“It’s Loaded” Comment Triggers Lockdown at High School

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HACIENDA HEIGHTS (KTLA) — Los Altos High School was locked down Wednesday morning because of a possible gun on campus.

The threat was reported to authorities just before 9 a.m. at the campus, located at 15235 E. Los Robles Avenue.

According to sheriff’s officials, a student overheard another student in a boys restroom say, “it’s loaded.”

Students were moved to the football field, while deputies searched the campus for a weapon.

None was found and students were released at the end of the school day.

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  • Monie

    After many tries trying to contact Los Altos High School I decided to call my brother, who attends this school to ensure he was ok. He informed me that he heard shots being fired, and was now told they will be moved to the field to be dismiss home. I believe the staff at Los Altos High is doing a horrible job at keeping the families aware and calm. Yes they send an e-mail but not answering the phones does not help the situation it only adds to the fear that something has gone terribly wrong. Thanks to my brother I can breath a little easier knowing he is ok, but no thanks to the staff of this high school.

    • whocares

      Installing metal scanners is pointless. People will find a way to do what they want. We already have to show ID to get into school somedays. More security is not the right option, better education is.

  • Rockina2

    I am sure the school officials were sitting there waiting for your call but they didn't hear the phone ring from the restroom. LOL!! Could it be they were keeping the lines open for official or law enforcement use? Maybe there were so many calls coming in yours did not get through? What your kid doesnt have a cell phone? I thought all kids got them once they can speak nowadays.

    • Chloe

      FYI they took there phones, so how was it that you expect them to communicate with us? The school should have done a better job at informing us what was going on!

      • Person

        They called the parents of each kid and informed them on what the situation was and what procedures were going to take place. On top of that, they had to search the school and make sure each kid was returned home safely. I'm pretty sure they did all they could.

  • calioc

    School officials may have been evacuated as well and may not be able to answer the phones. HLPUSD and the sheriff have a plan for these situations, we need to trust that they are following that plan. They have the safety of our children in their minds at all times.

  • Erin

    My brother is also a student there. All of the news reports make no mention of an actual gun found or fired. I'd like to know more about an actual "shot fired".

  • annonmous

    What the hell is going on in the world, Yesterday there was a shooting in Texas now here in Hacienda heights, i live less than a mile away from this campus, My 16 year old brother goes to this school Im thankful my brother stayed home today due to having the flu, I didnt grow up in Hacienda hts but i'm very shocked to hear or see anything of this nature I grew up in pico rivera where there were gangs and kids pregnant and on house arrest and none of this happened while i was going to high school in Pico Rivera. How every they decide to handle this situation i'm VERY sure there thinking safety first, There needs to be more back pack checking and random checkings off kids that cause problems… If they have ( lockers) random checks of those too, the kids may not like it but its only for there safety in the long run…

  • Jessica

    I think they did the right thing from the student reporting it to the staff and law enforcement, there is only so much you can do but with the recent events of shootings in school, everyone is going to be on edge. None the less it is terrifying and families will be concerned, I dropped off my nephew this morning at Los Altos and yes I was worried but again, the word is everyone is fine and for all we know the search might find something and possibly prevent a catastrophe and if not, better safe than sorry.

  • LAHS Student

    I'm a student and have just arrived home. Here is an update.
    1. NO shots were fired. AT ALL.
    2. A gun was reported found in the boy's restroom
    3. We were put on lock down as soon as the sheriffs arrived
    4. The calls were flooding in and honestly, no one could possibly keep up with the amount of calls
    5. No one was harmed and no one has been arrested yet

  • Deborah

    As a parent of a student at Los Altos High School I'm very upset! Why did the administration and the sheriff department deem it necessary to take the students phones away???
    I understand why they locked down the school, pat search the students and kept the students back packs. But why take the students connection to safety? My daughter was smart enough to hide her phone to keep connected with me! When I spoke with someone at Los Altos about the sherriffs taking the phones they denied it! I then called the HLPUSD administrators office they confirmed that "some phones" had been taken.


      you are dumb , quit crying . Phones were taking for a certain reason , your child was safe correct ? now don't complain . Y'all parents baby your kids Waaay to much , how do you want them to be on their own when their mother still babies them . Geezus !

    • matt

      They took away our phones because they didnt want the culprits to spread word and information to hide the "gun" if there was one. its all for protection. they also gave the phones back so we werent shut off from our parents.

  • LAHS student

    the phrase "it's loaded" can mean anything. If that person heard a click like a gun, then go report it. I think it was pretty stupid how the staff handled this situation. Whoever told the staff this wasnt being detailed with his/her statement

  • Vhawk

    THE NEWS KNEW BEFORE THE PARENTS!!! I knew only because my son texted me! I HAD TO CALL THE SCHOOL And she didnt even inform me of a GUN at ALL, she said all she was told was to LOCK DOWN the school however the news and my son is how i was informed! I didnt get a call til hours lately by the recorded message. YES THE KIDS HAD TO GIVE THEM THEIR PHONES werent aloud to take their bags, the boys were searched! They didn't feed our kids til 40 min before they were released…PARENTS HAD TO WAIT 3 hours then they barely started to let our kids go 3 hours later…then finally released them all. I would say, they didn't communicate to the parents timely, didn't feed the kids timely. All n all, I hate Los Altos, if its not weapons, our kids go to school where they can obtain drugs n who knows what else…it's a joke.

    • I'm a Mouse Duh.

      Maybe because the SCHOOL was busying saving your kids !! All the stuff was working to protect your kid , stop crying baby !

  • LAHS Student

    I am a student attending LAHS. Personally, everything went fine. If they were to inform parents, they would freak out. We were informed what had been reported and took our phones in case we were helping the gun man. I'm sure a few angry parents is better than dead students. They did the best they could and teachers gave us all they could. Its not the school or teachers that make the school corrupt, its the students.

  • nancy

    One guy kills bunch of kids and now every school thinks its ok to brign guns and kill or try to kill peopele loved ones its not ok why even sends our kids to school not might as well home school them there safer at home then at school when before school was a good place..
    pathetic of all these gun shots school thingsgoing on
    totally upsetting

  • karina

    Is your child really safer at home I think not anything can happen anywhere. Thats just the world today. And I do believe that they did a good job as far as getting kids to a safer area. And as for kids eating there in high school not everyone eats like u think parents.

  • Tica Marine Mom

    My daughter is a junior at Los Altos. I found out about the lockdown an hour after it was ordered. When I called the school, the woman that answered the phone told me that it was because the police were looking for a suspect in the neighborhood. When I asked if the parents would be getting an update, she told me to go to Facebook. Well, I don't have an account. I stood in line for over 2 hrs. until eventually all the students were released. There needs to be a better system for the school to notify parents right away & with accurate info., also a more efficient process of releasing our kids. I feel that law enforcement handled the situation from beginning to end with the utmost professionalism. I understand they had to take all the necessary precautions to keep these students from possibly being hurt & the situation from escalating. Thank you to them for the quick response & their dedication to our community. I'm relieved that no one was hurt.

  • PublicNME

    It's loaded sounds like a JACK in the box commercial .Your child is safer with armed good guys watching over them at school or anyplace else. I wouldn't hesitate taking a perpetrator down if lives were at stake.More people need CCW Permits or at least open carry it will make a major difference in the places these coward choose to target when they have to stop and think, is there someone there with a gun that could shoot me and kill me.But don't listen to me you can learn the hard way.