Friends, Family Rally for Inglewood Man Slain by Deputies

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

COMPTON, Calif (KTLA) — Friends and family of an unarmed man who was fatally shot by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies two months ago gathered Saturday afternoon at the site of the shooting.

Jose de la Trinidad of Inglewood was shot and killed on November 10 at the corner of east 122nd Street and Wilmington Avenue in Compton.

After meeting at the site, the group marched more than two miles to the Compton sheriff’s station.

“We just want to be heard, we want justice,” said Rita Alanis, the sister-in-law of De la Trinidad.

The 36-year-old father of two was shot to death shortly after he left his niece’s quinceanera with his older brother, Francisco.

Sheriff’s deputies attempted to stop Francisco for speeding but instead he led the officers on a brief chase.

When Francisco finally stopped, Jose exited the vehicle and was shot.

Sheriff’s officials maintain Trinidad was reaching for his waistband and that deputies, fearing he had a weapon, shot him.

He was unarmed.

The shooting remains under investigation.

Chris Wolfe reports.

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  • yvette

    Jose was a hard worker and a loyal friend. Life will never be the same for those two sweet girls. I pray that justice will be done and this shoot before asking to commonly done by la sheriffs and police, will stop.

    • Naw Cho Chessy

      That's what he gets for Jumping out grabbing his waistband & not following Police orders / the law.We can only hope you learn from his mistakes.I don't no how they do it SOUTH of the US Border but Here in America Good Hard WORKING people don't run from the police.Only low life Criminal Gang Banging fools with a REASON to run do.May he RIP( Rot In Purgatory).These Paco's will never learn.

      • Tony

        What are you talking about, you act like only Mexicans do this kind of stuff. Are you kidding me? This could happen to anyone. You're just ignorant and racist!

    • Cordell Wan


      I hope you die of breast cancer, and that your children are raped by their teacher. This is what the filth of the world like you deserve. Freaking monkey.

    • One man one voice

      Hard working honest people don't run from the cops when stopped for speeding. His picture looks like he was gang banger and he got what he wanted.

  • sista59

    Well it is kind of hard to feel sorry for Jose, because everytime someone in th hispanic community get shot that's what they always scream, he was innoncent. Yet they was out there being chased by the police or gang bang'n.

  • kelly Holcomb

    Police have way too much power and sometimes abuse this power! And after "Internal Affairs" does their
    investigation……, it will all be deemed "Justified" when all is said and done! Just watch and see!!
    This is why they don't let banks govern themselves….It is too much power!! The same should be done in law enforcement! Half of the review board should be "We the people"!! Just saying!! My sincere condolences to the family and friends of this man…May justice be served in this case. My prayers to all of you.

  • malikprince839

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  • Rita

    Prayers and condolences for the family of Jose DeLa Trinidad….praying for justice for the family ….. respect the family in their time of pain …remember who’s watching you . As for the negative reply. U will get the same in return .

  • Tobias Merriweather

    It’s unfortunate he lost his life but his actions were what led (possibly) to the tragic outcome. Driving away with the police on your heels and getting out without being asked is a definite no no. Wonder if there’ll ever be video of the “brief chase.”

    Probably not…

  • Tobias Merriweather

    It’s unfortunate he lost his life but his actions were what led (possibly) to the tragic outcome. Driving away with the police on your heels and getting out without being asked is a definite no no. Wonder if there’ll ever be video of the “brief chase”
    released. Probably not…

  • Guest

    I bet if this was an attractive 36 yr. old white blond bimbo female. She would be eating balogna sandwiches in jail waiting for her court hearing. HER LIFE SPARED!!! Jose made a big mistake by reaching at his waist. At his age, he should have known better just to follow police orders because there are cops out there that are cowards, and if you give them the slightest reason to shoot they will. I stop buying into that garbage of officers fearing for their lives. In this case there were more than one deputy. How come these dumb cops can't shoot the suspect in the arm or leg? And why are these cops so scared with all of that heat they have around them?

    • One man one voice

      Guest, you're an idiot for comparing this situation with a white …….., blah, blah,blah. You reach for something while cops are talking to you, you are going to get shot, period. I would have shot him as we'll. by the way, I am not the cops' biggest fan either.

      • Guest

        You know I"m right knucklehead!! just admit it. By the way, I did say that he made a big mistake by reaching at his waist. Look what happened, no gun on him,

    • White Female

      No. She would have respected the authority of the police and pulled over when she saw blue lights. She would be alive because she would have stayed in the car, as you are supposed to, until officers advised otherwise. It is not about race, it is about following procedures.

      • Guest

        No,you don't know that for sure because every situation is different. I wasn't trying to make it a racial issue. I'm simply going by what I've seen and heard past and present. And cops are a little
        more lenient towards females, Especially if they are attractive.

  • jhony

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  • Paul

    Seems like the family is trying to cash in some money. They scream they want justice (the cop sent to jail). But if they could have a choice of money or justice I would bet they would take the money.

  • Concerned mom

    What is this world coming too. The cops are only doing their job. Its apparant this guy was breaking the law. The bottom line he ran. If he had nothing to hide he should of done what he was told. Don’t blame the cops.

  • sista59

    Criminals shoot before asking why shouldn't police. Only criminals run from the police for stupid s–t. Citizens pull over and get there ticket and go on. Protest all you want don't do the crime if you can't do the time. It's hard to feel sorry for gang bangers. I know alot of gangbangers with a job and a family.