Woman, 84, Attacked by Pit Bulls While Walking to Mailbox

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

JURUPA VALLEY, Calif. (KTLA) — An 84-year-old woman was hospitalized after being attacked by two pit bulls Thursday morning.

The woman was walking to her mailbox when she was attacked around 11 a.m.pit-bulls

The dogs were inside a neighbor’s fenced yard, but they were able to dig their way out.

A neighbor heard the woman’s screams and came to her aid. She was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

The male and female pit bulls were euthanized with the permission of the owner.

That man, Juan Ortiz, said he’s never seen his dogs be so aggressive.

“My dogs were not for fighting,” he said. “They were family dogs, indoor dogs.”

“I have a 2-year-old daughter, 5-year-old son, 6-year-old son and a 13-year-old son that play with them, they’ve been with them since they were puppies,” he insisted.

“It really kind of blew my mind what happened,” he remarked.

The dogs were not registered or licensed. Ortiz was issued multiple citations, including violating the county’s leash law.

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  • mark

    These f****ng creatures should be outlawed!……..there is no use for these monsters!………i wished she would have shot this freakshow dog!…

    • hoohhomeowner

      they arent MONSTERS! They are the sweetest loving animals. Whats wrong with these types of dogs is the owners and that goes all dog types too! People who dont know how to care for dogs and purposely raise them to be aggressive are the monsters here! They should be euthanized.

      • James

        These animals are very dangerous because they were bread to fight and kill and that is in their gens. Only people with a special permit should be allowed to have them.

        • PublicNME

          Yes they were but this is easily overcome by proper Breeding, training & socialization .In a dog fight the dogs are brought together in a pit and the handlers remain by the pit to encourage the dogs to fight when a fight is called the handlers needed to separate the dogs without being bitten .for this reason the dogs were also breed to be genteel ,any dog that bite a handler was euthanized .Leaving a ferocious, tenacious towards other dogs yet genteel people friendly breed the problems began when bad owners started playing breeder and turning the bully breed through poor breeding and aggression training into guard dogs & Man Stoppers such as the GS,Doberman ,Rottweiler etc..The pits are so willing to please they will do anything for their owners.A well balanced Pit will show an extremely calm,very playful, none aggressive Genteel demeaned .truly a misunderstood breed.

        • Brittney

          James you are an idiot. Pit bulls were not breed to fight and kill. They are a gentle and gorgeous dog that need proper attention, training, socialization, and exercise to prevent attacks. Also people should take some responsibility because most of the time the person getting attacked provokes the dog. They normally dont attack unless scared, provoked or in a dangerous situation. Most of the cities I have lived in have banned these gorgeous dogs and I will continue to own these dogs

        • Anon

          You do realize, whhile they were raised to "fight and kill"- it was towards other ANIMALS. Any dog showing the slightest bit of aggression towards humans was killed immediately on the spot. It has been PROVEN that pit bulls rank as high, if not higher in human compatability as labs/goldens…and they actually bite less…Another truth that has been proven. Educate yourself.

        • someone

          Then you would have to classify German Shepherd, Doberman Pinschers and Rottweilers as dangerous and monsters because that is what they were bred and raised for as well. 99.9% Police dogs are German Shepherds…..Lets ban them too….You stupid MORON!

        • Anna

          actually they were bred as catch dogs for semi-wild cattle and hogs, to hunt, to drive livestock, and as family companions, they had the strength to deal with these types of animals. It wasn't until later that this dog fell into the wrong hands and began being used for fighting. Pit Bull breeds have become famous for their roles as soldiers, police dogs, search and rescue dogs, actors, television personalities, seeing eye dogs, and celebrity pets. These dogs are loyal and I'm a proud owner of one and I will stand up for him because I am a GOOD owner I am not one who collects them or treats my dog bad!

      • ScottyBoy

        You're completely full of shit. These dogs are bred to be aggressive, period. It's in their breeding. They have violent instincts no matter how they are raised. They should be outlawed once and for all. You can't insure a home if you own one of these dogs, so that should send a message to local government to finally outlaw owning one under any circumstances.

