Basketball Coach Shot During Attempted Robbery

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (KTLA) — Police are looking for the suspects who shot longtime Eisenhower High School basketball coach Steve Johnson at a park in San Bernardino.

Authorities say the 47-year-old coacrialto-coachh was on his way to get gas on Monday when he stopped at Seccombe Lake to use a restroom.

While in the parking lot, he was approached by three black males who tried to rob him of his wallet, according to police.

During the confrontation, one or more of the suspects fired at Johnson, hitting him several times in the upper torso. The suspects fled on foot.

Johnson was able to drive himself to the police department.

He was taken from there via ambulance to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

“We are shocked and saddened at this horrific news,” said Rialto Unified School District spokeswoman Syeda Jafri.

“The outpouring of love and support from not only the Rialto community but the Inland Empire for this championship coach has been tremendously overwhelming.

“Our hearts are with the Johnson family. He’s a tremendous child advocate.”

Johnson has been Eisenhower’s coach since 1993, and he also serves as the school’s athletic director. He was named coach of the year in 2009 by the L.A. Times.

“It’s a somber mood. He’s a big part of our campus. He’s not distant. He’s not this distant athletic director,” one staff member explained.

Anyone with information on this case should contact the SBPD at (909) 384-5742, or the Hot Line at (909) 384-5656.

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    • BOOBIE6819

      claude ……your as dumb as the folks who did this……….it was nt racial n it should never happend to anyone,,,,but lets get back to you I WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU,,,and my prayers go out to the Coach n lets hope they catch these guys,,,so stupid people like you can shut up…….my email#

  • Just Say'n

    Who would stop to use the bathroom at Seccombe Lake Park?
    Either he is entirely clueless or something else brought him there.

  • Tricia

    This story sounds a little weird. Stopped at a park restroom…minding his own business. Robbed by three black men who shot him. I bet he can't identify any of them either. I think more will come out about this. Remember George Michael?

    • Jessica

      Yes I agree story is very STRANGE!!!! And your 100% correct this is wired if he Knows his way to the P.D he Knows San bdno I'm concern as to why he did not use the facility at Jack n the Box it's much safer and what Gas Station was he going to coming down 5th st. You can look at Sacombe park an NoOne will get out there either he is truly fearless???

      • rob

        Jessica… i was coached my this man for a couple years, he fears no one and nothing. no matter who you are or how much power you hold. a brave man indeed. i may not have been his favorite and he for sure wasn't mine but he is a great coach and i hope he recovers fully.

        • Peacetrain

          He has been a coach for many years in this area. He knows the area. Don't know why he couldn't wait until he got to a better place to go to the bathroom. Maybe he was recruiting basketball players for next year…not likely. What ever the reason for going to the park, and I don't believe the bathroom need, it will be a big dissapointment to his family and school.

    • Katie

      I agree with Tricia…seems fishy. He was on his way to get gas and stopped by the park to use the restroom? Why not use the bathroom at the gas station? There is definitely more to the story.

  • jazzieisaOG

    Why was he stopping at the park to use the restroom, who does that unless you looking for some guick knob action while your there. He was headed to the gas station why didn't he use the bathroom there. I don't believe he is telling the whole truth.

  • jazzieisaOG

    Stop trying to meet men in the park and you won't get robbed. I do hope he recovers, because no matter what you were doing at the park, it gives them no right to commit a crime and rob you. What's done in the dark eventually comes to the light.

  • this guy

    What an amazing society we live in where we blame the victim of crimes for being in a "bad area." This is America, people shouldn't have to worry about the bathroom they are stopping at. This is 0% Coach's fault and 100% the fault of the thugs and gangsters. I reject the idea that this country has come to the point that we have to cede land to thugs. Sad state of affairs.

  • nicolekidmanq1

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  • Shy RealSpit

    Only God knows what really happened but to say he stopped at a park to use the bathroom, when he was on his way to the Gas Station. Why didnt he wait to use the bathroom at the Gas Station. Definitly more to the story then is being told. He seems to be familier working near that area for years. He knew better but still should NOT have been shot.

  • cheeseburger

    They always say. When your being robbed, and they have a weapon, just give them your money. Your life is not worth a fancy wallet, or the keys to your car. These things can be replaced. A life can not. Typical coach, thinking he was tough and could beat anyone. I sort of don't feel sorry for him. On the other hand if he had a gun this might not have happened.

    • pickle/catsup

      Criminals never just kill you anyway, even after you comply? You know, eliminate any witnesses rather than face jail time?

      "They" saying that are the same "they" that would rather he was killed than to be armed and possibly have one of those poor, misguided youths injured.

  • Renee

    Oh my goodness, I read the comments here thinking they would be a tribute to the coach,instead the majority are just mean remarks. When will society start putting the blame where it belongs? I don't know where that park is but it maybe it needs security so it is safe for people to use. Please stop seeing the negative.