L.A. City Council Considers Pothole Tax

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LA City Council Considers Pothole Tax

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — Potholes seem to be everywhere in Los Angeles, but a new plan to fix them could put a hole in the pockets of homeowners.

Lawmakers are calling for a $3 billion bond measure paid in property taxes over 29 years. They want to get it on the ballot this May.

L.A. City Councilman Mitch Englander says Angelenos spend on average $750 per year on car repairs caused by bad city streets. He wants to fix the whole system.

Fixing the roads sounds like a great idea to most drivers, but what about raising taxes to do it?

Englander admits that a tax isn’t really fair, but says that city leaders of the past have put Los Angeles in this mess.

“I’m so aggravated on how we got here. There’s been so many mistakes made,” Englander said.

“There’s no question the revenue streams that come in that is dedicated specifically for streets has been depleted,” he added.

According to Englander, $100 million per year from the city’s general fund is not enough to fix the problem. But, he says, the bond measure would do the trick.

For every $100,000 in property value, taxpayers would pay an average of $35 more per year. Englander wants voters to decide if it’s worth it.

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  • Pierre Manchin

    LA’s laws are looking more like Singapore’s every day. In Singapore, you must pay a 1000% tax on any car purchase. But that’s only after you’ve proven that you already have paid for a parking space. And you only get to do this if you enter and win a lottery for car purchases. And even after you’ve paid $185,000 for your new Lexus, you only get to keep it for ten years!

    Also, in Singapore, the Asian city-police-state, you must PAY to enter downtown via auto, and it costs more during the day.

    If we have any police state thinking like Singapore’s, it is Los Angeles.

  • DJH

    Ah, liberals – there's always a reason to force you to pay more for their mistakes, only so they can mismanage that money and come back later and say 'we need more of your money, we screwed up again'.
    What amazes me is the number of moderate to conservative dems that continue to be beholden to a party that has left the American people behind, thumbed it's nose repeatedly at the law, Constitution and the people themselves, then attacked you for daring to question their failed policies.

    LA, indeed CA in general gets what it's asked for, what amazes me is you keep asking for it!

  • Kingsfan13

    Sorry, I'm not voting for any more taxes. I already pay too much to the government and all they do is waste. Stop giving illegals free education, welfare, and food stamps. Stop giving bloated pensions to civil servants. Stop featherbedding already bloated offices with unnecessary staff. In short, live within your means (like the rest of us are supposed to do) and stop wasting. Until then, don't ask me for more taxes.

  • NativeReady2Relocate

    "For every $100,000 in property value, taxpayers would pay an average of $35 more per year." to pay for pothole repair!!

    What do the non-property owners who drive have to pay? Why is the tax on only property owners? Last month I got a letter from LADWP stating that they want to increase my property taxes by $54 a year to cover water pollution due to runoff from impervious surfaces. i.e. my house. This is all on top of my current property tax, increased social security tax, health care taxes and premiums, loss of flexible spending amounts for healthcare and a higher rate for medical deductions from 7.4% to 10%. Between CA and federal increases discretionary spending has been eliminated. So there goes the economy, down the sewer … oh wait they'll have to tax me for that too!!!

    • Neanderthal

      Renters pay the tax too. It is just masquerading as rent increase. The beauty with property tax increases are that EVERYBODY is affected, but only the principal owners grown, because it is 'shielded' from the renters.

  • jbspry

    "And another figure to keep in mind: Drivers pay about $750 a year to fix their cars after driving on damaged roads."
    This is where this article gives itself away as propaganda for the tax rather than straight news. This sentence is designed to "clinch the deal".

    Journalists are utter whores.

  • Good Golly

    Ok, let's do some quick math here. Let's say there are ONE MILLION potholes in California. No, let's go further and say it's TEN MILLION potholes. That's a LOT! One bag of asphalt pothole filler (if you buy 10 or more) is $16 per bag (see link below; and one bag covers 6sq ft). Hmm. 10million potholes x $16 per bag = $160 million. How long does it take to mix the asphalt and pour…and at what labor cost? 2 hours at $50/hr….something like that? So, $100 per worker to fill the potholes, at say (a maximum) of 100,000 workers (again, that's A LOT of workers) = $10 million. But, let's just double that…no, TRIPLE it to $30 million for unforeseen costs, variables, and 'slow work' rates. So, the total is around $200 million to fill 10 million potholes. $3billion?????? Who comes up with this stuff?? Again, these monies will NOT go toward fixing potholes. They may get to some of them, but the bulk will go to cover other government expenses. It's a flat-out TAX….and that's it.

  • Noprivate data

    Do something? Move! Leave that Third World cesspool behind you. Union goons, gangs, and
    illegals rule L.A.. Just look at the clown mayor!


    Why waste the money. By the time the morons running Circus California get around to actually fixing the roads, they will have outlawed cars and trucks.

  • dannyrose

    A NEW TAX on Homeowners?
    FYI – Large Trucks, Buses, Vans and Container Trucks account for over 80% of road damage.
    Yet the Homeowners have to pay for the city's failure to provide basic services.
    Five years ago the Miniature Mayor in L.A. stated that he was going to fix 1 million potholes.
    Now the Roads are falling apart???
    This city is bankrupt and corrupt.
    If the city should get more money, they will simply spend it on Teachers and City Unions, who in-turn pay for the political campaigns.

  • jim

    let the Hollywood liberals pay for it, they are always screaming to pay their fair share, well here is your chance to step up to the plate

  • Anon i mouse

    How about getting some of those lazy arse union workers you see leaning on their shovels at sites and create "pot hole" crews with them. Actually make them work for once and get things done. Doesnt take a rocket scientist to fix a pot whole. Better yet…how about creating able bodied people from those collection unemployment for over a year or welfare recipients?

  • margi

    Mr. Englander seems to think the problem is the fault of people long dead. Maybe the CURRENT council should prioritize expenditures deifferently if potholes are such a problem.

  • Joe Blow

    Just say no to 60 years of mismanagement by the City Council! Instead of maintaining our infrastructure, City Council misappropriates taxpayers' money to their cronies.

  • RightStuff1944

    When a city has to start a new tax for fixing potholes, it is the surest sign that the city has been spending its tax dollars for things the city shouldn't be spending its money on. Fire the elected officials.

  • deanh

    yeah, that's what happens when nearly half your population is "visiting from somewhere else" and working under the table, untaxed jobs…..

  • Dave

    Your rent is going up if this passes.

    Most residents in the City of LA are renters. They don't understand that a property tax increase will result in a rent increase post haste from the landlord. The is no hope in CA.