        • WTE

          All these dogs have been bred for fighting. According to your logic we have to get rid of these breds as well. Except for the ones already gone
          Akita Inu
          Alano Español
          American Pit Bull Terrier
          American Staffordshire Terrier
          American Bulldog
          Argentine Dogo
          Bedlington Terrier
          Blue Paul Terrier (extinct)
          Bull and Terrier (extinct)
          Bull Terrier
          Bully Kutta

        • WTE

          Chow Chow
          Caucasian Ovtcharka
          Central Asian Ovtcharka
          Cordoba Fighting Dog (extinct)
          Dogue de Bordeaux
          Dogo Argentino
          Dogo Cubano (extinct)
          English Mastiff
          English White Terrier (extinct)
          Fila Brasileiro
          Georgian Shepherd Dog
          Gull Dong
          Gull Terr
          Glen of Imaal Terrier

        • WTE

          Kangal Dog
          Korea Jindo Dog
          Lottatore Brindisino
          Molossus (extinct)
          Neapolitan Mastiff
          New Guinea Singing Dog
          Old English Bulldog (extinct)
          Perro de Presa Canario (Canarian catch dog)
          Perro de Presa Mallorquin (Ca de Bou)
          Shar Pei
          Staffordshire Bull Terrier
          Tibetan Mastiff

        • MNL

          Actually, they were bred to only show aggression towards other dogs or animals, not humans. How else is a human supposed to break up a fight if the dog is aggressive towards people? There natural instinct is supposed to be docile to humans, which is why so many people who actually care about their dogs love pits. They can be some of the most loving breeds. The problem, like most things, is the cycle they have been subject to. Criminals used the dogs instinctual traits of toughness and turned it into a weapon, thus creating a gene pool that is unregulated.

        • someone

          Hey ScottyBoy you are just as big as a moron as the other idiot…..Pit Bulls are less aggressively ranked the Poodles, German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers and Rottweilers…..Why dont you do some research and learn the truth about these dogs!

      • Kris

        Please read about Darla Napora. She was an outspoken member of "Bad Rap", a Pit Bull advocacy group. Darla also defended this breed until she was mauled to death by her own Pit Bull when she was 6 months pregnant. She was resting in bed at the time when her Pit viciously attacked her.
        This breed needs to fade out of existence. They were breed to fight to the death and there is something "off" in many of them. They will "turn" into rampaging killers with no warning after years of being non-aggressive. I used to rescue Pit Bulls and know what I am writing. Many rescuers have stopped saving these dogs after discovering that they are exactly what they are bred to be. It isn't their fault, but many of them are ticking time-bombs.

      • Pitt bull

        I own one of these Dogs and he is the most trained animal in the planet. If i tell him to go get and bite somebodies ass he will do it. This is my best friend and if I were to meet any of you people I would let him attack you. you are a bunch of ignorant fools own a dog first then speak about a breed. what the government needs to do is get rid of people like you that is why this country is so F**** up cause of ignorant non educated people like you.

        • Dave

          You really should not train your pit, or ANY dog, to bite upon command. You really are doing 100 steps back for the cause. You are the type of person that ends up with your dogs on the news. Sad to say, but true. Do the pit bulls and real advocates a favor. Enjoy their kisses and ignore bite commands. :)

      • Anna

        Glad to know I am judged by not only my breed of dog, but also to my supposed sexual orientation. Woops- thats right. I'm straight as can be, but have no problems with homosexuals. Also, my dog are both therapy dog… Obviously Jake is not too intelligent…if he was, he would know how media sensationalizes everything, that it is incredibly poor taste and shows a major lack in thinking skills to clump a group together in anything, and that labs/goldens/chichis all have documented bites more than a pit…but what news reporter is going to make headlines saying a lab bit a kid? Those are our best friends!!! Seriously, the state needs to protect us from morons and outlaw the likes of you.

    • Brittney

      Pits are a misunderstood breed. It is not the dog it is the owner. I live in Colorado and a lot of cities and counties are banning pit bulls because everyone gives them a bad name. I have one myself and he is the sweetest dog ever and gets along fine with my two young kids. It is the little ankle biters that need to be outlawed. I have gotten attacked by them more than any other dog.

    • GG

      Maybe you are the F'ing creature to not realize that majority of dogs, ESPECIALLY pit bulls, are not bred to be aggressive. You are beyond ignorant if you thing they are monsters and of no use. Read, do some real research, study our country's history. If they are so useless and are monsters, we would have lost THOUSANDS of men during wars in which PIT BULLS were the heros. Also, PIT BULLS are among the highest used breed for service dogs- by common man AND by the government. As for your invalid excuse as freakshow- the dogs do look incredibly scared…the female has a dragging belly. The owner was cited for multiple problems. As someone who works with dogs- the female looks over-bred. Once again, it was at the hands of an irresponsible owner, not the basis of a breed. Learn something. Stop being an ignorant idiot.

