Boy Missing for 19 Years Found Alive

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Richard Wayne Landers Jr. was 5-years old when heĀ  disappeared in 1994.

For 19 years, Indiana State Police searched for him, but it was last October when the missing boy case turned into one of changed identities.

It was long suspected that they boy’s paternal grandparents, reportedly angry about a custody case involving the small boy, took him.

indiana-boy-foundAll these years later, a detective traced Landers’ Social Security card to a 24-year-old man in central Minnesota.

Police were eventually able to track down the grandparents, who they say admitted to giving Landers a new name and life.

Landers is married with a child on the way.

It is unclear when he will be reunited with his mother, Lisa Harter, and her husband.

Charges in Indiana against the grandparents were dropped in 2008.

A spokesman with the Indiana State Police said the FBI and Social Security Administration also were investigating the case.