Out on The Town With The Blogger Behind “Stuff She Likes”

She’s young, hot and hip.

Taye Hansberry also a blogger.

Dishing the scoop on fashion food and beauty this L.A. born and raised looker knows what she.

“I only wanted to write about stuff I like. I’m never negative. I’m not here to bring a business down,” Hansberry says.

It all started 2 years ago during a job interview.

“The guy interviewing me said why don’t you have a blog… I thought to myself, what’s a blog,” Hansberry says.

Soon with a little research a splash of confidence… She took to the keyboard… Creating Outfit Tuesday, Fashion Friday, even a food blog.

Hansberry admits, “It’s not’s a lot and you have to constantly post or you will lose your readership.”beauty-blogger

Once Taye has her fashion  tips… she photographs the product then it’s off to a local cafe to download and dish.

“I will sit here literally all day and download my photographs,” Hansberry says.

And she does it one at a time…just the way she likes it.

— Lu Parker, KTLA News


Taye’s BLOG:

Gregory Arlt

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