      • GG2

        *aggression towards humans. They were originally bred to be aggressive towards animals…as ALL terriers have been. If you knew anything about history- traditionally, any pit that showed aggression towards humans was immediately culled. AKA- killed. So its not the breed, it IS the owner.

    • Jayy

      shut up. you don't know what happened. many dogs are provoked by things that spook them, not saying this lady did anything because i believe she didn't, but any dog can mistake anything that startles them as a threat. these arte beautiful, loving dogs and they just let their instincts get the best of them, they're dogs, they don't have the same thought pattern as humans. it's unfortunate this happened, but any dog could snap. don't be so swift to judge something you don't know anything about. i garuantee there's many different stories or different kinds of dogs killing people that you just don't hear about because the media wants to bring more attention to pitbulls since people are already scared of them due to all the owners who treated them badly and made their anger a stronger instinct.

    • edward

      Your comment is closed minded and shows you never had any of the bully breeds. They are loving animals. It is how you raise them. Martha Stewart got bit by her dog but since its a spaniel its not news.

    • Sheridan

      You sir are ignorant. These types of "attacks" happen daily all around the world and guess what? They are not all Pit Bulls. The only reason this story even went public is BECAUSE they were Pit Bulls and they have such a bad rep. Go back to WWII and German Shepherds had the same rep. People hated them and put them down for no reason at all. I grew up with two pit bull that are the sweetest creatures I have ever had the pleasure of being around. Animals are a direct reflection of their owners and if you want blame anyone, blame the OWNER. So before you open your mouth, why don't you educate yourself first.

    • Animalcop

      Many fans of the breed do have a point regarding the way these animals are raised. As a former animal control officer of 3 years I have had a great deal of experience with many breeds of canine. However, the fact remains that the many flavors of "pit-bull", like the American Stafford-shire Terrier, were genetically bred as fighting dogs. When you take this into account, and that many are improperly bred, the genetic predisposition for aggression is often-times enhanced with mental instability. So yes, humans carry a part of the blame but whether the attack is accidental or not people are still being hurt and killed by these animals.

    • Strike Force

      Pavement apes, wetb@cks and white trash are the only people who this sort of dog. It's that tough guy wannabe gang boy attitude. Next time this happens, eliminate the dog and owner.

    • Felicia

      Are you kidding me Mark?? I am so sick of people like YOU blaming everything on these poor innocent creatures, have you personally ever been around a Pitt Bull?? If you had been then you would know what loving animals they are, they are NOT monsters, the people that train them to attack and fight are the ones that are the monsters. There are plenty of cases around the world of dogs OTHER than Pitt Bulls attacking and seriously hurting people/other animals, but they aren't reported. Why? Because people like YOU are constantly giving the Bully breed a bad name. If you were to actually do some research on the breed you would find that at one time, not very long ago, Pitt Bulls were actually nicknamed the "Nanny" dog due to how well mannered they are/were with children/babies. Look it up if you don't believe me.


      It is truly sad when people can post comments defending dogs over the health and care of a human being. Regardless of whether these dogs were trained to fight and injure; the fact of the matter is, they attacked an innocent human being. No one on earth should place animals over humans. It is expected that dog owners will love their dogs, but humans should always come first. People on this page have commented that the owners should have be killed and the dogs left alive. What kind of people are you to make such a statement? The heart of man is truly waxing cold.

    • CPTP

      You got it right Chris. It's not the dog's fault it's the owners. The owner should have never had his dogs out in the first place without being controled and he should have properly trained them. If he had no one would have been injured and the dogs would be alive.

      • PrayforthePits

        Its always the owners. the animals are what the owners make them!!!! insidents like this one really hurt my heart because there are so many animals that are put to sleep because of actions of the owner

    • Michelle

      I am so tired of that excuse. It is pathetic! Why is it every time this happens the owner says, I am so shocked, its never acted like that before, I have kids, blah blah blah. its all bullshit. I say euthanize them all and the people that defend them


      The dogs attacked an innocent woman, but to say the owners should be killed and have 53 people give you the thumbs up is truly sad. This country is filled with so many angry and heartless people.

