3 Charged in Stabbing Death of Hemet Teen

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HEMET, Calif. (KTLA) — A man and 2 teenagers were charged Tuesday with murder in the stabbing death of a 16-year-old boy near Hemet.

The suspects — identified as Francisco Zavala Jr., 20, of Hemet; Francisco Siordia, 17, of San Jacinto; and Joseph Venegas, 15, of Hemet are also facing a special circumstance charge of murder during the commission of a robbery.

Zavala faces an additional enhancement alleging he personally used a deadly weapon.

hemet-boyThe 3 are accused in the fatal stabbing of Eric Ronald Sargeant Jr.

The 16-year old was stabbed multiple times and left to die near a vacant lot in East Hemet.

Riverside County deputies received a report of a fight around 4:45 p.m. Monday near Acacia Avenue and Cherrywood Drive.

When they arrived, deputies discovered Sargeant Jr. on the ground. He had been stabbed several times.

The teenager was airlifted to the hospital where he died several hours later.

Prosecutors say Seageant was stabbed for refusing to give the suspects his cell phone.

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  • sam

    That poor young man. Stabbed to death and left for dead. I pray that they find the persons responsible and that they get some serious prison time or sent back to what ever country they are from (if that is the case) Rest in Peace god has got your back now!

    • John

      But the sick fu** that killed all those kids at the elementary schol was white, or the psycho that walked into a theatre dressed like a character from a movie and killed all those innoccent people was white, WHO CARES!!!!! You should change your handle to "Concerned about my own mental state". What kind of an idiot brings up race in a crisis like this, only a sick fu**! You are so worried about what race committed this crime that it does'nt matter that a crime was committed, only that it was a Mexican so that you can update the score on your sick fu** race card.

      • Papel Leon

        First of all JOHN, it is absolutely a horrible DISGRACE to anyone who is of Latino/Mexican descent ! Now that we got that straight . . . . This is not about anyone playing the "Race Card", this is about a particular group of individuals (Hispanics/Latinos) who have absolutely NO REGARD for another human life. Maybe you should take a freaking POLL, & see how many WHITE people do "Drive-By-Shootings" ???? There are just some groups/Races of people who are known for certain crimes. MEANING: Sure there might be "some" white people, who would do this, but really ??? Who the fuck , would stab someone to death, just because a stranger wouldn't let that person use their phone ??? First thought to come to my mind is . . . . some "Low-life's" who CAN NOT even begin to imagine the Definition of the word RESPECT, but, Oh My Lord, how so many Mexicans/Hispanics live by this word alone ! What a freaking JOKE ! First of all, if you were a descent person, with any sort of INTEGRITY (you might want to look that word up, John, INTEGRITY) then you would know, that it is by no stretch of the imagination, that anyone would come to the same conclusion as "CONCERNED" did. Especially, if people are living in a small community, where a huge majority of crimes like this one, are committed by Mexicans/Latinos. I hope ALL 3 of these LOW LIFE'S get Life in Prison, without Parole ! P.S. Juan, (oops, I mean John) just so you know . . . . I am a proud Hispanic, who would spit in the face of anyone who would commit such a Heinous Crime ! Again, you might want to look up the word "INTEGRITY" ! Adios Hombre !

      • Jana

        Get your head out of your ass. BLACKS cause MOST of the high crime in this country. Look up the Watts Riots from 1965, dumb ass. THEN tell me RACE doesn't matter. BLACKS HAVE RAN WHITES OUT OF MANY, MANY CITIES IN LOS ANGELES AND OTHER CITIES IN THIS COUNTRY. GET IT?

      • spencer

        well matter of fact it was done by three mexicans and because of that white supremists are standing up. So go ahead and assume…bc it sure as hell makes an ass of u and not me

    • Jennifer

      Making the assumption that the attackers were hispanic might be considered prejudice. Actually reading the Sheriffs press release which clearly states they are in fact looking for "3 or 4 hispanic youths" is not. I am not racist in any way. I am concerned that they find the attackers, whatever their color may be. They committed a crime and should be punished for doing so. A better description should be provided to help find the people responsible for this and bring them to justice.

    • Imhonest

      I think its shitty that animals, and yes they’re fucking animals, walk the streets. Any low life piece of shit that holds a cellphone or any material possession over human life, deserves to rot in jail, mexican or otherwise. And no one said white people don’t commit crimes..but they certainly don’t open fire in public that often..not as much as oh..you know..gang shootings..drug dealers (not that Caucasians have never done that) or even the toys r us shooting over in Palm Desert.. I’d get your shit straight John. Don’t let “mexican pride” block truth. Whatever white people have done blacks or any other race, mexicans ain’t no ray of sunshine.

