Neighbor Confronts Burglars With Shotgun

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SAN ANTONIO — A pair of burglars got more than they expected when trying to haul away a big screen TV from a home in San Antonio.

A neighbor spotted the burglars and confronted them with a shotgun.

As you might expect, the men dropped the TV and took off running. They were later arrested.

The homeowner was at work at the time. He said he wished he had been home to confront the crooks, but he was very grateful to his neighbor.

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  • PublicNME

    That is exactly how poeple should handle this situation.Great job! What a great neighbor ! .Using His COMMON SENCE . Great story Channel 5 you guys need to focus on more good guy stories .

    • Sambo

      He is a great neighbor, however, will he need to be vigilant now to protect himself and or his family? What if those Thugs come back to retaliate against him or his family. Do you think the Police will protect them? NOPE….That is the sad part, you do the good deed and sometimes you pay your life for it. That's also another reason why these criminals don't care if they get away or get caught.

      • cbp

        That’s a worst case scenario, it could happen but sounds like these were opportunist low life crooks, in & out of jail, not the cartel or Russian mafia. We may never know.

      • lou arias

        You should always be never know when the wolves will come to your door.when they do you better get your gun .unless you live in California or new York then you get your cellphone call the cops as you hide while they hurt your’s that make you feel.

      • Christine

        I wouldn't expect the dirtbags to come back. 1) They're not the type of criminals looking for revenge and 2) they already know there's a bullet waiting for them. They're doing what they're doing only because it's an easy way to get some free stuff and maybe to sell it for a quick buck.

  • Kev

    That is why honest people have guns…if the President has his way this guy would have had to confront the burglars with an Iphone and a verbal threat.

  • Rockina2

    Kev can you please direct us to any news articles stating the President is trying to remove the 2nd Amendment. I don't believe a shotgun is considered an assault weapon.

    • SicknTired

      All it takes is for one crazy person to use a semi-auto shotgun with a 20 round drum magazine to kill more than 3 people and they will be labeled assault weapons and brought up for banning.

      If it fires a projectile it is an assault weapon. An experienced shooter with a semi-auto handgun and proper training could take down multiple targets in similar fashion as the recent mass shootings so the term assault weapon is scary language from the emotional knee jerkers out there who want to ban all guns.

    • Kev

      Rockina2: Pretty sure if you were ever shot by a shotgun you would be pretty positive that it is an assault weapon. Personally I think a semi-automatic shotgun is the best gun made at stopping an aggressor. Obama and his cronies (Feinstein) will not stop at "assault weapons," they will target whatever weapon they can put in their sights.

    • superone

      You're an idiot KEV ! he is not trying to REMOVE the 2nd Amendment , are you really THAT stupid ?
      We dont need AK47's on the street in the hands of criminals .
      You cant REMOVE an Amendment .

      • Kev

        superone…keep drinking that Obama Kool-Aid…..that is exactly what he is headed toward doing……making the 2nd Amendment obsolete and putting a watered down version of it in place. Better go to Big 5 and buy your shotgun today.

  • arlene692

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  • GhostofReportingPast

    It was one burglar. KTLA and Kennedy Ryan get it wrong again. And since when are we ready to kill over a f'ing TV set??

    • Christinajay13

      Maybe he has already been invited over to the neighbors to watch the Super Bowl on the flat screen. Don't Mess With A Man's Super Bowl Or You Might Get Shot!!

  • polnick

    Rifle owners have never been more frightened, metal doors
    and shuttered windows offer no protection. The night invader`s eyes are not on
    electronic things but only on the gun owners most guarded treasure. The
    lovelorn beast has been in the cold too long and desperately needs the white
    heat of a screaming and scratching vixen. Fortunately a bullet found its mark and the
    night invader found no warmth as he was buried in the snow under the porch.