LAPD’s Parker Center Closes Its Doors for Good

LOS ANGELES — Parker Center, the iconic headquarters of the Los Angeles Police Department for more than five decades, was closed for good Tuesday.

Today a ceremony to highlight the iconic buildings rich history.

Top police officials, city leaders and LAPD employees as chief beck symbolically locked up the front doors with handcuffs.

parker-centerWhen the building first opened up in 1955 the structure was one of a kind for law enforcement buildings.

But with time the building became run down and outdated.

Because of concerns about its inability to withstand a major earthquake – the LAPD moved into a new facility in 2009.

The building was renamed Parker Center in 1966 in honor of former Chief William Parker.

As this timeline at the LAPD museum highlights – Chief Parker led the department through the ups and downs that involved – good police work and a fair share of scandals.

Even so, Chief Charlie Beck says what the building stands for provides a solid foundation for the department today.

With its doors now closed for good City officials will decide what to do with the building – destroy it or use it for something else.

For now those at today’s good bye ceremony –  will take with them memories of a lifetime.

— Stefan Chase

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