Thieves Steal Dozens of Mailboxes in One Local Community

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CORONA — Federal authorities are investigating a rash of community mailbox thefts in Riverside County.

“The whole mailbox was gone which was shocking..I’ve never heard of such a thing happening,” Liza said.

Corona has had lots of mailbox thefts – one neighborhood had 8,” according to Dean.

This quiet neighborhood of Sycamore Creek has had three mailboxes stolen.

The most recent was January 2nd.

Big cluster mail boxes – carrying for 16 homes each- and weighing over a hundred and fifty pounds – ripped out from cement ground.

The crimes were committed close to the holidays and many families are just getting back from vacation – so there are concerns about what thieves made off with.

The Sycamore Creek Community Association is advising residents to empty their mail boxes every day.

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  • truthiness

    How close to the thefts is the nearest “Sober Living” house?
    I guarantee you there are one or more within a couple of miles of each crime scene, which gives the “Low Level Offenders” the means and opportunity to commit the crime and quickly return to their hideout undetected.
    Law enforcement should focus their efforts first on where criminals tend to congregate and work outward from there.
    We had the same exact problem in the North San Fernando Valley, and can you guess where the perps were living? Correct! Once the facility was busted the mail theft stopped completely, weirdos stopped walking and riding their bikes (stolen bikes at that), up and down our streets at all hours of day and night and our neighborhood returned to what it once was, which was a nice place to live.
    Criminals living with other criminals only leads to more crime which is why there needs to be tighter regulations on what are essentially detention facilities with no bars, no rules, and no supervision other than some glassy-eyed pasty skinned adelpated zombie taking attendance once a day so the owner of the house can get his money from the State or County for warehousing junkies, thieves and all the other dregs of society released from jail or prison before their imposed sentence has been served.
    Keep the pressure on these homes by notifying law enforcement when you find out you live in a community that has been infiltrated by so-called “Sober Living” homes, and call the Police or Sherrif when you see someone roaming around who you do not recognize.
    Determine the root cause, and take corrective action!

  • Kerin

    I live in the subject neighborhood and no weirdos on bikes or sober living houses but very secluded, quiet with quick highway access which I believe is why here .

  • One man one voice

    These are all done by illegal aliens because they now know the CA police chiefs sheriffs are no longer cooperating with ICE. They know they can get away with anything, and can drive their vehicles without a license with no penalties. We Californians deserve all of this because we vote for idiots.

  • barbie211

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