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Home Ransacked; Suspects Caught on Camera

Carlos Garcia showed us where thieves kicked in the door — and ransacked his Palmdale home.

“I can’t explain it you feel like somebody raped you,” Garcia says.

The pictures are blurry but perhaps you recognize the men behind the crime here on Malby Avenue.

The 2 suspects scoured the house unaware a surveillance camera was snapping photos of their moves.

“You see how they empty everything, they dump everything,” Garcia says.

Garcia thinks they tricked his 3 dogs who were home at the time.

“Either gave them cookies so the dogs would stay quiet,” Garcia says.

When the stealing spree was over.

“They stole jewelry, my gun one of my guns a laptop, ” Garcia says.

Carlos says at least 3 other homes in his Palmdale neighborhood were among the burglaries last Wednesday afternoon.

“And you can tell this is not the first time they do this because they were wearing gloves, ” Garcia says.

All caught on camera — a clue Carlos hopes catches these criminals before they strike again.

“I work so hard for everything I have and for somebody to come in and just… it’s sad.”

— Sara Welch, KTLA News

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