Teen Shot by South Gate Police After Pursuit

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WATTS, Calif. (KTLA) — Sheriff’s investigators are looking into the shooting of a teenager by South Gate police after he and three other men led police on a chase.

The shooting happened about 8:45 p.m. Saturday at Grape and 97th streets in Watts, not far from Jordan High School.

South Gate police officers had responded to a carjacking. The victim was stabbed and pulled out of his vehicle, according to police.

Officers found the stolen car and saw four male suspects taking items from inside. Their description matched that of the carjackers.

Police approached the men, who jumped into a waiting white Ford Taurus and sped away.

They led police on a brief pursuit before crashing near the Jordan Downs Housing Projects.

The suspects jumped out of the wrecked car and took off on foot, running in opposite directions on Grape street.

“It was at this location that we subsequently had three officer-involved shootings,” said Sgt. Luis Nunez, of the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department.

One of the suspects, 17-year-old Angel Solorio, was hit twice. None of the other suspects was hit by the gunfire.

“I seen the cop while he’s pulling on him while he’s handcuffed on the floor, shot,” Solorio’s sister told KTLA.

“Hitting him… like pulling him, yanking him to the side,” she continued. “I’m screaming at him like that’ my brother, he’s 17 years old.”

Solorio’s mother said that she feels she’s been getting the runaround from investigators.

“I want to know how he’s doing in the hospital. I go to the hospital and the security tells me call the police he’s under arrest,” Maria Morfin said.

“I call the police, I went to the police and they’re like go to the hospital,” she explained.

The sheriff’s department says the officers decided to fire becasue of what they saw during one of the pursuits.

“Based on the account of one of the South Gate police officers that engaged one of the suspects in a foot pursuit, he did see the suspect holding a handgun,” Nunez said.

No firearm was found at the scene, though a screwdriver was found on one of the other suspects, who was taken into custody.

The two other suspects got away and remain at large. They have been described only as Hispanic males.

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  • jazzieisaOG

    That's all you hispanic mother's do justify your childrens wrong and try to get money out of the system with a law suit. Take them gang banging, car jacking criminals and lock there butts up. What do you have to say to the man your 17 year old stabbed. When you do crimes you get treated like the garbbage you are. Take pop-pi and lock is criminal butt up.

  • granadafan

    The comments by the awful mother and terrible sister explain WHY their relative is a menace to society and a gangbanger. Maybe if they had raised him right, he wouldn't be shot right now. Hey, Sis, your brother may be 17, but he's a CRIMINAL. You know it, so why didn't you do anything about it? Why do people like you allow your relatives and people in the neighborhood be criminals? Where is the community outrage against gangs? Don't rage against the police for protecting people against your scumbag family.

  • BobF

    I find it offensive that, in the name of political correctness, the media has stopped referring to people like this thug as "perpetrators" and instead call everyone a "suspect". Now certainly, if there are no witnesses to some crime and someone is arrested or chased by the cops, by all means call that person a suspect, because he or she is suspected of doing something wrong.

    But when we have video of the cretin robbing/stealing/carjacking and watch as the cops pull him out of the car after a 40 minute chase aired on live TV, the turd they arrest is the PERPETRATOR because he did, in fact and with witnesses, perpetrate the crime.

    I imagine some whiner at the ACLU forced this language change, which serves to make the bleating sheep who make up most of our society subconsciously feel bad for the poor innocent lamb who they just pulled off of the grandmother he was raping – after all, he wasn't convicted in a court of law yet so we can only call him a "suspect". Shame on the news for perpetrating this falsehood.