3 Charged in Stabbing Death of Hemet Teen

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HEMET, Calif. (KTLA) — A man and 2 teenagers were charged Tuesday with murder in the stabbing death of a 16-year-old boy near Hemet.

The suspects — identified as Francisco Zavala Jr., 20, of Hemet; Francisco Siordia, 17, of San Jacinto; and Joseph Venegas, 15, of Hemet are also facing a special circumstance charge of murder during the commission of a robbery.

Zavala faces an additional enhancement alleging he personally used a deadly weapon.

hemet-boyThe 3 are accused in the fatal stabbing of Eric Ronald Sargeant Jr.

The 16-year old was stabbed multiple times and left to die near a vacant lot in East Hemet.

Riverside County deputies received a report of a fight around 4:45 p.m. Monday near Acacia Avenue and Cherrywood Drive.

When they arrived, deputies discovered Sargeant Jr. on the ground. He had been stabbed several times.

The teenager was airlifted to the hospital where he died several hours later.

Prosecutors say Seageant was stabbed for refusing to give the suspects his cell phone.

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  • Liz Villa

    This was so sensless, so very sad. My prayers to his mother & family. May God sustain, comfort you in your grief. There will be justice, trust me.

  • TKO

    If the reports are true, this young man died while refusing to be a victim. I deeply respect him for that. I am sorry that his family had to lose him to evil, but he was being a good, brave man. If we all stood our ground against thugs, they would not be so quick to intimidate people who are just minding their own business.

  • Liberty

    Racism is relevant here because this boy was more than likely targeted because of his race. Don't tell me they killed him over a cell phone. That was just an excuse to get close to him; a typical ploy for a violent attack. The cell phone story is being perpetuated by journalists as media propaganda to keep racism out of the narrative. Every race has people who wouldn't hurt anyone and every race has murderous scum like these racist demons who killed this child for being white. Their day will come just as it came for Hitler.

    No one should be judged or targeted based on their color and ignoring racism will not make it go away.

    Prayers for the family.

    • Marcy

      He was not targeted be cuz of his race. The criminals were gonna sell his phone for money so they could by drugs and alcohol.

  • ronaldo60

    More Latino-gang violence, largely a product of illegal immigration. KTLA wouldn't even report the suspect-description (Hispanic) while police looked for them. How about a follow-up story about these criminals? Not going to happen, because a certain segment of the news-audience might get offended. Meanwhile, these terrible crimes will continue in all our sanctuary-cities.

    • Anna Wilson

      He wasn’t a jugalo he just knew people that where . he was friends with everyone . he didn’t care what or who you where he liked everyone .that was a sad day . I miss him so.

  • pckillah

    Our liberal friends need to learn the difference between data and anecdotes. The sky high crime rate among African Americans and Hispanics is data. Sandy Hook and Aurora are anecdotes.

  • joey

    Since the government is claiming or crying foul that there is no money to spend on law enforcement, then one solution is left. We, need to form vigilante communities and go after known gang members and make sure we, the vigilantes neutralize them. I invite all of you, to look at the lines of the movie Magnum Force, when Dirty Harry is confronted by the vigilantes and tell him why vigilante force is necessary when a society is infested with gang members and criminals.

  • John

    Special circumstances in this murder may include: Murder by a street gang member, Murder in the commission of a felony, lying in wait, Murder because of race, religion or nationality.
    All of these make the defendants eligible for the death penalty.
    This is what they deserve.
    Our criminal justice system needs to listen to voters and follow the law in prosecuting individuals such as these.

    • Anonymous

      Gotta be white saying this… Before u can start talking trash… Study who ur talking about.. Yes they were Hispanic but the boy was no innocent boy himself… No there was no reason for this, but u all need to look at both sides of the story… Before u can talk about Hispanics look at ur same white people n the things they do.. If this was a Hispanic boy that got killed by a white person, u wouldn’t be talking..

  • Sambo

    See! We all knew it… TYPICAL WETBACKS!!! Look at the last names of these Punks… Like I said, cut off their hands at the wrist, dip the nubs in some boiling hot wax, make a huge human sling shot and shoot them back to Mexico early in the morning on a summer day, then when it starts to heat up in that pile of Shit country Mexico, the wax will melt, the devil in their blood will leak out all over Mexico and let them die in Mexico so all the vultures can eat.

    • joey

      Oh ok, you are generalizing by crying wolf by pointing out last names. Hum, lets see, how many cops are out there with Hispanic last names, and are U.S. citizens? Hum, I wonder. How many military personnel are in the Arm Forces with Hispanic last names? Again, I wonder. Whites married to Hispanics, and so they get Hispanic last names. Wow, Sambo, you're truly a bright mediocre racist punk.

  • Johnny Law 2.

    Hang em up! i agree. let the public see what happens to people who kill. no need to be left around. just makes other crazed lunitics think they can get away with it.

  • CBP

    That's totally wrong for this kid to die like this! When are immigrants going to rise up and become part of a working society and not be looked down upon for their criminal actions? Parents need to take steps for their kids to move in the right direction and not let them run like wild animals!

