Man Arrested for Facebook Post Threatening Kids

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

facebook-postPORTER RANCH, Calif. (KTLA) — Police say a man was arrested after Homeland Security agents were tipped off to several disturbing posts on his Facebook page, including threats against children.

Mohammad Akbar Baraki, 37, reportedly wrote: “Newtown is just the beginning of the attacks…more kids must be killed if anyone watched the bin Laden move will be shot at site…this is a final warning to all Americans.”

Authorities also found two air rifles in Baraki’s home on Darby Avenue in Porter Ranch.

Baraki is on probation for a drug charge and police say the guns are a violation of his probation.

The Barakis live within a few blocks of an elementary school.

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  • Concerned

    that does not look like a threat, it looks like a statement. Huge difference. And if the loser scumbag law enforcement and politicians removed their head out of their you know what, more children will unfortunately meet the same fate as it seems neither of them really want to protect the children. You cannot protect children with good intentions or prayer. Look at the idiot in the White House, he has armed security. How about the soulless fool Feinstin, again, she has armed guards protecting her. Yet our children have NOBODY! Look around, this country is headed the same path as Nazi Germany. Exactly the same path, do you research and open your eyes.

  • mystery

    Barakis, this wing nut said a lot, unfortunately, it's probably true. Well at least he posted it where HLS could fine it. Parents will have to take more actions to protect their children.

  • Law

    Not sure whether he was arrested under California or federal statute, but criminal threats typically require specificity, i.e. naming a specific victim. A case in which a screwed up kid said that he'd kill "another kid in his neighborhood" resulted in the case being dismissed because "another kid in the neighborhood" isn't specific enough. So this guy's statement, scary as it sounds, doesn't constitute a threat in the legal sense.

  • Deeply Concerned

    As parents, we have to put an end to this kind of threats. Of course we cannot do it alone. But we also can't let these maniacs say or do whatever they want. We can't wait for the politicians to come up with laws. Communities have to come together BEFORE something, like Newtown, happens again istead of coming together afterwards. These are OUR children. Us, parents have to work with the school, along with laws and law enforcements, to come up with ways to keep the schools safe. Know your neighbor, guard our schools. Parents who have the time get involved with the schools, ( a lot of schools welcome that). I can't do it alone, you can't do it alone. Parents and community members have to work together. And the media should stop reporting and updating every single detail of the threat. All we need to know is that there was a threat and its taken care of.

    • Unite

      Well said! Every problem is solved through unity. If we care for our children and their future, we need to make a stand now. Let America unite and fight for their safety and freedom. School is for education not worry.