Disturbing: Man Throws Woman onto Subway Tracks

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PHILADELPHIA — Police in Philadelphia have arrested a man suspected of throwing a woman onto the subway tracks.

Surveillance video captured the incident, which happened on Tuesday.

You can see the man walk up to the 23-year-old woman sitting on a bench.

He reportedly asks her for a lighter, walks away and then moves in and attacks her.

He pulls her off the bench by her feet, drags her and throws her onto the tracks.

The woman managed to pull herself to safety and suffered only minor injuries.

Police say they aren’t sure of the motive, but they believe the man may have mental health problems.

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  • Just me

    With guns being taken away i guess the violent crimes have stopped!!! This didn't really happen. Wait.. violent crime still being committed on innocent people? impossible, all the guns were outlawed.

    • Chris

      when the f*** were guns taken away. where do you get your news? so ignorant. You heard lots of talk about gun control, never actually read and understood the news and then started making dumb comments like this^. you sir, are a dumbass

    • New Yorker

      First of all, let's get one thing straight: guns certainly have not been outlawed in this country, and they won't be anytime soon (unfortunately).
      Now onto my next point: no one said that stricter gun laws would stop crime entirely. We all know that crime extends far beyond guns. The word "crime" encompasses a wide range of activity that civilized society considers wrong.
      However, is it not fair to say that imposing stricter gun laws may reduce the amount of gun-related crimes that occur in this country? The amount of gun-related crimes that occur extend far beyond the mass shootings that have been happening in the past few years. They occur on a daily basis in many cities around the United States, needlessly taking lives of thousands of people each year.
      Now, I don't know if you are a gun owner or not, but if you have absolutely no intention of killing another individual, why do the stricter gun laws affect you? Because you can't order as many rounds as you were once able to? Because the loopholes have been closed? Why do you even need this much liberty with your gun if you do not use it on a daily basis?
      Stricter gun laws may prevent certain murders from occurring, and you know what? Even if it's going to only save ONE life, it's worth it. Personally, I'd like to see guns taken out of the hands of normal citizens of society entirely, but this country is way too sensitive about its right to arms (which, by the way, was written into the Constitution in the 1700s as a retaliation effort against the British. Come on people, we are in 2013 now, time to update!) so we may not see that happen for a long time, if even in my lifetime.
      It's time to think about this logically and stop thinking about guns as some toy that anyone should be able to buy and play with. It's a serious weapon that has the ability to kill. It should not be in the hands of just anyone.
      Oh, and before anyone says "well knives are legal and people are allowed to have that!" or some bullshit comeback similar to that, let's just remember that 1) guns kill from distances, whereas knives require personal contact (literally arm's length) 2) many guns can kill mass amounts of people at once (as we have seen in recent mass shootings) 3) guns don't cut your steak for dinner and serve no purpose other than to kill.

      • HummingBull

        You are absolutely correct. Furthermore, if we ban subways nobody will get thrown on tracks. Moreover, if we ban homelessness that will get that problem squared away. Oh yeah, let's not forget to ban mental health issues. Thank goodness we are all safe now.

        You know what? We are in 2013 now and the constitution sounds just as good as it did when they wrote it. You cannot pick and choose; certainly not by decree.

        It is still true that an armed populace is the very best deterrent to abuse of power by government.

  • Sambo

    Steve Grant. I can't believe you just said that! You have that 100 % wrong and should be ashamed of yourself…This piece of Shit NIGGER, Porch Monkey, Gigaboo, Spear Chucker Bongo Lips Criminal is what he is. Come on now, get your story straight…OKAY? LOL…..I was told by a reporter that he asked her for either a Watermelon, Banana, Church's Fried Chicken or a 2 litter of Orange Crush and she said "I'm sorry sir, I don't have any of those things on me"

  • mark

    Another common negro that should have never been out in civilized society…………wonder if MLK IS PROUD OF THAT ONE TOO?……….ARE THESE THANGZ EVEN HUMAN?…….OR ARE THEY A SUB-HUMAN SPECIES?