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Edison Accused of Violating Safety Rules in 2011 Windstorm

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) –  State regulators announced that Southern California Edison violated safety rules and discarded evidence when responding to a windstorm in 2011.

The storm left over 400,000 Southern California residents without power.

A report released Monday reveals at least twenty one Edison poles were unstable due to termites and dry rot, before winds took them down.

sceA total of 248 Edison poles were knocked over, but more than 75-percent of them were destroyed by the company before they could be inspected.

The report calls on Edison to update its emergency response procedures and test them on a yearly basis.

Southern California Edison President Ron Litzinger issued a statement Monday night admitting the utility’s performance “fell short of our own expectations, as well as those of our customers, local elected officials, and the commission.”

Edison also stated that it had already made changes in response to the windstorm.