    • Sambo

      OMG! CBP! It's too late for that, the parent's don't care or cannot control them or tell them what to do anymore. When I was a kid, if I even spoke wrong or did something wrong which was always minor, I got the belt to my ass! now, if you even try that, YOU go to jail….

  • guest

    Either way the banning of weapons will only limit the people from protecting themselves and will give the criminals more way to acquire them illegally which will dramatically increase crime.

  • Papel Leon

    Helloooooooooo ! Are we all living on the same PLANET ???? I was born & raised here in Southern California, and unfortunately, it really can't be helped, when it comes to naming a particular group/race of people when it comes to certain crimes. Take RAPE for instance . . . How many women do you think commit this crime ???? It is a crime, that is primarily done by Men. Okay, okay . . . maybe you can get this one . . . . DOGS, come in all breeds, but unfortunately, there are some breeds that are categorized into different groups by their behavior/disposition. Some are "family friendly" dogs, such as Labradors, and some breeds that are categorized as "aggressive", such as Chows, Pit Bulls,Rottweilers, and Doberman Pinschers , just to name a few.
    Let's talk "Drive-By-Shootings" . . . Not to say that a Drive-By-Shooting, has never been committed by a white person, but as a whole, those crimes are usually committed by Black or Hispanic Gang Members.
    How about Terrorist Bombings . . . . . . Why yes, the one in Oklahoma, was done by a white man, but as a whole . . . . what is the group of people who "USUALLY" do this ??? Answer: Arab Muslims !
    So . . . . the next time a heinous crime, like this one is committed, and someone says . . . "I bet it was done by some Mexicans, . . . . give yourself a little reality check & maybe next time some of you won't be so offended. P.S. I suppose some of you, will say that the Drug Cartel who comes into this country & kills innocent people, are nothing but a bunch of other races, and NOT MEXICAN at all.
    I for one, have seen the Coachella Valley, getting so much worse over the years. Nothing but Gang Tagging on City property, Car Jacking's, Burglaries, Public Shootings, (like the one in Toy's-R-Us, a few years back. 95% of these crimes are done by MEXICANS. It makes me so sick to my stomach. I say this . . . if you want to live like a bunch of freaking animals, then you don't deserve to live in descent communities. These 3 or 4 Mexican males, that were caught for this crime, need to be given LIFE ! without Parole ! Criminals like these, are a complete DISGRACE to the Hispanic Race. Descent people, will no longer want to even rent to anyone who even remotely looks Hispanic, and then let's see where they will live ???? The same will go, for any Race/Group of people who continue to commit such crimes. Home owners & Apartment owners, will raise the rents so high, that it will become impossible for the Hispanics or the Blacks to live in nice, descent, family oriented communities. People want to feel safe & know that their children are safe. Who wants to live in a community, where good, descent people have to worry about such things ???? Enough said.

    • WhitebiTch

      Lol and don't forget serial killers are primarily white men!!!! Race does INDEED have a lot to do with crimes that occur. Every race has a bad side. I was just talking to a Mexican AMERICAN friend about how white people just love the sh*t outta tweek! Lol! Not saying other races don't do meth but seriously….let's be realistic here people! White kids don't get together-form a gang and stab random Mexican kids. It is what it is. Eric…you are in a better place now….and I could never imagine the pain the family is going through………and those parents of the kids who committed the crimes must be in torment as well knowing they failed their children miserably.

  • Anon

    One of my friends stopped to help this boy when she seen him hurt on the side of the road. It was really sad to hear her side of what happened and that the police officer on the scene didn't give a shit about what was happening and acted like he didn't even want to help. This kid may have lived if the police acted faster or cared a little more. The neighbors came out and wrapped the kid up in a blanket and my friend stayed there and talked with him to keep him awake until paramedics came.

  • nikkifrog

    why are people talking about race. this isnt about your beliefs and whatever bs you think . this is about a boy killed by 3 people . murder is murder. i will be praying for you eric and your family and friends

  • guest

    love all the racist comments on here……..i got sick of the crime in the latino/black communties so i moved to a white one. first week…..my house was broken into…..by white guys!!

  • Guest

    I know for a FACT one of the defendants isn't a WETBACK to ILLEGAL. How appropriate for all of the uneducated, ignorant citizens to come up with such disgusting comments at a time that a family is mourning the death of a CHILD. Lets get back to reason and be adults here! What are these forums for? You all are disgusting! Try to think of the families involved here. There is 3 children lost to their parents. Such a tragedy all around!

  • Anonymous

    My prayers go out to Francisco Zavala, Joseph Venegas and Francisco Siordia n ur family… This is a hard time in there life’s too… We luv u Zavala…..

  • Danny

    i understand that everyone has their two cents to put in.. i feel bad for this 16yr old kid that lost his life. i want to know what this mother f'er of 20yrs old was brain washing these 2 kids into doing something like this. Siordia, and venegas, need to understand what they did was wrong in everyway possible, but i feel this idiot zavala needs to own up to what HE did in this situation.. these kids are victims aswell they just lost there lives and future cause of this this moron brain washing these kids into thinking hes something special.