Behind the Scenes With Cathy Rigby as Peter Pan

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HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Playing the role of the boy who wouldn’t grow up “is” perfect for Tony Award nominee Cathy Rigby.

She’s been on stage as the character for nearly 30 years..over 3000 shows of dancing, singing and flying.

The 60 year old former Olympic gymnast, taking it all in stride.

“The older I get the more I’ve stopped white knuckling.  So it’s easier now because I trust.

Our cameras were ready when Rigby gave us a sneak peek backstage to see her rehearse at the Pantages in Hollywood.

She flips, swings and at one point even flies over the audience.

“We fly over at the end. That’s always fun because I see them and I don’t care if they know, they always go like whoa!!! And the fairy dust is flying everywhere,” Rigby says.

Lu Parker

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  • Chic Lippman

    I would like to know how to send an email to Cathy rigby recherché great performance in Peter pan.
    It is terrific.
    I first saw it with Mary Martin in the fifties. Yeaxterday I saw it with my kids and grandchildren.
    What a thrill.
    Los angeles

  • gregory lehmann

    What a thrill it is to see 5' Cathy Rigby again! It's been that way with me and Cathy going back to the 1968 Olympics,when Dave Diles called petite Cathy "magic." She is! Then,she scored great at the Munich Olympics,broken ankle and all. Then she scored nicely as a singer/dancer/actress,despite crippling shyness and troubling eating disorders,but she lovingly overame them. She even spoke out about the Vietnam War,but in softer,calmer tones than other celebrities. Now she's scored nicely on stage as Peter Pan and in other plays,but she's still softer spoken than other performers,yet nicely treated. Love you,Cathy!