  • Concerned2

    Dear Mr. Concerned,

    Apparently you've never been to Hemet. lol. My Grandparents live there and I'm there every weekend. The blacks are breaking into multiple houses per week in their retirement community.

    • Johnnie

      wrong, dummy! other news outlets are reporting 3-4 hispanic juvenile males.

      that said, do some research before you post next time, boy.

    • spencer

      concerned 2, I live in hemet and reports say 3 mexicans. Blacks may do some crime but not murder. Mayb u shld shut the hell up bc u dnt know shit

      • annoyed

        <<lives in hemet. and im sorry to say but NO race is crime free…black, mexican and even white all do stupid fucking shit. its the person doing it not their race. this kid got stabbed because people are fucking ignorant. not because the they were brown or black or purple.


      I guess the color of the murderers make the family feel worse. Perhaps if a white person had killed him, the family would be happier about the death. You racist idiots are totally and completely stupid.

  • Mad Mom

    It doesn't matter if they were black, white, brown, or green. This was a senseless crime that shouldn't have happened. As a mother in Hemet and my daughter was a friend of Eric's I am seeing the pain this community is dealing with. The 4 boys who did this need to be brought to justice and held accountable for their actions. I hope their families will do the right thing and turn them in. I also hope this is a wake up call to Riverside County Sheriffs. They need to improve their operations in Hemet and San Jacinto.

    • doreen

      God bless his soul…. poor lil man , i too am a Hemet mom, some one must have seen some thing , come forward if you did????? next time it could be some one close to you , if they are allowed to get away with this.i'am worried for all the kids walking to school, be careful young one's

    • nikkifrog

      i agree everyday im worried my kiddos will be hurt because all the crap that has been going on . now i moved to valle vista and just a couple of weeks ago people moved in to the mobile home next to me and its a dispencery for weed, and who knows if some drug deal goes bad and someone starts shooting and my kiddos 7, 9,10,and 16 get caught in the cross fire . this town has turned into crap and its so sad

  • Johnny law

    We need to bring back Wild West justice. Catch these bastards and hang um in public forum in front of the city hall. Send a message

  • 1 Race=HUMAN

    I agree, it doesn't matter what their race was, it obviously was not HUMAN. U Concerned "2" are idiots debating race. The guy who shot all those kids was white so did that make any difference. I just moved from hemet to another state, but my daughter still lives there. Between the kidnappings and now this, the public and law enforcement need to step up.

  • lizzyy

    eric i miss you and love you .. you may be my ex boyfriend .. but we became friends after and you where awsome :) i love you and cant belive this happened to you . i hope they find the guys that did this to you :) you didnt deserve to die like this !

  • ronaldo60

    Why did KTLA once-again CENSOR the suspect-description, "HISPANIC," from their report?
    Yes, ALL races commit terrible crimes, but only ONE has the revolving-door border, liberal-media, pandering politicians, and sanctuary-city laws all aiding and abetting their criminal-element.

  • Brian

    There was no 'confrontation'. According to other news sources, this boy was minding his own business when the Hispanics approached and 'asked' to use his cellphone. When he refused, they wildly stabbed him to death.

    • Brian

      If the perps are caught you can guarantee they'll say something like 'He was White, so he had money' or some such rubbish to 'justify' murder. Very often the race of the Victim comes up over and over in Police interviews. But "No hate crime here folks, move along".


      I guess racists and bigots feel better when the murderers are not white. They seldom comment when the criminals are white. I can't understand people seeing murder in color. A criminal is a criminal regardless of the color of his/her skin.

  • wkenddad

    I am calling for Federal Regulation of Knives!
    What home needs 20 Knives?
    8 Steak knives, a caring knife, bread knife, paring knife and the list goes on.
    I am also demanding a law stopping the sale of HIGH capacity knife sets.
    You can now without any form of background check or even identification buy a block of wood containing as many as 20 knives!
    Lets save the children and stop the need less deaths!

  • Toni J Smith

    I am scared for the next generation. I will be glad that I will be gone when they they are in charge.it seems to get worse every day.

  • V-Squad

    I always enjoyed the Death Wish Movies! What we need is more Vigilantes! Those scumbags better hope the Police Get Them First! The V-Squad is forming Now!