  • calisbest

    Poor old lady, she was only doing what old ladys do. Go get the mail. Poor dogs, they are only following their nature. If they were in their kennel, the lady would be at home heathy and the dogs would still be alive. Hope everyone sues the owner.

    • someone

      So your saying that the dogs who are in their own yard should be locked in a kennel? That is the most dumbest thing I have ever heard. I feel for the old lady as I have seen her walk by my house often. Dont sue the owner because he did nothing wrong. His dogs dug a hole near the fence and got out. It happens since dogs are diggers. He didnt fight when they wanted to euthanize the dogs. He allowed it. He has enough to deal with by the fines, etc…..

  • bridget

    Hey mark, there is no use for ignorance and reactionary fools. That's like blaming a car for a hit-and-run. Pit bulls make great dogs when raised correctly, and this has been proven countless times. The owner is the one who broke the law. Get educated, or wallow in your own ignorance and stupidity in vain.

    • ScottyBoy

      Sure, tell that to State Farm insurance when they won't insure your home if you own one of these dogs. Of course, the low life jackasses that tend to own these dogs, don't actually have jobs that enable them to own property.

      • Kyle

        My wife (an Accounts Payable Supervisor) and I (a Production Manager) own our house (not a low-life jackass) and it's insured while having a beautiful female pit-bull named Daisy… She has never bit anyone or caused any problems. We also have two children who love our Daisy. Pit-bulls are really like any other dog. They just want lots of love and attention. We also have two cats as well and they all get along great. So, your statement is actually completely false.

        • Miller

          I'd like to hear from you when your dog "snaps" like everyone else's loving pit bull and mauls your kid. And how would you know this guy's a low life jackass, jackass? And why would anyone care what you and your wife do for a living? You think that makes you a better or more intelligent person?? No. EVERY pit bull owner whose dog attacks someone is a loving dog and has kids that the dog doesn't bother, yadayadayada. God forbid it happen to your kid.

          • someone

            Any moron! Any animal no matter canine, feline, equine, bovine, etc can "snap" and attack! Just goes to show how stupid you are if you think that all other breeds and types of animals dont "snap" and revert to their animal instincts.

          • Krucks

            I grew up with pit-bulls and have never been attacked by one. I still own 2 and I trust them completely around ANYONE. I HAVE been bitten by dogs, MY OTHER dogs. A Chow-Chow and a Cocker Spaniel. I wouldn't trust my cocker spaniel around any children nor would I trust her around other dogs even tho she was raised in the exact same home as my two other pit-bulls in the exact same way. The pit-bulls are the sweetest and they are much friendlier than any non-pit-bull I have EVER owned. I still have the scars from the other dogs and people were even much nicer to the chow and cocker spaniel than they were to the pit-bulls. It goes to show you that people will ALWAYS believe the manipulation of the media! These dogs are the ones being attacked by people hunting down stories about them! OTHER dogs attack! NOT JUST THESE!

        • Matt

          But ScottyBoy is right. The people who USUALLY own them don't usually have jobs. When these trash people want to get a dog, they want to get a "tough" dog to match their "tough" truck. They are usually NOT raised properly. they usually aren't trained. Of course, not everyone who owns a Pitbull falls into this category, but I guarantee you that more people below the poverty line own pitbulls than own poodles.

      • someone

        I know Vets, and other high class people who own these dogs. Its the low lifes that dont train them properly! And if State Farm wont insure your home, maybe they arent worth having as an insurance company!

    • dog lover

      I agree. I have two pit bulls: one who was brought up by a man who happened to be without a home and another who was abused and abandoned. We rescued them from a local animal rescue, and we have raised them in such a way that they are loving, affectionate, caring (I could go on and on), and one of the most important ones I believe, PROTECTED. We keep them on leashes when we take them on walks. We make sure that our backyard is fenced in properly and SECURELY enclosed for THEIR safety. It is our responsibility as dog owners, and I don't care how big or small or what breed your dog is, to protect our dogs. I used to get really angry and upset at people who put pit bulls down, but now all I feel for them is pity. I'm sorry that you'll never get the chance to meet a pit bull due to your blatant ignorance, because boy they are seriously the most affectionate and kind-hearted dogs when treated properly, just like any other dog (REGARDLESS of breed) who is treated properly. I feel really bad for people out there who don't have the capacity to realize that it's our responsibility as people and as dog owners to take good care of our dogs. It must be all of those corrupted and rotten thoughts that have taken up all of the space in their brain.

