Massive 100 Car Pile-up in Sweden Kills 3

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HELSINGBORG, Sweden — At least 3 people are dead and dozen injured after a 100- car pile-up on a highway in southern Sweden.

The massive chain-reaction crash on the E4 motorway near Helsingborg occurred shortly before noon on Jan. 15.

The enormous pileup began as a collision on one of the highway’s bridges.

Eventually, vehicles in both lanes were involved in a wreck spanning more than a mile.sweden-crash

Police spokeswoman Eva-Lotta Hermansson Truedsson says at least two rescue vehicles were among the cars and trucks that collided on the slippery and foggy highway.

Multi-car crashes are rare in Sweden, which is said to have some of the safest roads in Europe.

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  • Jana

    Sounds like they drive like the idiots here in the states. SPEEEEEEEED KILLS, FACT. SOOOOOOO, SLOOOOOOOOOOW DOWN. Really, IF some people had a brain they'd be dangerous. Jesus christ.

    • Erik Andersson

      They were using wrong tires for the trucks (summer-tires instead of winder-tires), that's what they said on the news and papers here in Sweden.
      Really bad at english :(

    • SuperWittySmitty

      Did you miss the part about how rare this sort of accident is in Sweden; how their reputation is about how safe driving there is; and that is was slippery and foggy? Your response is so harsh, implying that this accident was the result of reckless and foolish behavior, when it seems as if that really wasn't the case, that it was mostly circumstantial and indeed an accident. Learn how to empathize if you want to participate in a social forum.

    • UK

      I was diverted past this accident on Tuesday evening. It sent a chill down my spine. My thoughts are with the people affected by this tragedy
      I visit Sweden on business and can tell you it is the safest place I ever drive. The Swedish are always courteous on the roads.
      You should think about the people involved and the affected before you criticise , get some facts and stop trolling.