Contestant with Autism Set to Make History at Miss America Pageant

wineman692LAS VEGAS, NV (KTLA) –  A contestant is all set to make history Saturday night (Jan. 12) through her appearance in the 2013 Miss America Pageant.

18-year-old Alexis Wineman is believed to be the first contestant with autism ever to participate in the annual  competition.

Wineman hopes to be able to effectively use the event as a platform to promote awareness about autism research and treatment.

Wineman also has a unique talent:  she’s a stand-up comedy performer.  She hopes her light-hearted approach will win over the judges and the worldwide audience.

The Miss America Pageant airs Saturday night on ABC.

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  • ScottyBoy

    Autism: Another great America only illness to fatten up Big Pharma. Kind of like ADD is an illness strangely suffered only in America.

    • Steve

      You obviously know nothing about autism, but it is a problem in every developed country in the world, and there are no drug treatments for it. You spelled autism right, just everything after that is wrong.

    • shellygold

      I'm from Australia, and like every developing country worldwide we have individuals suffer from Autism. I have a 19yr old son with Autism, and its not just in our minds, it is real… Please know your facts before making such sweeping statements.

    • Jon Low

      You sure put your foot in your mouth. The earliest documented case of autism was overseas and the
      term autism was coined by a Swiss doctor.

    • LovingMother

      Are you kidding me… Try getting an education! I am a mother of an autistic son and I can assure you it is not made up nor is this epidemic only occurring in America!

  • barbie211

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