      • Matt

        I agree. But you do have 3 types of people. 1. Those that blame the breed. 2. Those that like the breed b/c it looks cool and they don't put in the proper time to train the dogs. 3. Those that understand that the breed is naturally a little more aggressive than other dogs, and they put in the time and effort to train them and make them loving dogs.
        Ultimately, it is NOT the dogs fault. It is the dog owner's fault. But to say "ban the breed" is beyond ignorant. Its like banning guns b/c evil people use them to kill. Its like banning cars b/c losers get behind the wheel drunk. Its like banning air travel b/c Allah told some psychos to fly some planes into buildings (Islam is a peaceful religion……right)

    • eye instein

      Bridget, when cars are manufactured to attack and keep driving until the other drivers or pedestrians are dead, then your comment might make some kind of sense; however, only pitbulls are capable of unrelenting attack resulting in maiming and death in this true-life scenario. Pitbulls are provoked into attack through unknown mechanisms every time…the only consistency is that they attack unprovoked. Ban them, spay-neuter them out of existence, require muzzling/enclosed housing, liability insurance, underground and 8 foot above ground fencing. we, who have been victimized by pitbull attack, are mad as hell and are not taking these excuses for continued attacks any more. Get ready, get pitbulls under strict control by concerted effort by pitbull advocates to keep them away from anyone but their owners, or get ready for court cases, breed specific legislation, and banning of the breed. Owners' fault all right if they don't start protecting others.

    • Valerie

      Very well said, Bridget, I own a dog spa, and I'm more afraid of little chihuahua's biting me than I am about pit bulls. It's all about the owners raising them correctly.

  • tom

    I can not believe you people! When was the last time you heard of a child or a senior or anyone being attacked by a poodle or a golden retriever or a beagle, etc., etc.. It is avicious breed and in every case of a mauling all you hear is it (they) was such a loving dog. Tell that to the dead baby's parent or the person forever scarred from an attck!!!!!

  • John

    The fools here that defend this freak breed are as guilty as other owners of these horrific attacks on the elderly and children. There is no reason this breed should be allowed to continue to populate this planet.


    I'm sick of hearing of children ripped to shreds and ederly adults attacked and often killed by these animals. Outlawing this vile and vicious breed is the answer.

    • ScottyBoy

      John, most people who own Pit Bulls are too uneducated to see the light. They are generally owned by wanna be gang member trash, drug dealers, bull dykes, and other members of society lower on the food chain. You won't see too many educated professionals with Pit Bulls in their subdivisions. Their homeowners insurance will get cancelled if they have these dogs.

      • someone

        Your just as uneducated as the ones you claim are. Veterinarians, Animal Control officers, etc own pit bulls and they know that any breed, no matter the size, can attack if provoked or scared. Just like ANY Animal!

    • lori

      You sir are an idiot. I have been around the breed for years and have never seen the dogs that are around myself and my friends attack someone. It is how they are raised. I have seen more people get bitten by small dogs than by pit bulls or american staffordshire terriers. They are lovers by nature. I would rather own a pit over a chihuahua or a brittany. Stop being ignorant and learn what these dogs have done for us in the past.

      • anaasc

        The problem may be just as you describe it, BUT the bigger problem is that most people who choose to own these kind of dogs are idiots who are drawn to it because of it's notoriety to begin with. The people who choose to own these dogs time after time do so with the stupid belief that they are strong enough to control the dogs. People who choose to own these dogs think too much of themselves to actually take the time to research and train correctly. It's like people who are alcoholics, they think they're in control of their drinking when in fact the drinking controls them. You see people walking the sidewalks with these dogs but instead of the dog walking next to them or behind them the owners are practically being dragged by the dogs. What these fools don't understand is how pitiful they look, and how it is blatantly obvious that they can't control their dogs. Instead of looking tough, which was their goal in obtaining these dogs, they look like imbeciles.

    • Taylor

      @John I don't understand how someone can truly be as ignorant as you are. Clearly you do not do any research at all. Pit Bulls should not be outlawed. People like you should.

    • Albert

      John that's about as dumb as me saying you should be confiscated and eithanized for being an idiot!

      Really don't be a breedist, BTW they don't attack more than other dogs, their attacks are just worse because of their power.