    • Sambo

      V-Squad. Let me know where to sign up…..But only one bad thing, if you get caught. You will be in more trouble with the law then the Thugs that did this……

  • Silverback

    All the pettiness has no place with respect to the death of this child; even if the murders are pink puritans with purple stripes, they should pay for such a horrible act…

  • Sambo

    I have the solution for all criminals. It's not a new thing, just was or still is used in other countries. I think Turkey was one. Anyone who commits a crime and is found 110% guilty should have their hands cut off at the wrist. keep them out of jail because there is no more room in the jail system. Now if you Murder, Rape or abuse a child, you should be hung like Sadam Husain.

  • Karina

    MEXICANS…. REALLY, a boy lost his life, focus in that… Whatever race it was I hope they catch them… and punish them, And for your ignorant Comments you should go back to your own stupid little world, then you wonder why is there so much violence with in different nationalitys, FOR STUPID COMMENTS LIKE YOURs.

  • Will

    I agree with everyone who stated that RACE has nothing to do with anything, every RACE have bad people and we as people need to stop pulling the race card when senseless crimes occur. God Bless his family and his soul rest in paradise…

  • Sambo

    Karina, Yes really! Typical Mexicans! You know that the parents of these Thugs are Illegal Aliens that should not even be in this country with a minimum of 12 kids per family on welfare and food program.(WETBACKS) Not sure I mentioned that. So what is there to focus on with the poor boy that got killed? Nothing!!! HE IS DEAD! from a bunch of Wetbacks…….Hang them upside down and skin them alive from the toes to the head…

  • Sambo

    Also karina, If they catch them, should we put them in jail to so call REHABILATE them? The system does not work and it's out of room in jails. You're the IDIOT!!!!

  • Dude Me

    If you take time to read other sources the witnesses saw hispanic males in dark clothing fleeing the scene. If they're hispanic males, they're hispanic males, quit trying to cover-up for these individuals that committed the crime.

  • Hemet MOM

    Wow!!!! I can’t believe the things I’m reading. I was hoping to hear how sorry people are about what happened to this Lil boy and tell his parents that they are in my prayers.

    Really sad to read that people are acting like the boys who did this without using a knife. I know where the kids get there anger from now. I will pray for ALL OF YOU.

    • nikkifrog

      hi hemet mom i know what you mean this poor little boy was an angel my cousins were very close to him. my son knew him from school and they miss him very much he was a great kiddo. its so sad to see these people talking this way. im a mom myself i have four children and my children would never talk like this . most of the people on here are probably so high they cant comprehend the seriousness of this tragic crime that has happened. im not trying to say everyone gets high in hemet and san jacinto but most of them do lol especially when you hear comments like this . its just not normal for a human being to talk this way . i will be praying for you eric and your family and friends . i will also be praying for the ignorant people on this page. also we need to pray for jeff stone to start considering that riverside county needs help

  • annoyed

    <<lives in hemet. and NO race is crime free…black, mexican and even white all do stupid fucking shit. this kid got stabbed because of heartless ignorant fucking KIDS who were raised this way! not because the they were brown or black or purple or pink. i think prison is a COZY sentence for them. their parents should go with them as well.

  • Brian

    I totally agree with you Hemet Mom, I was at the park down the street from my home in Hemet and noticed a couple dozen memorial candle on a table top with red roses. When I went over to investigate why they were there, written in felt marker was R.I.P. and a very lame comment" Ill miss you buddy, Maybe we can have a tall cool one later". This world is SICK and I can't wait for Christ to come and rapture the Church. These four individuals are getting their due reward, They will BURN IN HELL Eric I did'nt know you, but I will say a prayer for you tonight and hope the perpitraighters of this murder have a conscience and it bothers them FOREVER.

  • banananananas

    I don’t feel sorry for him. He probably thought he was an unvincible douche and talked too much. Typical.

    Also, those gangbangers are stupid for throwing their life away. Really? For a gang? Lock em up.

  • BT-OC

    All the talk of getting tough with the mentally ill, taking away their rights because they think of violence, but not a word about people who live for violence and prey daily upon people just trying to get to work or school and back home in one piece.

  • carlitoswaysf

    this is despicable!!!! another teen lost his life to senseless act of violence. i dont care of the race but the name sure has a latin background.and im latino . these bastards should be tried to the fullest extent based by the picture of the teen . im thinking this could be a hate crime either becuase he might gay or cuz he's white male … this teen looks like he might have been gay. (possibly) i think that the media and police need to start asking questions to friends and families who might know more bout the teen . if he was infact gay then they these bastards should be tried for a hate crime and to the full extent.. give them the death penalty all of them including the minors