relevant the parents seem to have no responsibility values to enforce for a child.

  • HAPG

    "Jane Doe’s attorney says multiple incidents of sexual assault occurred in the months that followed", my question, so WHY did she keep coming back to his home? REALLY THOUGH.

    • ALI

      AGREED. This is BULLSHIT…NOT GUILTY PERIOD, this girl and her Mother are Liars, Abusers of the Law. Sick with greed, Henry is Innocent…Her Story doesn't pass the Smell test.

  • T.R.M.

    WOW, Mark your kind (what kind dont know) setting some fine examples for this world keep on trucking you trik .what morons LMAO THE REAL MEXICAN

  • ann

    Very sad if this is all true, but one can't help to ask, why make a public announcement, why have a news conference? I would think if there really is a victim here, the only conference to be having is one between Jane Doe and the D.A.

  • mark

    Wonder how they can legally put this kids photo on the news if he's just accused?……Wonder how much KTLA gets sued for if he didn't rape anyone?………i like how her mommy says she's in the business……LMAO!…if her precious daughter is IN THE BUSINESS,,,then WHY THE F**k is she hooking up with dudes on facebook?……and why would she go to a dudes house that she doesnt even know?…i'll tell you why,,,,,,,,,BECAUSE SHE'S A LITTLE SLUT AND A HO and her mommy doesnt know her daughter very well at all,like most mothers dont know their 15 year old daughters…… the way,,,,,,why cant hoppers son find any p***y without having to talk to strangers on facebook for 2 months?…..WTFFFFF?…….all this is,,is a chick and her mommy wantin to cash in on somebody they found out had some ca$h……thats all it usually is…………by the way,,,,,he sure as hell had an old daddy !!!!!!!!!!!……GEEZZZZZZZ!

  • Bob

    Surely the police will investigate these claims of rape and the DA will prosecute Mr. Hopper. It wouldn't be wise to let an accused rapist walk the streets like that. I mean, that's why the accuser is getting all this attention, right? It's not like she's making these claims up just to get money out of him.

  • SoabStiven

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  • Rockina2

    COuld agree more with the comment about multiple occurances. If you go there once it is rape; if you go there again well then there must be some desire for the expected outcome.

  • Charles Scoggins

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            It is clear that God doesn't give a damn about the rape victim. He is only concerned about the violation of another mans "property".

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  • Mick

    If he was 20 and she was only 15, it's deemed as rape even if she was going along with it becomes she's a minor, he was 5 years older and an adult who was over 18. As the adult who should have known better, he's at fault. As for why it took 2 years to bring this to light, maybe it's because no jobs or career help ever came from their hook-ups and there's some bitterness there.

  • Jill

    What a bunch of hooey! She's having sex with the guy for a while, something happens that pisses her off, and suddenly *POOF!* it isn't consensual sex anymore, but RAPE!
    Buncha crap…

  • FokusPulley

    Why did they put Dennis Hoppers name in the headline instead of smearing Henry Hopper? Thats crazy Dennis shouldn't have to have rape and his name in the same sentence

    • Intheknow

      Because his father was with Roman Polanski when he rape the underage girl way back in the day. So was Jack Nicholson. He did the same thing the same way. Like father like son.

  • Tony

    You have to question why the mother is so focused on a media circus ! Maybe she should ask herself where she was when her 15yo was hanging around with a 20yo. Why the same 15yo who know says 2 years later she was raped, went back for more.

    Maybe before this media circus started, both parties should have taken a lie detector. It would not be the first time a teen has manipulated things to suit their needs.