      If you want the facts on dog bites here they are.
      The number 1 & 2 biters are Labs followed by German Shepards.
      However the dog that rules the fatality list is that most American dog of them all, the American Pitbull Terrier which is kinda named incorrectly since they're in the Mosler family of dogs.

      So all in all Pitys aren't monsters, they're just a dog like any other but with extreme power and when they do bite they bite bad. Not because they're evil or having locking jaws but rather because they bite, hold and shake unlike most dogs which bite release then bite again.

    • Jenna

      I own two amazing pit bulls. I'm not a drug dealer or in a gang and I don't fight them. I'm a person who works and goes to nursing school. You guys are terrible people if you want to take away loving family dogs who have never done anything wrong. Yes those dogs who attacked that woman should have been euthanized and I'm glad they were. A beagle or poodle could do just the same.

  • Diane

    If the 'owner' cared about the dogs in the first place, she/he would have a) kept them in their yard b) not readily agreed to euth them. It is NOT the DOG's fault. We had a pit when I was a kid….never ever did it harm us. They have the bad rep right now, just like shephards, rottweilers have had in the past. Sad.

    • Katie

      The dogs WERE in the yard. They dug their way out and attacked the owner. He probably "readily agreed" because now is non-aggressive dogs are now aggressive and since he has small children, it was the responsible thing to do. And he'll probably be sued, have to pay for the woman's hospital bills and I'm sure he doesn't want to wait again and have to be held liable for the next attack, or even worse, held criminally liable.

  • Nanette Martin

    What is sad is that this poor woman has been injured and traumatized. I agree that the owner is responsible. But…. this breed of dog is extremely powerful and capable of killing whatever it attacks. Not exactly the best breed to have in a neighborhood. Pits in a group can bring down a horse, one can only imagine what two of them can do to a helpless elderly woman or a small child. Pit Bulls do not belong in a neighborhood and certainly should not be in an environment where they are not contained.

  • Jake

    Every few months there is a story of a pit bull attack. The state needs to protect its citizens and outlaw this dog. Most Pit Bull owners I see especially the lesbian ones in Venice beach are self centered individuals that only care for themselves.

  • J.j

    I work at a animal shelter and most bites and attacks that we deal with are from chows, Rottweilers, dobermans, cocker spaniels, shepherds and chihuahuas. The media only talks about pit bulls. If they are raised to be aggressive then there will be problems. They are very loving family dogs when raised right.

  • Tami

    It just kills me when people say it isn’t the dogs, it is how they are raised. My brother had 2 that were the sweetest dogs until a little old lady walked her dog down the street and one of my brother’s dogs literally climbed the 5 foot fence to get to that dog to kill it and maimed the lady. NEVER once showed any antagonism until then

    • Angelina

      That's awful for the lady and your brother. Wondering if he had them as puppies or got them at a later age in their lives (the dogs)

      • Venustar23

        I can keep my dog locked in my house and yard all the time, and sure, it won't show signs of aggression. But did he ever take the dog out in public and expose it to other people, dogs and places? That is part of being a responsible owner too.

  • Jana

    Have you EVER seen these UGLY fucking dogs at the local dog park????? NOOOOO, BECAUSE THEY AREN'T ALLOWED IN THE DOG PARKS. THEY WOULD WREAK HAVOC WITH OTHER DOGS, KILLING THEM. Pits go for the THROATS of other dogs. They don't PLAY with other dogs in general, for just this exact reason. Pits are fighting dogs. PERIOD. The are NOT nice dogs. What a bunch of shit. Drug dealers and gang members have them for PROOOOTECTION, NOT because they "love the breed." There are Pits AT THE BEACH. What the hell do you need a Pit at the beach for????? ABSURD.


    • Megan

      Ignorance. Pit bull is not a breed. So what exactly do you plan on banning?
      Pit bulls are not fighting dogs. They are terriers.' Drug dealers and gang members' have these, because they are strong, loyal, working dogs that are determined to please their owners. These are the same reasons why police stations use German Shepherds as police dogs. If the 'drug dealers and gang members' didn't raise these dogs to fight, you wouldn't have this opinion of them.
      I would imagine from you childish rant with all capitals that you probably have had no experience with pit bulls, but simply buy into what the media reports on them.

