3 Wounded in College Shooting, Suspects in Custody

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HOUSTON, Texas (CNN) — Students ducked under desks and ran for cover during a shooting at a community college in Texas on Tuesday.

At least three people were injured in the shooting at the North Harris Campus of Lone Star College in Houston, including two students who were apparently caught in crossfire, a school spokesman said.

Two suspects involved in the shooting were in custody, CNN affiliates KHOU and KTRK reported. CNN has not independently confirmed the second suspect’s arrest.

Witnesses told CNN affiliates that at least one gunman opened fire after an altercation between two people.

Jed Young, a school spokesman, said officials believe there were two shooters.

One of them was among the wounded and was taken into custody shortly after the shooting, he said. The other shooter fled the campus, Young said.

“I heard about six shots, and kids started rushing down the hallway and a few even came into our class … They were just shouting. I couldn’t hear anything,” said Amanda Vasquez, a freshman who was in English class when the shooting erupted. “For me, I was just trying to get under a table, get into the back corner of the room … and I called my mom just because I needed her to know that I was OK.”

Lone Star College student Brittany Mobley told CNN affiliate KHOU that she saw the shooting.

“I saw two dudes basically get into an altercation and … the dude that shot, he basically got angry and, you know, started shooting the other guy,” she said. “A lot of people heard a lot of shots.”

In addition to the three people with gunshot wounds, a fourth person at the college suffered a heart attack during the shooting, according to a federal law enforcement official who received reports from the scene.

Reports indicate the shooting occurred in an outside area between the library and the cafeteria, a law enforcement official said.

There were more than 10,000 students on the campus at the time of the shooting, Young said. The campus was evacuated and closed for the remainder of the day, according to a post on the school’s website.

“I’m still hoping that all of my friends are OK,” said Vasquez, who took to Twitter during the shooting to warn students away from the area. “I didn’t really see any of my friends afterward. I was just trying to get to my parents.”

Police and emergency responders swarmed an entrance to the campus, aerial video from KPRC showed.

Medical personnel were seen treating at least two people and moving them to ambulances. One person appeared to be handcuffed to a stretcher. Students were jogging away from some buildings, with their hands up in the air, presumably in response to police instruction.

“I heard no less than five shots, and I just ran,” one student told CNN affiliate KTRK. “My heart was pounding. I was praying I wouldn’t hear anymore shots. I was with a bunch of other people running and someone yelled out, ‘don’t push!’ People were crying, I had tears in my eyes.”

Another witness told KTRK he saw blood on the ground and someone shot in the leg.

“Beside him, there was one guy in handcuffs,” he said.

“I just heard somebody screaming, and then after that, I heard the shots,” another student told KPRC.

A spokesman for Texas Gov. Rick Perry said the governor’s office was monitoring the situation.

“His thoughts and prayers are with those who have been impacted,” spokesman Josh Havens said.

The Lone Star College system is the largest institution of higher education in the Houston area, and the fastest-growing community college system in Texas, according to its website.

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    • Randy

      There are more than 300 million people in America and a couple of druggies get in a fight and wound each other in Texas and it's time to take guns away from regular law abiding citizens. How many people were choked, smacked with baseball bats, or stabbed today? Forty-seven died from Oxycontin overdoses today. To control gun crime throw gun criminals in jail for a long long time. ..Senator Obama didn't support stiffer sentences for gun crimes.

      • matthewingram

        guns don,t make us safer , if they did ,we wouldn,t have to keep stocking up, buying more weapons, and when do we get enough weapons fo us to feel safe, the shooting in texas wasn,t a bunch of druggies, nor aroura,nor newtown, were either,.

  • theylive

    happened in a gun free zone…… just another law designed to lessen your ability to protect yourself

    i bet these shooters are on the typical psychotropic drugs prescribed by psychologists

    all the other shoots lately have been whacked out on these prescription drugs.. why aren't they banning them?

  • Resilience


    "Psychotropic" is a misappropriation of the drugs psychiatrists prescribe, they're called "Psycho-chemical" or in some cases "Psychoactive". These terms have very different definitions, for an example LSD = Psychotropic and Lexapro = Psychochemical. It is actually not surprising to me (or arguably to anyone who has been educated on Mental Health issues) that a person who is obviously experiencing such severe mental issues that they would "shoot-up" was be found to be on strong psychochemical drugs prescribed by a psychiatrist. It would be a far worse error by the psychiatrist not to have caught some inkling of these issues before and tried to medicate them.

    Second, they too should respect the "gun free" zone. If someone commits a crime you don't change the law to invalidate that crime. They were in breach of the "gun free" policy you say there was and were also endangering others. It is not a good idea for everyone to be allowed to carry guns in order to deter criminals with guns. This is called "deterrence theory", if you want famous examples of how deterrence theory doesn't work there are many famous examples such as "The Cold War" and "The Nuclear Arms Race", there is also a film called "Dr. Strangelove" by Stanley Kubrick who also directed "The Shining" which deals with this issue.

  • joey

    There you have it. For those who think that having a gun is a plus, and safe, think again. No one knows when a knucklehead is gonna decide to use people as target practice. For those who advocate owning a gun so they can protect others, stop fantasizing about being the hero. And for those who argue in favor of the second amendment realize it once and for all: the second amendment is intended for government use only. Civilians are too stupid. dangerous, and crazy to enjoy the second amendment.

    • Joaquin

      Like I said, Gang Bangers will be Gang Bangers. I am sure these were not, law abiding citizens, unless one was a criminal and the other a legal gun owner.

  • VNgrunt67

    If "legal gun owners" couldn't sell their guns at a profit in private transactions to criminals… this sort of crime would happen less.