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San Clemente ‘Distraction’ Robbery Nets $200,000

SAN CLEMENTE (KTLA) — Police are on the lookout for a fake roofing contractor they say uses a 12 to 14 year-old boy as his accomplice to distract residents and rob them.

Authorities say the latest victim is an 86-year-old man on Calle Hidalgo in San Clemente who lost $200,000 in jewelry.

Here’s the way authorities say the robbery worked:  the supposed contractor approached the elderly homeowner and offered his roofing services, which the homeowner accepted.

The ‘roofer’ then told the man that he had his ‘son’ with him, and asked if the homeowner could watch him while the ‘roofer’ worked above, on the roof.

Once in the home, police say the the boy distracted the homeowner while his so-called ‘father’ went through the home and stole the jewelry.

Investigators say they have had several ‘distraction’-type robberies in south Orange County, but that this is the first they know about in which the suspect or suspects used a child as an accomplice.

Police say they plan to widely release a sketch of the suspect in the days ahead to solicit the public’s help in catching the fake contractor.