Lawsuit Filed in Jenni Rivera Plane Crash

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — Relatives of four people killed in a plane crash with Jenni Rivera in Mexico last month are suing the singer’s company, alleging negligence in hiring a faulty plane.

The families of publicist Arturo Rivera, make-up artist Jacob Yebale, attorney Mario Pacheco and hair dresser Gorge Vasquez are also suing several agencies they say contributed to the Dec. 9 plane crash.

Attorneys Paul Kiesel and Steven ArJenni Rivera’s Remains Identified, Given to Familycher are representing the families.

They’re seeking punitive damages against Starwood management and Rodatz financial group, the current owners of the Learjet 25.

Previous owner McOco incorporated is also named in the lawsuit.

According to federal aviation records, the jet was built more than 43 years ago. It suffered damage back in 2005.

“The left wing sustained serious damage and we’re getting all the maintenance history on that plane,” Paul Kiesel said at a news conference on Thursday.

Attorneys also raised concerns about the two pilots involved, including a 78-year-old.

“In the U.S., to fly you must be no older than 65 years old,” Kiesel remarked.

The other pilot, a 20-year-old, may not have had the credentials to fly the jet in the first place, according to the attorneys.

“He wasn’t certified. Sure he had experience — a lot for a 20-year-old — but he didn’t have certification to fly that plane,” Kiesel said.

Rivera’s family is not listed as plaintiffs in the lawsuit. However, a company that she owned, Jenni Rivera Enterprises, is named as a defendant.

Attorneys say they’re not seeking punitive damages against Rivera’s company.

It may take months for this lawsuit to go to court. One of the first steps is awaiting the NTSB’s final report on the cause of the cause of the crash, which killed Rivera and six others.

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    • Luis LS

      Hey ignorant douche bag before you insult have some respect and educate yourself Jenni Rivera was born in Long Beach. Her entire family and the families of all those who died on that plane were all citizens in the states. Do yourself a favor and open up a book instead of making ignorant remarks until then go f*** yourself buddy

  • Sara

    Jenny Rivera was born and raised in Long Beach!!! She was not an illegal!!! I was not a fan but I had to comment because it is very upsetting that somehow it becomes about race or status!!! I support the lawsuit, not as a fan but as a human being!!!!

      • Angie

        True, it was a plane crash. However, Starwood Management deserves to be sued!! Evidence shows that records regarding the Learjet in question had been manipulated. As well as other records regarding the company. My heart goes out the families of the victims.

  • Anonymous

    To the Anonymous poster from above, you are indeed correct that Jenni was NOT an illegal, but her parents absolutely are, At least there were illegal when she was born here. Either way, this lawsuit is disgusting. People will attempt to sue anyone or anything nowadays if it means free money.

    • Omar

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    • The Big Al

      Let me ask then if the plane went down because it wasnt being properly maintained, your telling me no one should be to blame. How stupid are you people.

  • suzanna

    Wow-these comments are very disrespectful to the families involved!

    The company manipulated the records of the aircraft.

    The company MUST be held responsible. The only way is to sue them.



  • El Sancho


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    • Kev

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  • John

    It's funny how this story went from the lawsuit of her family sueing the aircraft company of a faulty plane to a racist dialogue. There's always someone saying demeaning comments to get the rest of us going. Just ignore him. He's probably some neo-nazi anyway.

  • Jess

    He's an asshole…we as Americans always take care of are Owen . 7 people died a horrific death that's the bottom line …its not about the money it's about finding the people responsible ASSHOLE.. The family has money .

    • ScottyBoy

      Technically it wasn't a horrific death if you look at the facts. They took a 38,000 foot nosedive at about 600 mph. That leads me to believe it was pretty quick and painless. Better than cancer anyway.

  • Kate

    John, it is quite likely (since these were people who worked for Ms. Rivera, that the families do indeed need money. These people were, in all likelihood, the breadwinners for their family. If an old and poorly maintained aircraft crashed because it failed in mid-air or if a 78 year old pilot made an error that caused it to crash, those families should receive compensation from the responsible party. If a driver ran a red light and slammed into your car and killed a loved one, I'm sure you would expect that individual's insurance company and that person themselves to take responsibility for what they did wrong. If my son throws a ball through the neighbor's window – we pay to fix it. Walking away and saying deal with it yourself is irresponsible and wrong.

  • al

    Wasn’t there an article saying that she was involved with drug gangs and that’s why she was killed on the plane? Why should we feel sorry for a criminal? Good riddance.

  • Strike Force

    Another wetb@ck looking for free money. She was not all that as a career, if she was she would have bought a new jet, not a 1969. Good by anchor brat, next story.

  • Gina

    The jets company should be sued and jenni,s family as well seek money. Plane company's should be held responsible. And to a dumb ass racist I believe they all were legal dumb stupid hillbilly. People like you should be going first instead of great people like her