    • Brittney

      O lady put a sock in it. If you ever had one you would understand that they are a very wonderful dog. I have two young children and my pit has never once attacked them. My daughter plays rough with him and has never shown any aggression to her. It is the damn owners fault. End of Discussion

    • Taylor

      Pits were used in the early 1900's as baby sitting dogs. Every dog has the capability to bite and attack. Pits just get more attention when it happens. A few weeks ago there was an article about an Australian Shepherd that chased/attacked a boy on a bike. Don't blame the breed, blame the deed.

    • sam

      I disagree with you Jana. I rescued a pitbull 4 years ago, at the time I had a small white Chihuahaus (female) she was the boss and use to pick on the 90 pound Pit when she felt he was not doing what he was supposed to. She made that 90 pit do exactly what she wanted and he never once attacked her or disobeyed her. She has since passed away from natural causes at age 14 and my big pit misses her terribly and he has become a great dog. With that being said I will tell you that because he is a Pit that I did not raise from a puppy myself (he was 8 months old when he wandered up on my lawn) I am always very careful and mindful of the fact that he is a very powerful dog that could hurt or even kill and I ALWAYS watch for any signs of aggression from this dog. If in the future he ever shows any signs that he will hurt anyone, I will do the responsible thing and put him down myself. As with any large dog there is always a chance that they could bite or hurt someone. when I was 5 years old I was bitten in the face by a golden retriever but I am still a god lover!

    • Venustar23

      I have taken my pit to a dog park numerous times. Because she is overly friendly, the other dogs seem to enjoy chasing her and ganging up on her. Needless to say she has left the park with marks on her while NEVER growling or biting at another dog. Still, I knew if she was the one to chase other dogs, people would blame the PIT dog. I think my dog park days are over because there are too many others who can't control their dogs, regardless of breed.

    • Mandy

      We have a Pit and 4 kids and 10 grand kids never had a problem, she has been an indoor dog and has been with us since she was just a few weeks old. It's how you raise the dog. you throw them in a yard and dont socialize with them and they become very aggressive and territorial because they are not raised around people.
      Pit bulls get a bad rap, there are thousands of dog attacks and only rotties and pits are in the media… Not very fair to only report on specific breeds report all of them or none…..

  • msol72

    My family had a female pitbull from the time she was a baby to the time she died and she was the sweetest dog we ever had. She was intelligent and well behaved and she absolutely never showed any aggression. I honestly think that pitbulls can learn to live among people without any danger if you teach them to be a good dog. Unfortunately, people train them to be guard dogs and teach them to be aggressive and this is the result.

  • Animal Lover

    NOT all Pit Bulls are Dangerous!!! It really ALL comes from the OWNER!!!!.. I have a Pit bull and Cane Corso and both these breeds are completely the opposite but love each other… All domesticated animals mostly fall in the pattern of the owner and what he/she trains them to do, if the owner is abusive and neglects the dogs most likely turn out to be more aggressive and over protective especially if they have another dog to follow.. its common sense of dog behavior … I wish all these ignorant people that seem to think extincting a breed of dog will make it better and these attacks will stop.. they never will until everyone that owns any breed of animal reads about and trains and follows through with their dog training and corrects any bad behavior that will end dog fights, aggressive behavior.. not the breed!!!!

    • ScottyBoy

      Pit Bulls and Cane Corso aren't domesticated animals. They are bred to be aggressive, and that aggression has been proven to come out without any warning. Wasn't it a Cane Corso who ate that woman in San Francisco? Oh yeah

  • Guest

    I have known quite a few people that insist pit bulls are only "aggressive" in bad environments yet each and every time; regardless if the loving and calm environments these animals live in will suddenly show and act aggressive.

    I love and respect all life and animals but as for those "breeds" such as Pit Bulls that appear to have a prevalence of aggression is there any way at all to keep them in areas that will benefit their breed? In other words; is there a place for such aggression where innocent/non-threat lives be at risk…

    • Taylor

      In the 1970's it was the Doberman, the 80's it was the German Shepherd, 90's it was the Rottweiler, now it is the Pit Bull. Every decade has a breed to be afraid of. If you posses the capability to create your own thoughts and ideas, you would see that it is all media trash, Pit Bull attacks pull in more ratings. Period.

  • mystery

    Great some moron teaches his dogs to attack, has multiple citations & it takes an 84 year old woman to get the dogs put down. Unfortunately, Stupid the dog owner, should have been put down w/ his dogs, because he will do this again

  • PublicNME

    I have had several American Pit bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers. These are very Genteel by nature , intelligent & very eager to please. My dogs love children and other small animals. Yes, even cats & Chickens. Good breeding and proper training are very important. Unfortunately these breeds have a bad reputation due to bad dog owners & The Sensationalization of bites by the media .There is no such thing as a bad dog or breed . The dog is simply doing what the owner has taught , wants and allows it to do. So please don't blame the breed, blame the irresponsible pet owners that don't properly socialize and train their dogs. That goes for any dog breed.These animals need mind stimulation, attention , exercise, training & socialization with other dogs and people (from an early age)the more the better .It's a big responsibility raising a dog.You can't just tie it in the yard and expect it to be well balanced.Euthanize bad owners and rescue their abused Pitts.

    • Astonished

      You just hit the nail on the head. Animals with GOOD BREEDING! Most of the pits people see running around in neighborhoods are poorly bred or bred for agressiveness. Well bred and trained pits are just that, calm, sane, well-mannered — just like most people when raised correctly. Unfortunately, just like shepherds, rotts and dobermans did they are suffering because the people most involved with them shouldn't be allowed to own anything living and breathing.

  • Gussie

    There are many dog breeds and mixed breeds that are known for being easy-going, affectionate, playful, non-dominant and unusually adaptable. People who choose pit-bulls, chows, neurotic biting and snarling animals of any type are attempting to prove something about themselves. Usually a macho rebellious spirit. Buy yourself a Harley and ride without a helmet. Same bravado. Less harm to others.

  • thetruth

    to every one on here talking shit bout the pitbulls and how they act and how bad they are really a animal that is trained by a human is the reason why they evil bad really useless minds if you think a pitbull is bad let me see your child if i see your child get out of line or act up let me put a bullet to his brain its a freakshow its breed like your child that need to be put down they act up in public arent smart they stupid dumb retarded for all we know they will become gangbanger and rape a 82 year old lady when she goin to get her mail! am i getting to you its not the dog its not the child its the owner the father the mother so if you blame the dog kill yourself you do the world a favor a dog is innocent just like your child if the dog attacks you its been trained wrong if you kid smokes drink doesnt go to school is in a gang he or her hasnt be tough right get it straight and if you wanna kill a animal for something it has done once (in this case i understand) let me kill you got speeding for a dui for running a yellow light for hitting some one do you understand now get real ppls a dog is innocent just like your child is untill to teach it other wise

    • Astonished

      You watch too many cop shows. Do you know who difficult it is to hit a moving target, let alone two moving targets? Especially two that are running at about 20 mph, snarling, snapping and jumping? I don't think a gun would have done squat here!

    • Anna

      You ignorant repliers should shut your mouth!!! I have a pitbull who is 3 years old and the love of my life!!! In my care he will never be locked up, beat up, chained up, or hurt!!! Look up statitics… More people are killed, injured, or maimed by other breeds!!! My dog lives with 9 rescued cats and 4 rescued dogs…. his best friend is the pug down the street!!! PUNISH THE DEED – DON'T PUNISH THE BREED

  • Eric Budd

    My girlfriend and I had a convresation about pitbulls…. I told her I would never trust one in a room with my kids and she kept saying it was how they were raised and blah-blah-blah… She said if they were raised by a good owner (Like how her brother raises his) she would trust herr kid in a room with his dogs… TWO WEEKS later —–> Her brothers dog (pit-bull) attacked his kids. He had to stab the dog to get it off of her, she spent two days in the hospitalbecause of this properly raised, loving family pet. Thankfully he did the right thing an dput the dog down immediately. My girlfriend now listens to me more about pit-bulls. I read the news daily….98% of all dog attack stories I read are pit-bulls, need I say more ?

    • PublicNME

      Stab the dog ,…Really, That's not how you stop an attack nor a dog fight..All dogs have a gag reflex( If you are rescuing) You simply straddle the dog apply pressure with your hand at the throat of the attacking dog while lightly lifting the dog collar with in seconds the dog will gag opening its month and releasing it's bite ( if you are being attacked go straight for the dogs throat) . It's best to properly train /raise the animal before it get to this stage. You can also use a Break Stick but only on Bully breeds, use on other breeds result in the dog redirecting it's bite onto you.That's due to irresponsible reporting because the media won't show the big picture.All dogs bite.it's important to know how to deal with, you can cause a lot of damage by trying to jerk, kick, punch and pull a dog off someone.